LIKE GOING BACK 10 YEARS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm playing the Tiger II STOCK in Tanks and here's why it's like going back 10 years!



  1. Christian Muriel Gomes Felix

    What really stops F2P players in my opinion is the crew, and I say that as a F2P player, when I managed to get free crew with 3 skills for the M4 Sherman for example I grinded the M46 Patton in just 3 days without prem, the same month that year I tried to research the KV-4 and was almost impossible cuz I had no crew at all to leave the T-150 even tho the tank is good, without crew you can’t do crap.
    Just to think about playing without sixth sense, off road driving, recon and other things not to mention the crew on 100% itself just leaves me on tears.

  2. Qb gets these sorts of teams occasionally. i get these teams always.

  3. I don’t really play WOT PC anymore, more invested in World of Tanks blitz, but I still like watching QBs videos, I still see his passion for the game even after all those years 🙂

  4. Why so many wants to watch you play stock tanks I have no idea. I don’t

  5. Amazing game with stock equipment. Well done QB.

  6. I am a free to play player
    I havent spent cash in this game in close to 3 years
    I just cant bring myself to spend cash on a game that isnt balanced
    and this the way its going to stay til the game is a bit more balanced

  7. Please do more. I’m interested in getting the autoloader Swedish Emil and the Udes, both being lines I’ve never even strayed into. So far, I’ve made it to tier X on the German, Russian and American lines. Its gonna be a gruelling slug, but I’m willing to give it a go.

  8. I’d be keen to see playing E75 stock, as I have to be doing that soon. spent all my free xp on the bloody 780

  9. Capt.Fancypants aka BS

    its a regular thing now, players with no balls wont push or reset etc…

  10. be a good series to do playing for free & actualy showing what the Tank will be like for a lot of players that dont have awesome crews or bond equipment & give a realistic expectation of results & the frustrations

  11. Wince/Facepalm.

  12. Absolute Pussyfoot team. Wow.

  13. Yes i love to see you play the tiger II

  14. Yes, more free to play video

  15. Of course we want see u playin the Legend Tiger ||

  16. Welcome to World of Tanks Blitz where its like this in every game. Whenever you see your team is neck & neck, you must be skeptical about trusting your teammate to finish the job. You know what you are doing, but you don’t know what your teammates are thinking because they aren’t communicating!!! (nor looking at chat.)

  17. Any comments on Mailands 5day-ban in WOT? PLS let us know / Magnus

  18. Yessssss play the tiger lol

  19. yeah, and just like 10years old children were your teammates, this is the exact reason game needs age limitation

  20. QB, out of curiosity, what’s your PhD in?

  21. like going back 10 years. Still playing with idiots…

  22. i love seeing the original tanks whooping the new imaginary paper tanks nowadays. please continue

  23. What does Quicky have a PhD in?

  24. I just realized why this is so familiar its because it was on stream

  25. Players like the STA-1 are the reason I have a love hate relationship with this game. I love the game, but damn do I fucking hate potato players. Dudes more concerned over not scratching his paint than being of any use by resetting the cap.

  26. yes please do it QB! tiger F2P is the way

  27. Plz more Tiger 2 Stuff !^^

  28. Apexpredator Prey

    I like watching you free to play cuz I’m a free to play as well never money on the game unless someone’s like gifted me stuff and yeah it is rewarding to earn it all for free more than if you pay and wow really nice game well played bummer they didn’t get the cap tho

  29. QB has a phd? What kind?

  30. I prefer you play tiger 1,2 and e75

  31. Why do players do that and not try and reset caps???

  32. This is a good example of what my team would “do”

  33. Who knows what that STA-1 was doing, their stats aren’t that horrible but that was stupid play… I would have been raging

  34. It’s not even so bad when you’re top tier like this. 80% of the time you’ll be taking on tier X 😀

  35. That was incredibly painful, 4 tanks doing nothing to win the game. Fucking bots in this game…

  36. Grinding through the Tiger II right now. Yeah…

  37. play the T34-3 without gold see your w/r going down

  38. Do you guys think WoT is the game that aged really badly? I remember WoT being so much more fun and ballanced that it is now… I’m a below average player that spent a lot of money in the game and I can only imagine how hard it would be for some f2p below avg. player… thank God I stopped playing it for allmost a year and now I only watch how they add new op premium tanks haha…

  39. Maximilian Sterling Tv

    Tiger or bust please.

  40. 1 AM g0d 0f stupidity

    Started wot in 2016 lost that account first tier ten e100 getting new account but I don’t know which tier ten I should aim for

  41. You are bad, QB.

  42. I still play my Tiger II, Good Crew, Fully Upgraded resonably good accuracy, it would be handy for you to quicky go through your loadout with the new available mods etc.

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