LIKE A CRIME in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the Tier 4 British tank destroyer, the Alecto, in World of and practically feels like a CRIME!



  1. I love the thubnail

  2. Man I remember this derp before the HE nerfs. It was easily one of the most glorious tanks in the game

  3. Ok QB so when you play low tier make it a challenge don’t use a good crew or bino’s and food etc and battle on a level playing field. Then you won’t feel like somthing on the bottom of your shoe. keep the vid’s coming

  4. You can only say that high tier is better as you can afford food rations, premium ammo, and premium tanks so you can play better than most but of course even by using tech tanks you still use premium ammo and food rations. Not everyone got the leeway to do that. I won’t talk about crew as at this point even casual players got crews with good skills. You already experience how it is like to play casually so how come you can still say that playing at low tiers is disgusting? we only play there to earn credits but yeah there are many seal clubbers who are always in a platoon. Saw someone with 70k battle and 50k from it is from a pz2j…this is the definition of disgusting.

  5. Why do you still play this game? I’ve been playing since 2014 but I quit because the entire game is awful and almost unplayable.

  6. I like lower tiers.. not because I’m better than em, I don’t even think that I am.. today there’s more and more good players who play lower tiers. For me it’s because that game is not so stressful, it’s more relaxing like 4 years ago. That game has changed so much, more and more hight tiers, but these little tanks stay. That’s what I like.

  7. So many high tier “players”, who have 46% winrate or lower, who shoot once every 3 battles and think that is playing the game, I have nothing against seal clubbers. If there are things that join a battle 20 000 times in their IS-7 but never play, there is no reason why those who want to play, should play also low tiers. You can play the game the way you want, even if it means you don’t actually play the game, you just sit idle in your tier 10 heavy tank behind your base.

  8. says M4A1 by accident instead M8A1 the tank i call the Mate (M8).

  9. I started playing Wot, mainly due to my interest in the real ones. Mainly from WWII. I have almost every tier X I could want now. But I have hated the power creep etc. I consider tier 8, a complete mess now! Do not get me started on the Mario karts… Because of my historical interest. I have found myself slowly buying back the lower tiers. It is such a shame that the genuine WWII tanks are such low tier. A particular favorite of mine is the PZ III K. OK the gun is not quite right? However as the PZ III was certainly a major tank in WWII! It is such a shame that it is down at the low tiers, & so easily passed by & forgotten! I feel the same about many of the other historics as well. As WG takes the p out off it’s player base more & more. I find my interest drawn back to the realish tanks. Much less so, to WG’s next power crept made up fantasy money grabbers… Cheers

    • Tho I have still not bought a Churchill gun carrier… They actually genuinely made 50, off those… Though they had enough sense, not to send them to the front…

  10. i wish i could play the game at all, i lost my pc when i moved families 🙁

  11. LOL, 6mm of frontal armor means German infantry had more armor in their Stahlhelm helmet at 10mm.

  12. QuikyBaby can you please make a video on KV-2 Tips and Tricks I know you made a lot of videos in the KV-2 but please I am struggling in this tank

  13. 2:18 UE57?!

  14. Alecto? More like Alt you go! Because you killed them…they have to go to their alt tank? Whatever…

  15. Is my favorite tank in tier 4, awesome camo, crazy dpm. I love it but with the 110 pen and 75 dmg gun

  16. The Panzer B2 is hopeless with standard rounds… u have to spam gold if u want to pen…

  17. Henty Cat Sanctuary

    if you are shooting gold rounds in low tier games, you are what is wrong with this game and why i stopped playing and deleted the game.

  18. Alecto the tier 4 version of e25.

  19. One of my favorites specially with the derp shell that loops over cover, trained with my former clan on this with their tier 10s since I just started playing the game.

  20. I feel bad already playing the T34-85M for credits or some daily missions, no way I would play even lower tiers unless I’m grinding a new tree.

  21. I would love for someone to say „I was the m8a1, it was epic ^^“

  22. so you’re the “seal club police” while you are killing the low tier tanks?

    Would the game have been unfair without helping your team,
    as the enemy team with their three B2s would smashed your team?
    What about the three B2s in your team?

  23. Low tiers players joining the game: welcome to WOT… followed by a storm of Gold shells. At least they can’t pretend they have not been warned from start 😀

  24. Low tiers are a lot more fun than high tiers, everyone goes YOLO in low tiers and high tiers is just a campfest.

  25. It got alot more dom than the 122tm

  26. Honestly I could go sealclub in the emil2 or Kran also the tanks are just so broken that I grinded for them and once I had the Kranvagn played like 10 games and then got bored of farming everything that can’t go hull down

  27. I admit that I play atleast 4 games everyday at Tier 2 with the Light Mk VIC. Hehehehe!

  28. Back in the “old days” I had 8 kills in my Alecto sitting in a bush in the middle of the map shooting all coming charging 😁

  29. This thing is a low tier E25

  30. Nice seal clubbing, Quacky baby! 🙂
    I noticed my best result was 10 kills, which I recalled was in a low tier rental German TD, the Hexter or something? Hetzer!! But perhaps not, as game says I have 10 kills in the tier 3 Tetrarch, many years ago… Or maybe I’ve got both, WoT seem to have stuffed up the records when I moved from NA to SEA server.
    Though I’ve got a Kolabanoffs medal in tier X arty, one of 4 of them, by capping. I think I got the medal for being totally unspotted and capping 100% in that game too.
    I tend to play tier IX and X (learning the Badger) mostly, though do go down to tier VI or so, as I’m currently grinding, poorly, various TDs to try to get the 4 x HP in damage for one of the missions. I think I will be trying for some years yet….

    I should just spend a few more hours putting my MS-1 crew into the many Russian premium lights that I have, and building their skills up, I’ve had good fun in that silly tank.

  31. QB: I feel like I am the seal clubber police
    Also QB: Let me just put coffee and 60 gold ammo in my Alecto

  32. Wot starts for me at tier 5 – that’s my tier 1, but it’s been years since I played a tier 5 tank. I actually consider tier 7 a fun “low” tier, that’s where I have fun if I’m tired of playing 8-9-10.

  33. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten this vehicle in WT yet

  34. quicky you are a hypocrite you play with a cc account against people that cant hope to out resource you, and thats basically the same as a average player going to t3.

  35. Low tier is hell. Sweet spot for new players is Tier 5 – 7.

  36. Those thumbnails always get me 🤣🤣🤣

  37. oh come on, shooting a shitload, not a ‘cheeky amount’ of premium ammo and running with premium consumables while claiming not to be a seal clubber. sometimes you lose a bit of the connection to reality, this is a prime example of pay2win,

  38. FBI! OPEN UP!!!!!!!!

  39. Clutch reaction in their beautiful stuff. Love it.

  40. Could you start uploading your videos in a higher quality? Would make the experience a whole lot better

  41. sadly since the game is more pay to win then ever and its no longer fun for me :/

  42. Play it SU-85B using the 85mm Lb-2s broken tank tier 4 it 130mm pen and gold it 170mm pen 😂😂😂 just love that tank ❤️

  43. I think your a bit of a snob QB, good to see some lower tier play though. I think I’ll get one just for fun. Thanks and have a great Christmas 🎄😁

  44. B2 owner, I use it to complete fluffy Christmas missions like 30x crit hits. Low tier tanks are just silly pew-pew machines, so I don’t mind bouncing a shot off the face of a TD aimed at me. With low tiers, I don’t have to remember as many weak points to aim at like I do with tier 8-10, because less tanks. Matches tend to be quick. Also, B2 easily gets penned by any tier 4 and usually can be penned in the front by any tier 3 not using a machine gun. It used to feel like it had armor back when there were only 3 tank lines, but I haven’t seen a Steel Wall in forever.

  45. I like playing lower-tiered tanks purely because I’m not the best of the bunch. I can make high tier vehicles work, I know the mechanics, and I know all the weakspots. and I enjoy high tiered battles very much, but I find lower-tier battles nice because I get wound up after playing tier VIII-IX all day, even if I don’t do well, a lower tier game every now and then really helps me not rage quit out of frustration because I feel like either I was inadequate or my team were foolish. usually a combination of both.

  46. Au vu de vos qualités de joueur je pensais que la gold en FFA a ce niveau on s en passerait. Grosse deception vous faites comme les autres


  48. My rule is : “If can’t 3 mark it, I don’t play it “

  49. The Alecto is my favorite tier 4 tank, it have great penetration, dpm, and camo.
    Even so, seldom players play it in HK server, most of them choose to play the Hetzer or the Matilda.

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