Live commentary // AMX 40 / “Forbidden love”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

If there’s one reason, just one, why Ground Forces will always be inferior to of Tanks, it is this: WT has no AMX 40.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s , Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. AMX 40 best scout

  2. have you seen the AMX ELC bis?

  3. WT’s duck is the HS-129B. Its kinda similar in that its hiliarously under
    engined like the amx is. It tends to fall out of the sky when turning in

    But on the plus side, one has a 37mm cannon, and the other has the 75 off
    of the Pz IV!

  4. Its a psyduck…
    cuz its slow.

  5. I just re-bought the AMX 40. Since I’ve learned to play the game since I
    last played it, I do much MUCH better in it now. It’s a sidescraping BEAST!
    Gun’s still a spunk-bubble launcher, though. Shoot on yellow and pray to
    the duck gods. 

  6. amx 40 OP confirmed

  7. The pen nerf for t10 meds will come later with gold ammo nerf

  8. Forbidden love? 😀
    Are you like Romeo and the AMX 40 is your Juliet? ^^

  9. i godamn hate it that i cant play warships!

  10. Yep I always shoot HE out of my duck unless I’m sure it will pen with AP.

  11. You must offer more Vichy-Regime supporters to Charles de Gaulle if you
    want the AMX 40 to hit!
    (like this comment, if you understand it)

  12. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    still not as good as the Panzer 2D, called so because every other tier 2
    crushes it back into the second dimension.

  13. I´ve been doing battleships all day…kinky jedi^^

  14. the french are so fucked at low tiers, i really hope the new ones will
    bring new life to the french….for the few hours hours it’ll take to grind
    all of them

  15. I love my Duck :P

  16. I actually sold my ELC AMX and went back to the AMX 40. I enjoy playing it
    so much. I’m not good at it, I just always seem to have a good time.

  17. An orange in its mouth….. oh God….

  18. paint the tank yellow and listen to the beatles it may explain why you like

  19. Jedi messing up chinese tank names?
    Now i am looking forward to see him meet a 110… :D

  20. Oh Jed, your love of the Duck borders on the obscene. ;)

  21. When you laugh you sound like Rowan Atkinson in his “With friends like
    these (best man)” sketch. Cracks me up each time :)

  22. You took some caffeine pills today or you haven’t slept …

  23. Oh ugly duckling, how I love you.

  24. PHJ I got into Beta for Wot generals, it would be awesome to play against u

  25. It’s the Hs129B, the famous duck… damn that 75mm…

  26. I think the AMX 40 gets a new turret in the next patch

  27. PHJ was in rare form today. Thanks for the laughs

  28. Would just like to say what a wonderful, warm hearted, talented and above
    all genuine nice guy PHJ is and this post has nothing to do with the Beta
    code for world of warships he gave me and neither will all the likes he is
    about to receive for the next year or so

  29. japanese tanks pronounced : Hondaahh Civikaaah

  30. Rita shares your love of the amx 40, she gave it wings

    the M5 stuart gets about 53mm average pen, or something close to it. It is
    an absolute pain to grind because there are actually quite a few tier 4 you
    cant reliably pen with that

    The M5A1 stuart gets a chinese gun which has about 30mm more pen

  31. next play the D.W.2, the heavy tank with medium tank armour in teir 7 games

  32. the duck in WT is the hs129 variants 

  33. When you started your intro by telling us you hadn’t been playing WoT for a
    couple of days I thought you were going to announce that you have finally
    got a job. But alas . . . .

  34. when i played the duck…. i hoped like fuck i was top teir (this was when
    it got into teir 7 matches) and then played it like an H35. place front
    twords bad guy, pray they didnt bring gold (when gold ONLY costed gold),
    and then derp them.

    for me my worst tank was the a-20… before the MM buff (or is a nerf?) and
    before it got a new top gun….. it took for EVER to get to speed, and then
    it could not turn.

    it was only good for suicide scouting…. you wait till half the shit is
    dead…. and then suicide into their base and try to kill arty. only thing
    you could pen was the arty….

  35. So, the AMX 40 got hit in the great heat nerf, but not the high tier
    Russian mediums with their 300+mm of pen…..seems legit. 

  36. “Lack of accuracy, low pen, poor reload” … gee, you just want it all
    don’t you? Seriously I do wonder why you have that in your garage. 

  37. I think he plays this tank, along with the Maus, pants less.

  38. Played almost all my French tanks today, duck included, and put the lucky
    clover over all the eye balls. I now have a fleet of Irish tanks. :-)

  39. i love the amx 40 games you do Pointy :)

  40. Red Fraction: 10/10 would play

  41. Dimitrije Bozovic

    nerf the duck! OP as hell! Buff the Lee!

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