LION, 116-F3… 10 UNRELEASED Tier 9 & 10 Reward/Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

00:00 Introdution
01:24 SU-122-54
03:47 Object 590
06:30 Object 752
11:36 K-91-2
14:33 TL-7
15:33 T54 Heavy
19:00 Udes 03 3
22:00 VZ-55 GW (Gothic Warrior)
23:14 116-F3
27:04 LION
31:10 Conclusion

Today let's take a look at some unreleased and reward or premium tanks which I was able to see from the game files.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. What do you think which tank goes where and what you most interested about? Here are chapter for the tanks:
    00:00 Introdution
    01:24 SU-122-54
    03:47 Object 590
    06:30 Object 752
    11:36 K-91-2
    14:33 TL-7
    15:33 T54 Heavy
    19:00 Udes 03 3
    22:00 VZ-55 GW (Gothic Warrior)
    23:14 116-F3
    27:04 LION
    31:10 Conclusion

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I really want the Lion! I hope it’s not an Assembly-shop tank, because as F2P tanker, I would never have enough resources to get the Lion.

  3. concealment seems nice on the SU, especially 14 on the move…

  4. 116 F3 dont even have a real cupola…

  5. Those Are very interesting upcoming tanks love it. Thanks dez for the update

  6. 116 is gonna be another toxic tank

  7. Exactly we want the SU-122-54 back, let’s riot

  8. Not sure we need that many more auto loaders!

  9. Any T9 tank that might be added to the game just makes me think battle pass at first

  10. Older tanks kept power creeped.

  11. I want my SU-122-54 back because it was my favorite td in the game. I liked it more than WT AUF E100.

  12. Today see TL 7 on live Eu server for testing

  13. type 4 heavy has 450 alpha on its 127mm gun

  14. I swear if they sell the 122-54, I better get mine back for free. It was an insane TD, it could spot for itself, it had an amazing gun, it had e25 levels of camo. Loved the tank. Too many whiners complained about the armor when it wasnt even an assault gun. There was no need to remove it.

  15. Lion seems fun to me.. though the 116 seems like a very bad idea to introduce it like it is when you showed it just now. But thanks to Dez for reminding us that all the tanks are subject to chains instead of change Kappa. Also the commander appartment gave me a good chuckle 🙂

  16. World of Nuts

  17. The game is ruined slowly but surely because of this autoloader and derp tank flood. Its like lead poisoning, it takes time until it destroys.

  18. Awesome content as usual DezGamez!! I think some of those tanks are for next year’s Battle Pass’s using tokens. Oh and btw thanks for the 11 boxes, ended up with the BZ, Mle 75, along with 3.8 k gold and 5 days of premium. Happy Holidays Everyone !!!

  19. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    DEZ i found a best free to win gun in AT15 the 32 pounder it got 50 more damage on premium shells but cost same as small guns premium shells

  20. Out with the T8 premiums and hello to the new premium T9’s and the T10’s will just be black market or clan wars.

  21. The SU-122-54 had the 258mm pen/440hp dmg gun as the top, why did you not configure the tank to that? This td was my favorite until the 263/268 V4 rework, so i was very upset how shitty the new tier X’s accuracy was on longer ranges.

  22. Reward tanks that i’ll never get/own because only extremely good players have the skill to earn the most OP tanks. Great logic wargaming.

  23. Please let WG know to also buff old tech tree tank to compete with these new OP tanks

  24. Geez they have got a hard on for auto reload guns

  25. Those weakspots on the K-91 2 will have nothing to fear from a Skorp G as your shots will go anywhere but where you aim them.

  26. ქჴąʂʂჩტჯ

    Frontal nearly not pennable 560 Alpha autoloader, thanks wg….

  27. 122-54 should return with the OG gun. 258pen-440dmg. Any lower values are just an abomination.

  28. next tanks that will be good until first update , do you feel ok when you lie to ppl

  29. 9 out of 10 in this list seem surprisingly balanced to be honest. 116-F3 is just yet another one of the hull down monsters killing any enjoyment in the game for casual players, though.

  30. I would like you to compare lion and leo, they look alike

  31. Time to time I have feeling that WG’s game designers are chimps, when they get banana they try to think, if they don’t they are angry and they make tanks like the BZ 176. Or tanks like the Lion with
    this “what the hell is this” reloading mechanic. This game is starting to be super stupid.


  33. Love the fact that the Lion is just an OF-40

  34. I think, that everybody, who had the SU122-54 in the garage, has to got it for free. I was very sad, that this tank, was stolen out of the game.

  35. Simple fact, ALL the best tanks are either bought with cash, require a mind numbing grind of terrible tanks that could be MUCH easier if you spend CASH, or were won by cheating and exploiting tournament rules to win. And probably spent lots of CASH…. This is a full blown Pay to have a chance of winning game.

  36. WG logic, we don’t have much Objects, we must, have more !!! Object. 0 to Object. 1000 -_-

  37. obj 260 but no skill requred to get

  38. some more russian tanks yey xD

  39. Couldn’t agree more.The amount of times they remove maps then bring them back claiming they’re “new” is getting lame.I reckon that’s a factor in why the gameplay is so bad.The amount of times practically the whole team heads to the same point on a map,no tactics no teamplay is because i think they’ve been playing on the same maps for so long it’s now ingrained in the brain now where to head to.

  40. tier 2 the T-18

  41. another chinese OP tank. oh wow im impressed hahahaha

  42. i predict 1 year before premium arti 🙂

  43. i really realy hope for new campaign missions

  44. its new battle pass reward tank

  45. maybe this tier IX tanks would replace the reward vehicle from the battle pass which already season 9, suggesting many players already have 2-7 of its reward tanks.

  46. As a Premium Tank, WG can’t nerf VZ.55 GW when they already decied to nerf the tech tree VZ.55 soon or later. As same as the WT E100 in Chinese Server: We have all 3 types of WT E100 as WT E100/ WT E100(P)/WT 12.

  47. I can only imagine playing this game less and less with all these shitshow tanks coming… What the hell is that F116 or however its called?
    oh my gawd…

  48. For me “back old tanks” it only constant WOT CLASSIC 🙂

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