LIKE HERDING CATS in World of Tanks!

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Playing light tanks in of Tanks is like herding cats and this game was looking like no exception!



  1. Dailybaby?

  2. music presentation channel

    QB: Hi everyone
    My mood: 100%

  3. Get the shot into the WZ 132 1…? Dont you mean ebr? spending time with jingles huh?

  4. I think that capping and spotting have such small rewards that many players don’t bother. They would rather lose a match than not pursue another kill or two.

  5. 5:47 “And luckily for me the STRV 103B shoots me from the side”
    yeah i dont think that was lucky lol

  6. Yoda:”A scruffy nerf herder u r!” Yogurt crowd enchanting :”We got deathstar, we got deathstar, we got deathstar…!”

  7. 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖟𝖆𝖗

    QuickyBaby wanna see you play the TigerII

  8. is pot for you

  9. Wait, do light tanks as a class loose more pen over distance than other classes??

  10. GOLUB actually means pigeon he is from balkan lol

  11. Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    Grinding the WZ line right now due to On Track etc… they are a mixed bag, sometimes good for passive recce, sometimes a decent scrapper, still working on Tier 8… Thanks for sharing!

  12. Who else would also like to see a video from one of those big, great maps?

  13. Hey QB, dont you mean herding Moggies?

  14. How is a native English speaker using words like ‘Very many games’ LOL.

  15. I found a beautiful spotty spot on Berlin in my AMX ELC Bis. Just sat there racking up spotting. Great for the team but almost nothing in it for me. Thinking of uploading to WOT replays but there’s probably better replays out there.

  16. A blind shot into that bush might have worked, there was nowhere else for him to go?

  17. tsk, at least acknowledge that your crying over arty has had a detrimental effect on the game, also making light tanks useless now

  18. In the Mirny game at the moment its more like herding goldfish…

    • I’ve had teammates go north when the magnus was in the south. They then split up to individual camps where they all died making us all lose. Things like this sometimes make me hate games that make you heavily depend on your teammates

    • @Pencil Case Having everything to complete the phase just for someone to keep driving off the map… frustrating 🙂

    • @Stephen Press yeah this one is particularly infuriating

  19. if im trying to get 3 moe on a tank and someone caps with 10k hp left in the game, it makes me mald quite a bit.

  20. Chinese lights have always been special

  21. Great game play QB and teamsmanship

  22. i do not hate the wz i hate the ebrs end of story lol

  23. the arty nearly ruined your game after u featured them on your channel the other day ,,, imagine if that hit you .. fuck arty in this game .. fucking cancer

  24. I can say that’s the first time I’ve heard anything about herding cat’s. Lmao

  25. Better call in Uma Thurman’s “eye wrangler”…lol, Family guy reference btw.

  26. basically qb wanted the kill and told the stupid E4 to stay away from his meat. and that E4 believed the lie.

  27. I think a Cat Crew would be hillarious.

  28. imo capping should give lots of xp – it’s the objective after all

  29. @MrVox But that is not a situation that demands capping in order to win, is it.

  30. I dont understant why people playing light tank without cammo . I mean why not use it since its free bonus to the cammorating plus it give a better look to your tank

  31. I played the WZ-132-1 about a few days ago and I got 1 366 damage and 10 259 assist damage with it. But for the most of the time, I play it more like a light medium tank. It’s a nice tank some times. 🙂

  32. Nice to see the thumbnail change

  33. yeah the god tier camo of tanks these days and EBRs has made me increasingly frustrated with playing lights, as I am still trying to master them, and all the sweaty players in EBRs and meta lights really gatekeep out newer light players. Spotting also feels rigged to me as I will have the exact same view range, and vision in both my light, medium, and heavy tanks, and the heavy tank will get the best spotting. How does that make any sense?

  34. Calling for a cap was a conservative approach to preserve a win. I would have assumed that a tierX TD, in a predominantly tier VIII battle, at full health with no kills is the usual passive trash and just timed the advance with the Heavy to finish it. Once in a while you get burned but most often the passive player performs poorly in crucial situation.

  35. I definitely am of thee kill not cap variety of player, but I also understand that sitting on cap can pressure the other team to make mistakes and allow my team to roll up the flanks.

  36. you should upload the king tiger captured on phrokorovka today when you had to cap

  37. It took me a long time to start playing LT and after a bit of learning how to do it I began to enjoy playing LT. Then everything changed and I could spend 10 minutes keeping tanks lit for next to no assist damage. Now I don’t know whether to try playing LT like a med or just play meds.

  38. I think capping to pressure the remaining enemy is a great strategy, capping to ensure a win when killing all looks dodgey is a great strategy. The “No cap” guys are usually the ones concerned about their own stats and not yours. I am still not sure if killing all instead of capping is of greater benefit to the whole team or just the guys who get a bit more damage.

  39. Having not played wot in years (other than qb vids) this vid looks like its sped up with how fast that tank accelerates!!

  40. i love speed since 2012. but my machine and network are slow. thats why i focused on medium and SPG battle. now i had just returned many changes and more different tank have uniqueness. medium tanks with speed are the best

  41. I feel like QB over complicates his games like he needs a challenge or something lol

  42. always trying to control other players games giving them orders left and right like they were bots

  43. What sucks as a light tank driver is heading to spot and getting absolutely yeeted by some Yolo players, and you’re left like ujjhhh I didn’t not intend to die in the first minute xD

  44. Alternative title: QB plays armchair general

  45. I bound my affirm and negative to “K” and “L”, for “yeah k” and “lol” respectively

  46. I have been watching QuickyBaby for years, and the way he pronounces Stridsvagn still makes me irrationally angry.

  47. Christiaan Carstens

    Ebr, the final nail in the coffin for me. World of trash.

  48. I completely abandoned firepower setup on all my tier 8+ light tanks (I keep it as secondary setup for city maps). With equipment 2.0 you can focus to either bump you average firepower and have a mediocre medium tank in disguise or invest in camo/mobility/vision and reach spotting capabilities that are not achievable for medium tanks. It helps you compete with EBRs, too.
    Transition period was hard because I always liked to play LTs more as mobile assassins than spotters but I see no other way to be competitive. Mediums just got too good at LT’s job over the years so LTs need that extra edge from equipment 2.0, even if it means loosing 10-20% of your firepower (and tbh, rammer or not – you’ll get rekt by everything in an open fight).

  49. Has someone done some testing, is it really worth it to put on cvs instead of optics losing a lot of view range just to maybe spot better trough bushes?

  50. WG gives you way more rewards for a high damage loss than a mid-low damage win. I think if a team wins by capping if they’re down on HP or kills, they should get a “cheeky cap” bonus or something so that it encourages tactical plays instead of the current system where you’re basically forced to grind yourself into the enemy team at all costs if you want any XP.

  51. Thank you for showing at last your equipment, just need to show your crew skills too?

  52. It’s that time again: quackybaby time!!

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