Literally Invisible Light Tank in World of Tanks | ELC Even 90 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Even 90 Gameplay, Epic Battle. World Tanks ELC Even 90, Tier 8 Tank. World Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

Today, to finish off this working week, I am going to show you one stealthy tank in this game… Cute as a puppy, stealthy as a predator, The Even 90!

This little tiny Frenchy looks harmless, but when get into right situation, map and matchmaking combination… Oh boy, it works!



    Who is still enjoying their ELC Even 90 in now-a-days meta? 🙂

    • Dez, my friend have a wonderful weekend!! Dang, what an awesome replay and what fun it was to watch!! Thank you for the great replay and commentary sir!! Take care, Vern…the old man

    • Hey dez what abaut the giveaway ? That from the heavy tank episode

    • Hey Dez, great video as always. Would u like to make one about wheeled vehicles wheels, how they suck in rounds size like all wheeled vehicle. I shot Ebr with E100 and JPZE100 and it was critical damage to wheels, how is it posible? Just saying that I would kike to see how is it posible ?

  2. WOW!!!! This must be one of the most awesome battle . On this map i managed to get ,on my first battle with 100-lt ,over 10k assist dmg. It’s a nice map for a light tank .

  3. Sad the elc was the best tier 8 scout but now it is the ebr and lp but i like him anyway ^^

  4. This tank is completely stupid… Too small for this kind of gun.
    Also, why is this tank so tiny with that camo, like the brits, but they get balanced by having low ammo count with abysmall dpm whilst this isn’t?

  5. All these vids and I also for the first time (In a while) wanted to make a comment on your mascot girls, ha ha ha! Success is contagious! … and has a pleasant side effect.

  6. guys, i bought new game laptop. But chat and all other buttons in game are very small. Resolution change doesnt work. does anyone have a solution?


  8. Dez, t44 100 (R) is not rental if I do remember correctly R stands for Ros Telekom, you need to be they network provider subscriber to get that tank, and guys name on ELC you would read like BEZ OBID ,which you would translate as: don’t take it personally

  9. My fav premium tank 😛

  10. Just amazing, too bad EBRs ruined this kind of gameplay, rare to see this these days

  11. i had many games whit amx elc whit 90mm gun standing face to face in bush, i had good crew ,and befor the nerf it was jumpscaring everyone

  12. I’ve started getting into light tanks again this boi seeeems nice

  13. I surviver an another week of high school. I’m in the IT class, meaning extra hard maths and physics

  14. Now that was a thing of beauty, a big Kudo’s out to 6e3_Obid_, job well done mate!!

  15. Face reveal Dez plz

  16. 5 snipers taking 2 mins to kill 1 tank and you sound surprised? you obviously do not play LT very often because they did a lot better than the average bunch of WoT players who can shoot at the entire enemy team for 10 mins and leave the LT spotting with 500 assist.

  17. Gold Coast PC Repairs

    Thanks Dez for making me laugh and starting the day

  18. Nice…Thanks Dez!

  19. Lol pressing the like button and ending with 666 was cringe xD

  20. My mission with ELC Even 90 is to stay unspotted the entire battle and cap the base

  21. A telling Mark of a great light tank player is to know when not to fire. He mastered this!

  22. I realy hate his super carefull plays… Imean like going 200 away from railway at the end or that useless doublebush on ts5…

  23. This guy is the god of patience

  24. much love, Dez

  25. I was expecting the rare base capture medal.

  26. Hey dez, can you do a review on the tier 10 russian heavy “Obj 277” ?

  27. Man, his team couldn’t shoot. Imagine how badly they would have lost without a good scout lol

  28. I had over 10K assistance damage with the ELC 90 on the same map a while back. The replay is on your upload site, Dez.

  29. my question is how this tiny little **** can pack 200 alpha damage(3 shot)and 900hp when M41 almost double the size have only 180 alpha damage

  30. It’s like wall-e but more evil

  31. love mine, it is invisible

  32. Not one mistake made in the entire battle, great video!
    Btw which mod is this to have this victory screen for the score board?

  33. that dude is a master

  34. Hey Dez just a little info for you. T-44-100(R) can only be gotten by 2 ways.

    1. It was a reward tank previously and i have it as a permanent tank in the garage. It was like those missions where you complete them u get the wz-111 etc etc.

    2. Rental from world of tanks shop subject to availability.

    Hope this clears up any questions on how to get it. Cheers dez. Support.

  35. That WZ surviving 2 minutes is the whole enemy team I spot and getting only 27 spotting dmg from an arty splash lol
    Zero free2play French tanks would be able to do this >_>

  36. In asia sever they blind shot to death

  37. Mario van der Heijden

    Take a look at the channel of Honest Gaming,. He makes bush action in an ELC look like an art form.

  38. Love the massive zoom out cheat mod. What a crock of shit this game has become.

  39. Just perfection. ??

  40. Damn bro, I love your style. Again great video

  41. The only things I would buff on this tank is to increase the engine to 200HP and make the Aim-time 1.9 seconds. That’s all this tank really needs.

  42. The way these snipers are playing is basically the way the entire NA server snipers are, takes literally 2 minuets to kill a vehicle that has been spotted the entire 2 minuets and shot at by 5 snipers

  43. I remember being stealthy like this with the Hellcat back in the old days. Wouldn’t lose camo while firing gun. Hehe

  44. If only my light tank teammates were that good instead of suiciding within the first 30 seconds of battle

  45. I call even 90 a Wall E

  46. Shooting full gold… not really impressed by those battles with more than 60% of gold shells.

  47. …as Darth Vader would say,…Impressssive….Most…Impresssive.
    buuuuu haaaaa haaaaaa

  48. Wanted to comment but so many of you already came up with smarter/funnier comment so I pass

  49. Lowe extremly good??? WAT??

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