LIKE A TOTAL BOSS – World of Tanks

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Today Japanhunter of the Asia server going to show you how to play the brand M-V-Y like a TOTAL BOSS!



  1. He did a pretty good game but at the end im more happy for the fv to have won for the simple reason that the m5y is a abomination of game designe (hull, turret and gun) and it require a very good marksmanship to hit this “weak spot”, even more with a fv gun

  2. Dude missed the Radley, Kolobanov and Fadin! xD

  3. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Founght FV4005 in tier 8 Yo, bounced them twice off turret. Unlucky, great game.

  4. God I don’t I ever want this thing to come to console. Looks like a pain to deal with.

  5. This tank is an autoloader in world of tanks blitz.

  6. Your YouTube vids are great. Thanks for the content. 👍

  7. WP FV, get rid of that fantasy dumb tank.

  8. J915WinterKing(Joseph West)

    Wargaming F’ing another player, it never changes…

  9. When you and Tanya have a Junior quickybaby?

  10. I never had a great game like this guy had, but what I learnt: Don’t peek the same spot twice when facing FV4005’s lol

  11. Ah yes. The ending puts a smile to my face.

  12. Has ANYONE EVER seen a Replay from a Right side (Red) player? If this is supposedly a humans Vs. humans matchup, how is this possibly?

  13. started to watch, but the guy is in an OP tank dumping gold against lower tier… nothing new… if he was using standard rounds I’d say good game.. but nah…

  14. Thank you for talking about the annoying drop system that’s not always available on NA. It feels like you’re being the kid left out in the school yard when everybody getd drops and not you.

  15. wow, how long it has been for ASIA server replays to get to be featured in QB’s channel?

  16. Asia server… ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

  17. I hate people that spams gold, but he is great

  18. Omg what an exciting game, well played 🇯🇵 Hunter

  19. Yoh Tanks are op

  20. Ive run out of ammo 3 times on this tank, one was me missclicking and entering without ammo but anyway..
    Perfect situation for that tank, an enemy team filled with bots who just sit under the hill and get farmed
    I presume this player doesnt have much experience with the MVY yet, personally when peaking over ridges I hold my gun up ~7 degrees higher then the enemy to keep it as hard to pen as possible, and that would of likely saved him in that last bout. Well played by the player

    I run bond vent, rammer and switch between turbo and hardener depending on the map

  21. why do wargaming only do drops on EU? Kinda stupid

  22. Aww man that really broke my heart… he deserved to win that one. GG

  23. one time i did a 1v 5 and won in my elc amx biz. it was great fun. that was about 6 years ago and was my only good game

  24. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Woah. This is the very fist time QB has featured a gameplay on Asia server. Nice

    • Correction: there been alot before, like the sundubujigae the ELC AMX boss, a Vietcong in STB1… however his last video on Asia server is on the Valkyria tanks back in 2016-2017 or something

    • Jetson Reginald Baltan

      @Rika101 Official Really? Might have been missed that or I just can’t remember but thank for the correction

  25. Would have been disappointed for them but for the spamming of retard rounds. Play less and less these days as WG make it more P2W.

  26. Really annoying to see the FV did nearly nothing this game but deny the victory

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Well, most likely he wouldn’t have been able to kill the FV even if the FV missed so it was bad aiming / RNG which would have denied the victory anyways.

  27. Super excited to see a battle from the Asia server!

  28. Great game, but like all play tier 10, sadly, almost full gold. I have around 5-10 golds round total in every tank so…

  29. this FV should be removed from the game

  30. Dude full spammed heat and he had a divine luck. Honestly, I see no skill in this replay. Later edit: HE PLAYED AGAINST PAID ACTORS WTF

  31. nerf the clown gun handling on this pos. Its physics defiance on par with ebr. No way real world crew could handle that giddying turrent movement

  32. A premium spammer again..

  33. It’s not heart breaking with all the gold he fired at the start and ignoring 1 shot tanks

  34. its just complete BS – where are the 46 rounds stored and how many are in that turret ? Nerf the reload, gun handling and ammo count.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      How about remove hitpoints as well? Tanks don’t have hitpoints.

    • @VioletStatPedder – its an arcade game – we get it. They all have magic track repair etc. The thing is .. the physics of some vehicles is WAY out of proportion to other vehicles..

  35. the M-V-Y on world of tanks blitz is a tier IX

  36. Hull down tank spamming gold on a ridge line. Riveting….

  37. Nice to see a gold spamming clown get clapped, bring in gold ammo limits now

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Why would we need gold ammo limits?

    • @VioletStatPedder – because it’s unfair plain

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Snacc Daddy How is it unfair? It’s available for everyone. The opposite of unfair.

    • @VioletStatPedder – leaving aside the fact you ignored my joke, it is technically ‘available” for everyone, but it is unaffordable for most, and unreachable when used in those sorts of quantities. It shouldn’t be something that gets used as a substitute for good shot selection and effective play like it is. Obviously this was an insane game in a truly ridiculous tank. But to be able to achieve numbers like that by going “lol shot selection too hard ” is unhealthy for the game as a whole, and one of the reasons ranked and high tier gameplay is so depressing these days. If you were to limit gold ammo capacity to a percentage of each tanks total load out you could allow free to play players to have a greater chance of surviving, whilst forcing the better players to learn when you use those rounds, and actually aim their shots. Obviously their are other issues like the brain dead HE and vanishing weak points, but you could at least make an effort to fix this shitty meta by starting with minimising excessive gold usage

  38. Just curious…where does this tank stow it’s ammo? WoT becoming more “twisted metalish” with every update

  39. Get rekt you hulldown tank.

  40. 7:04 well if you’re a gold noob that primarily uses gold and 2ndarily normal ammo, then of course you run out of gold by the end when you most need it.
    I have no respect for the people who just use gold… but don’t load only gold.
    If you’re just gonna use gold, then load only gold… don’t shoot all your gold at mediums and lights then by the end when its most important to get all the shots in you only have normal ammo left.

    Knowing when to switch ammo and being able to dynamically adapt your ammo to situation is what differntiates a good player from an exceptional player in my opinion… dont get me wrong i’m neither. good nor exceptional… I use way too much standard ammo and think “oh i can pen his weakspot with AP”… no you can’t… not in 2022.

  41. Look at them firing 30 rounds of heat! they’re so heroic and skillful! That’s some tier X masterclass right there! Nothing beats a premium spamming toptier…

  42. Obviously theyre a skilled player but that gold spam is just disappointing

  43. Tomáš Pospíchal

    Like a total loss. Brainless goldspam to low tiers since the start, lazy aim and shots later. Nice dmg for sure, but there are far better games to show I bet. Karma “said” it in the end.

  44. and that’s the reason you should play with the 120mm gun. less time exposed, fewer chances to get hit.

  45. This is nothing more than gold spam which is totally breaking game at this point.

  46. Am I the only one noticing the mic quality is a bit crap?

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