Listen, WG “NERFED” 279e, so I Played it! | World of Tanks

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World of Object 279e Gameplay and Tank . World of Tanks Update 1.22 Patch Review – Object 279e and Chieftain Nerf, Map Rebalance, British Wheeled Mediums. World of Tanks Update 1.22 Patch Test Server.

Let's jump back into test server to check out Object 279e which was nerfed or rebalanced by . Is it making this tank unplayable or nothing changes?

What do you think?


  1. So, I have couple questions, if you find time, leave your comment.
    1) Did 279e need a nerf in the first place?
    2) Did WG do a good job with the rebalance?
    3) How would you balance 279e yourself?
    Have an absolutely fantastic day!

    • ​@Astron Daeus whell this is game not tank factory,plus, just for your information, the tank was designed as a vehicle that would survive a nuclear attack, that’s why it’s heavy and that’s why it has 4 tracks to withstand the impact, because all tanks with two tracks overturned during the tests, the tank was designed and tested as such, but they gave up because if something so terrible happens, is it important to have a vehicle capable of fighting? But I see you are not interested in that.And as for the hull traverse speed, if it is difficult for you to hit the tracks, you will stop it in place and it is quite convenient that the vehicle have 4 of them, some one from the team will hit it in the side, but for that you need to have a team, and to have a team you need have a good MM and that is something that needs to be fixed not Obj.297(e)

    • If now WG nerf 279e and Chieftain the meaning of prize tanks will be lost because the they can make a good or too strong tenk useless or to weak whenever they want and then people wont want to bother with a future campaign. Prize tank should be good because no one wants a prize tank that is average or below average. If they nerf now this tanks next on list can be T 55A and obj 260

    • 1) I don’t think 279e really needs a nerf in this way. But maybe a MatchMaking nerf, so you only can face tier 10 with it.

      2) Don‘t think so.

      3) like I said with 1)

    • Valentin Cadilhac

      1) hell yea
      2) not at all but it’s a first step in the right direction at least
      3) 28kph top speed, 12s base reload (2 200 base dpm whitch would put it in the lowest dpm at tier 10), overmatchable under hull and 2 200 hp. As it is a verry armored tank it need to feel slow and heavy. I wouldn’t nerf the gun handling because it’s not a good way to nerf beacause it’s anoying to play then. It would still be verry powerfull if played right but forces the player to have awareness because of its bad reload and repositioning capabilities. It would still be an armor god (kinda the point of this tank in the first place) but if used badly or without consideration for its weaknesses it woud be pretty easy to destroy it.

    • @Goran Bogdanovic These comments are about how you would nerf tanks, not history class; I appreciate your vision on the matter, but my comment still stands.

  2. It’s stat padders that use it in randoms that’s the issue. It’s a Clan tank in my opinion, anyway if you know how to pen it it’s fine.

  3. Yes, it needed a nerf.
    No, they didn’t do enough to nerf it.
    I would make the cupola a larger target and the gun handling worse.

  4. -100HP is a slap in you face out of Serbs grave.

  5. nerfing the reward tank sucks imo i dont even have it but now it seems like its not really a reward anymore! they need to boof tech tree tanks to be competitive to those tanks instead they nerf progetto for no actual reason besides its popular wg logic
    biggest issue in the game is maps all of them are far too small for 30 tier 10’s grand battle map should be the standard for 15v15 that way you actually get to use all your tank features armor view range etc! these fish bowl maps we have blow way too many 3 minute games thats not fun way too many blow out games those arent fun either!

  6. 1) It absolutely did need the nerf. 2) For the most part. 3) They should have added an additional weak point or reduced armor values a bit.

  7. first they buff 279 then they nerf it classic wg. i think they shouldve brought back the 20mm under plate of the tank so it would be overmatchable, or maybe make like 40mm instead of 55 it is now. make it less brain dead to play

  8. 1) not really, maybe very small one 2) I think it’s not good because it is still shit to play against that armor 3) Armor changes like maybe a bigger cupola, Weakspot on the Hull that is penable even if it is shoving itself up, weaker underside so it can be penned on the underside if it goes up to far

  9. They should’ve added some weakpoints instead of characteristics of itself same to the Kranvagn…

  10. can they remove the SPG and Autoloader tanks
    I would like him to have a little thinner armor

  11. 1) Yes;
    2) Not significant changes;
    3) Less view range (has a smaller cupola), nerf the rotation speed for the hull and the turret (Object 279 loses a lot of speed when turning) is a vehicle that weights 60 tons.

  12. The tanks does not need a nerf. What needs attention is MM and just like the EBR, to not allow a 279/Chief in battle until there is another one to match it against in battle. Also, getting dropped into battles and seeing two non-platoon chieftains on the opposite team with none on the other. This is the reason people hate the tanks.

  13. I am so glad I got out of my abusive relationship with WG years ago. I’ve been so much happier, so much less frustrated, so much less anger. And all the hours I spent grinding go into other things nowdays. I shoud almost thank them for not nerfing cancer on wheels because their bullshit magic shell absorption spaced armor wheels, ridiculous mobility and laserpointer accuracy going ful speed are what finally frustrated me enough to leave. I am glad these changes are basically irrelevant, I am not tempted to go back. Well, I am sad that I cannot enjoy playing my Maus, E100 and JPE100 anymore, but even if I did return, these tanks didn’t age well, don’t think I would enjoy it. If you still genuinely enjoy this game, no hard feeligs, good for you. But if there’s someone reading this that needs a wakeup call – this is it. Life has so much better to offer.

  14. 1. no
    2. mixed bag lower pen on gold round is ok. speed is kinda meh.
    3. some sort of frontal weak point that needs at least 240 pen to get through and otherwise probably leave it alone.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      240 still makes it impossible for some tier 8s to fight it.
      I know I’ve run into them in my Super Pershing and at that point I just exit to the garage.
      Like in the World of Nostalgia video.

    • I hear ya but it is a very difficult tank to get and the only super OP a normal player has a chance at since others are Clan only. You could likely adjust a cap to a lower number but I was trying to think what level would a tier 8 gold round have and most normal tier 9 get to 240 or more so seems a ok level but that is what play testing is for in theory .@TehButterflyEffect

  15. What kind of nerf is that when you still cannot penetrate these OP tanks? They are going to be slower, so they will take them more time to find you and annihilate you… Big deal!

  16. 1) 279e definitely needed to be nerfed.
    2) it is a step in the right direction but not enough.
    3) making the frontal weak spots larger and easier to penetrate would do the trick.

    • 1 & 2 is ok but 3 is kind of pushing too far.People had to drop their sweat in order to get 279e.

    • stahie mihai alin

      Yes. Make 279 e like KV-1S. Ppl it is a reword premium tank . The game have many noobs whit red stats. Learn the Mecanic of the game and penetrate . Gl

    • stahie mihai alin

      and at this moment it is possible to penetrate 279 e. you have a lot of gameplays on YouTube. look and you’ll know how to beat a 279e very easily.

  17. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    And still its 2. Op soo no this game can drop dead its a joke

  18. Yes, no, a big tumour.

  19. 1. Yes it need to be nerfed
    2. No they did not do enough
    3. I would of changed the armor model to allow for more week spots or bigger existing spots.

  20. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. It needed a MM balancing/nerf like the ebr. That it will only be matched against another 279e in the enemy team.

    And btw Hello Dez

  21. Meh, the weakpoints are still the size of a pixel. Goodluck penninh with a T8.

  22. Usual piss on the players and tell them it’s raining. Nerf others to death. While the 279e still is as is.

  23. Let’s be honest, weak players will always complain about something…

  24. 1. I don’t think it was that hard to kill, but it was no push-over either. The entire side is one giant ammo rack…btw.
    2. I don’t think WG has a clue what is going on in their own game.
    3. I would make the track repair, 2x longer, considering it has 2 tracks per side. This only makes sense…they have to fix 2 tracks per side…duh. Seeing how we are talking about double tracks… yes…. T95 should get the same track repair times also.

  25. The 279e and Chieftan nerfs are purely to impact the Clan Wars meta, judging by the nerfs
    They couldn’t care less how those tanks impact Random Battles. Never have, never will
    They’re just finally breaking the stagnant Chieftan/279e/Ebr CW meta
    1. Yes
    2. Yes, if all you care about is Clan Wars, then it’s a fantastically well balanced nerf
    3. I’d nerf it with the Random Queue in mind

    • EBR? People can actually get their hands on the EBR!! Good luck getting a 279 or Chieftain! They should have left the tanks as they were and removed them from CW.

  26. It needs to be good, for us average players. It can take YEARS to grind out the missions

  27. That thing wargming need nerf the object 279 E armor were you can pen the front make this game not joyable

  28. 1. YES, definitely yes.
    2. They need to add weakspots that people can actually hit.
    3. Aside from the weakspot nerf, they should give 279e and chieftain a reverse preferential MM.
    Even with the nerf there is still nothing u can do against them as a tier 8. Make it so these two tanks at best can only meet tier 9 max. No more seal clubbing chief/279 against t8

  29. just delete the world of tank game, we move to warthunder, lots of prizes

  30. To be fair, it takes a lot, a serious lot, of time and effort to get one of these. So it makes sense for them to be a cut above other tanks. Yes, it’s extremely annoying to face them in random battle, but ultimately you can just die and go to the next game. What is truly ridiculous is being able to use them in clan war and other competitive game modes.

  31. Did they Nerf the standard ammo on this tank too ? seemed like you was using Alot of it in those games ? And was really Hoping to see games on like Mountain Pass, Studzianki, etc. 🙁
    THANKS !! Video Dez ! Keep them coming 🙂

  32. These two tanks have OP armor, should’ve nerf that instead of gun. Nerf did very little effect.

  33. nosaj NIER alde zurc

    all those NERFs are GOOD for CLAN WARS soo that we don’t just see a bunch of 279e’s or CHIEFS all the TIME like we do these DAYS…. just my HUMBLE OPINION

  34. I’m fine with that nerf looks good

  35. I think the 279e should be balanced with the mobility nerfs. It too fast for all that armor. If it was limited to 25kph and 30 with turbo it would be a far more balanced tank.

  36. It needed a nerfing. But, I do not feel it went far enough. But, that just me.

  37. woo all the sudden the 279e is no longer worth paying 500usd for boosting companies WG well done its about time

  38. WG nerfed the 279early so they can sell a better 279…

  39. 1) Yes it do need nerfing.
    2) Mediocre they adressed wrong thing , but yet it needed to get fixed also
    3) I would give it a tad bigger weakspt

  40. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I think it should have been dropped to 2000hp. Its a small tank really, and has armor that only jpz e100 heat can pen front, and speed should be capped to 30 base.

  41. With no week spots what the F matters 100 less HP and those things? Still a brawler and against Tier VIIIs is just a complete sh*t fest!

  42. I’m okay with these vehicle nerf but nerfing Vz.55 really piss me off. I mean come on!!! it only have 2 shell!!!! why would the reload increase???

  43. People are forgetting that theese tanks were not problem for random but for clan wars. In randoms I usually dont care when I meet chief or 279e. In cw it was awful because those battles were far more competetive. And this advantage could help win worse clans.

  44. armor should have been nerfed

  45. Because of this way in which WG chose to make up the teams, I’m losing my appetite for this game. WG boasts that if one team has 279e/Chief, the other team will also have those tanks. Empty words. Conclusion: Stop putting money into this game, maybe that way they will understand that what they are doing is not right!

  46. 1 i do not think it was that bad so no 2 if that what the call balancing i say they did a bad job … 3 if i where to balance it i make the commander hatch weaker… and not mess with the gun handling or pen i get sick of the mew op pay to wins at tier tier 9 and 10n it nice to see the 279 e wreck them

  47. i wish the fix the campaign mission the seem out of date for how fast the game plays these days

  48. Obviously they want this tank to still be the best tank on the field. Considering that, I think the nerf is a good thing. Maybe not good enough, but for now it’s okay

  49. Discusting wg’s mockery

  50. 1) yes it does need nerfed
    2) give it a week spot like the tech tree tanks Coppola’s

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