Like Never Seen Before Super Conqueror | World of Tanks New Crew Rework Sandbox 2021

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Crazy Build with New 2.0. World of Tanks World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework Review, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.

Back on the Sandbox test server testing out new 2.0. This time let’s take a out, a really good one… The tier 10 Super Conqueror and let’s pimp this gun to the max!

What do you think?


  1. And now… Imagine this thing with a Bond Turbo on the top… 😀
    Either way, wish you one fantastic weekend, beautiful people! ❤❤❤

    • all these new skills are more Win harder skills – The better players will become even better at dealing with weak/newer players.

    • Crew 2.0 will be the death of the game

    • Dez , does thrill of the hunt include blind shots? That has implications because you will get notifications once you hit blind shots and you will know if you hit. 😅

    • I play it SC on Sandbox wih level 1 Crew 2.0 and im still competentive even without max reload and view range….

    • i love this game,being playing it for 8 years, but this changes will throw out alot of the players from it, tier 9 and 10 are already a gold f..k feast , along with the karts roaming the battlefield, its not worth playing tier 9 or 10, unless you load gold you do jack s..t but you will lose money, casual players that love to play a couple hours after work (like me) are just underdogs . they are making the game more elitist and ncreasingly unequal .

  2. Can you do max Badger dpm build, or Strv 103B max dpm/cammo build 🙂

  3. The bonus for being near a friendly of same class is really going to buff platoons.

  4. Let’s see a tricked out Kranvagn. 🙂

    A way to combat thrill of the hunt being so effective would be that if you miss/fail to penetrate a shot, you lose ALL your stacks and have to start again. This rewards patience and skillful aiming instead of giving you a cumulative bonus for what is basically playing the game. The bonus is also way way too high on that skill. Should be like 0.5% per level.

  5. dez i try it sandbox and i fell like after conversion my crew is not as good as it was and some skills confuse or dont want to use them

  6. you show what you can do with max crew but we are not you and we dont have all those bond equipment

  7. When you say ‘Goodness gracious me’ it really needs an Indian accent…

  8. Rainier Pomeranians

    Sorry… can’t support this Screw 2.0 crap… going to ruin the game and make competing against addicts damn near impossible.

  9. @DezGamez do a video of what the costs are for getting these crazy builds.

  10. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    Now are crew 2.0 is bad??

  11. Fernando Reynoso

    Im an expirienced player… more than 50k battles… and I wont put soo much time to learn all the perks… And I understand each one of them… imagine new players…. that have to learn all the mechanics of the game, cammo, spotting, armor… and now this complicated system of crew… I think is another step back to get new people into the game… Great video and comments, as always. Thanx !!

  12. The number one thing this game does not need is rich-get-richer mechanics.

  13. Look how much they worked on this… They will get this crazy platform on live server. They will destroy the game and the new players wont come because of this complicated architecture!

  14. You can probably make Chieftain go under 5 secs, lol

  15. Soo, its now a Conquistator? 😀

  16. Day 28 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  17. my opinion is that skills that improve during the course of the match are not a good thing for the game, other than the fact that some do not make any logical sense

  18. Still laugh on it in K-91

  19. i don’t understand why they are putting a limit to the points available, simply make ridiculous hard to get them as it is now. The idea of a one man crew is awesome, also instructors are kind ok boosting some skill of your choice, but the skills they invented are stupid.

  20. Hyper conqueror

  21. Adriaan van Vuuren

    That Thrill of the Hunt really is too powerful. It won’t do the game all that good.

  22. I’d like to see what happens when play with 50lvl crew against full upgraded crew with premium instructor. i want check whether it is playable with only 50lvl crew. if not, I’m quitting.

  23. Lol Dez, the average queue time on the ANZ server is probably 2-3 minutes haha

  24. Noa Rønbjerg Kjær

    no dez not super kong its super dez

  25. this is complete dog shit

  26. Ok so next Badger with 5k DPM?

  27. I don’t like the new crew system :/

  28. world of tanks now completely broken

  29. play E25. It will be so OP

  30. Post comment for youtube

  31. The balance is so screwed with crew 2.0 the fact that already toxic tanks can become more toxic eg ebrs etc. Things like sixth sense and no more 50% crews is a great change but this system for newer players is going to be more punishing the skill gap is going to be rediculous. Also the elite crew system should not be a thing either. This system will kill the game in my opinion if they dont drastically rework it which considering what happened with HE and spg rework i doubt its going to happen
    Great videos by the way

  32. Honestly i dont like these changes. Those new perks dont make any sense

  33. The best thing they could do is to delete all crew skills and all bond equipment.

  34. Thanks for the explanation now i understand how it works

  35. 2:39: But Coherence and close Combat 3:40 are the same giving 2,5 for be near alied vehicles of same type and you got then 2,5+2,5 BIA. I dont get it, why they put there two same perks duplicated???

  36. You sound like a salesman for WG.

  37. Come on do the Kranvagen

  38. Thorsten Seigfried

    great that means that the lowtiers can eat shit in the future. s-conqu will destroy a tier 8 heavy in 10 to max 16 seconds …. i think that’s great, gg wargaming you idiots. a fkn shitshow…

  39. makes me wonder why the skills in crew 2.0 are more like skills from an MMORPG game?

    The thrill of the hunt – damaging enemies over and over gives a passive bonus. Sounds like a skill from an assassin class or something

  40. Just bad idea, this crew 2.0. It will bring so much RNG in game, you will be not able predict any enemy tank.

  41. Are these devs on crack?

  42. Tortoise ?

  43. Diatonic Delirium

    How do we stop this madness and save our game? I’m not hopeful, and will certainly quit when crew2.0 goes in.

    Something else: does anyone play tier 4/5/6/7/8 on the sandbox? There are several OP tanks in those tiers that will become go(l)d-like and making it useless to play.
    When you know that your game will regularly be a waste of time with no chance to win, why play at all?

  44. I don’t hear you are telling that this is a big bullshit, becouse it is. Just waiting that wg put this in game so I can finnaly say goodbye efter 6 years playing

  45. Game is becoming a joke

  46. Well….like Claus K. once said : this is total shit show….
    I agree.

  47. I don’t know why they (Wargaming) thinks they have to change the whole system to sell a Commander, just sell a Commander with 8 slots and call it a day.

  48. game shit fake made in belarus manipulated game of imbecils from wg for money hohoho company shit

  49. FUCK SCREW 2.0

  50. Visvaldas Peciulis

    This is too much. EBR’s compered to this is not that bad. Put Waffentrager back in the game and make arty op as before. Than it would be atleast fun to look at.

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