LITTLE DERP – UWOT M8 Scott (War Thunder 1.67 Gameplay)

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LITTLE DERP – UWOT M8 Scott ( 1.67 Gameplay)


  1. Ply Daily how can I play with you

  2. take the m3 lee and the p51 for a spin use ap rounds for the tank and universal for the p51 mustang

  3. Blackwood Security

    you know what’s great for fighting the M8?
    The Pz III M with it’s incredibly RNG spaced armor. Got popped by one of these right after he killed a KV-1. Both the KV-1 kill and the crazy HEAT bounce off my armor were at point blank. God bless you Pz III M, you trolly armored sunuva-

  4. working on a name s

    ai:bullseye. me:you did not hit sh#t (help the ai please)

  5. Wasted ammo challenge.
    Take out the Type 60 SPRG, but play without the HUD and without optics.
    Get an ace.
    Attempt #12.

  6. How in the world did you measure range????

  7. Wow there’s more Scott vids? Thank you phly

  8. how do you measure the range of the tank like in 3:58

  9. Plz shoutout someone better than you tommythethompson45

  10. The Worst Agtm Combo
    -TYPE 60 Japanese Agtm
    -R2Y2 Keiun-KAI V1
    Get an Ace if you can
    Bomb some tanks too
    #attempt 1

  11. What tf is there no gunner on the 50 cal

  12. The Stealer Combo
    -TYPE 87 Japanese SPAAG
    Try to get an Ace if you can
    (Kikka is a copy of German Me 262 and TYPE 87 is copy of Geopard)
    #Attempt 1

  13. 3.25 What is this song?

  14. All they need to do is make it so you get more money from high teir. I can get more money with 4 kills from low then 2 on high. It becomes unprofitable.

  15. I wish my computer graphics card could handle war thinder?

  16. Why is it so inaccurate? the barrels fucking 2″ long Phly.

  17. Whyshould Youknow

    хахахаха За Сталин!

  18. #takeatgmoutofthegamepls

  19. Gold games Gold games

    DHLY DAILY war thunder is dowland link pls

  20. Wtf the dude really got hit so many times

  21. Денис Никитин

    Phly, can you learn a Russian phrase, please? It’s sounds like “perdAk bombit!”. You can use, when your (or enemy) tank is on fire

  22. we demand more COD:WOW,do it phly,JUST DO IT

  23. Phly! M6 and P-51D! Get a ground target kill with the P 51 with Machine guns! No SPAA included!

  24. 3:25 I’m laughing so hard, and the scream is the best part

  25. Sturmpanzer II to OP xD

  26. Charlie McDonnell

    Play out the tiger e plz love your videos

  27. 1.21 JIGAWATTS? M8 SCOTT!

  28. ToySoldier //Subscribe ME

    War Thunder:M8 Scott
    World of Tank:M8A1

  29. Atttempt 2 billion.
    Take the German Bias combo
    Take the Pz.II Dak and any low tier bi-plane!
    Kill the seals!

  30. Scottish luck for the win

  31. FUCK Phlyleelee the goddamn ENTHUSIASM this video…

    and that editing… I want more…

  32. I was hyped till the t34 1940. cant even drive it! t50 and below are the best ones i can use

  33. play the t28 american tank destroyer

  34. That’s crazy to see how easy it looks for you to do good stuff with the M8… I’m so f**king underskilled ^^

  35. Rare Elephant Doggo

    Phly you should take out the Cromwell I with the one of the Wellingtons, but make sure to use the 4000 lb bomb

  36. how do you meassure the range? :v

  37. 03:22: uummm.. i think i see something.. *plaasshh..

  38. that volleyball clip though ?

  39. Why is the video red ?


  41. Faiz Dhiya Mahendra

    hey phly please review your PC what do you use to play war thunder all this time.please make review for your PC,sorry my english is bad i am speaking Indonesian.TERIMA KASIH

  42. Are his videos blurrier than your war thunder for everyone else? Or is it just my life being shite.?

  43. hey phly what is the default button for measuring the distance

  44. phly, take out the lincoln and try to kill 10 bombers, YEAH 10… the queen guides you. attempt #1

  45. is there a way i can find all out air battles on war thunder

  46. Old intro K-391 – Everybody is back

  47. Please take out the British 5.7 line up!
    The new Centurion mk 1 and the Sea Fury FB 11 with 12 rockets.
    ££££ down those Germans!
    ATTEMPT #1

  48. Damn. glad he brought back K-391

  49. seriously atgms should be removed from the game

  50. Phly, you gotta derp this thing against the Tier V Russians like you did with the Locust.

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