Live commentary // AMX 50B / “Phase II”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Some days, nothing quite goes right – and yesterday was one of them, where, even after finally getting a good enough quality recording, Bandicam mucked it up a bit anyway. Oh well. Anyway, regardless, here’s my newest tier 10, the AMX 50B, and I’m already really rather enjoying it.


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. T-54 Lewt w00t

  2. Damn Jedi, time distortions, the force is strong with this one :O

  3. So you hang on to the 1945 and not the 50 120. Um, ok, ok jedi. And yes,
    the 50B is an upgrade because it is tier 10 and not tier 9…

  4. Alowishus Davander

    Like you, I am grinding the IS2 as well – which has to be the WORST HT in
    the game – that gun is just BAD. SOOO bad.
    Any tips? Bedsides free XP’ing to the 110?

  5. I think the arty everyone rages about is different than any arty I’ve ever
    played. Also, the raging is what makes me love arty even more. It’s better
    than a kill. Also, WG no doubt realizes that arty players are as important
    to their business model as any other tank. People play arty. They aren’t
    going to remove it or nerf it into uselessness, more than any other tank
    group. When I’m playing my light tanks, I definitely prefer to have arty in
    the match, the more the better. People cry about autoloaders, russians,
    tank destroyers, whatever just beat them generally.

    • Also playing arty is the best way to learn to defeat arty, again like any
      other tank group. I know what shots they can make or not make.

  6. Ya I agree with post below PHJ u need to get off the arty paranoia im
    almost ready to go to Wikipedia and put your picture under the definition
    of non-aggressive.

  7. It’s like listening to Max Headroom!

    Yes, I’m that old. 😛

    Ah, WG “suddenly” decide they might look at arty? LOL. AW’s version of arty
    so far looks good. I might no like being rained on by it, but at least
    you’ll get a fighting chance against it. AND the arty in that game will
    require actual skill, so it’s not all RNG BS. So arty won’t wreck your
    entire game if you get hit, and arty driving takes actual skill so we can
    respect them for a shot made well, instead of knowing that RNG basically
    gifted them everything as in WoT. Sounds win-win to me. But not that the
    butthurt scumbag players will ever admit that.

  8. 1:17 *wub wub wub wub. wub wub wub*

  9. Fire da fayzerz!!!

  10. AMX1375 crying in chat was funny. 

  11. I enjoyed the amx 50 100 more than both 50 120 and 50b…..but I kept my 50
    b and sold my 50 120:)

  12. If you think the amx 50 120 is bad at fireing fast and accurate try the
    T54e1. Same aim time, way worse acc and 47mm less pen. Soft stats are also
    exactly as bad as on the amx. I really dont know how i do good in this
    thing sometimes XD

  13. personally i dont care if wg rebalance the arty if aw comes along before
    that happens ill be dropping wot. right now aw seems to be doing everything
    wot should have been doing all along and if that keeps up then wot will be
    dead to me pretty soon.

  14. 1:20 just epic!

  15. I can’t say the 50b scares me when I see one on the other team, that turret
    is just too easy to pen being big and soft. As an ambusher I think the
    batchat is miles ahead.

  16. why did you keep the amx m4? that is the worst tank i have ever played.

  17. What annoyed me most about the 50 120 was its 6 degrees of gun elevation.
    There were so many time when I I had to play with the terrain in order to
    point my gun up and it costs you time and health. Luckily the 50B get
    almost double the elevation.

    • +Shea Samuels French tanks don’t have much gun elevation or they’d be used
      to hoist white flags. 😉

    • you do know every other country has lost a war right? The white flag jokes
      got old a couple of days after the French released.

  18. Just got mine on last Saturday as well. 50b looks so sexy.

  19. Gun depression is also better on the 50B.

  20. You were sooo over paranoid about arty in this game. But still, not a bad

    • +Jared Le Roy When people say arty makes people camp more, they mean it
      makes people camp more where they wont get spotted at all, or where arty
      can’t hit them at all. That’s what arty does to the gameplay, it makes
      people simply not use parts of the maps because they know it’s just not
      safe there, and they want to enjoy a game about shooting tanks and getting
      shot at by tanks, not be oneshot because you made the mistake of not
      camping where the enemy can’t see you. As for +menace1285 , please don’t be
      silly. The vast majority of good players complain about arty, and most of
      these good players know perfectly well what arty is capable and not capable
      of because they played it… you see, the problem is that to carry a game
      (see I’m going to give something away there), you need to be constantly
      dealing damage, and to deal damage constantly you need to be exposing
      yourself at least a bit, you can’t just double bush the whole game and
      expect it to be enough to win (it might get you to like, 53% or so at max).
      So in order to make their teams win, good players have to gamble with the
      fun they get out of the game, as I don’t think anybody finds getting
      oneshot by some lucky 45% bob fun, and still they have to do it. Because
      more often than not it pays off. But when +*4rtypr0*+, who sucks at leading
      a moving target completely fails and misses on his estimation by 30m but
      still hits the target head-on, now matter how often playing agressively
      makes you win, the fun is just sucked out of the game. So at some point you
      have to ask yourself: am I okay with noskill bobs being able to freekill me
      from the safety of A0 even when he has no idea how to play this game, as
      long as it makes me (and my teams) win, or am I ready to sacrifice my
      team’s chances of winning by playing a bit more passively for the sake of
      my enjoyment of the game? Now I would argue that when skilled players have
      to ask such questions, there might be something wrong with the mechanics.

    • You arty players have fun with nothing but arty vs arty matches when all
      the tankers leave for AW. Lol

    • +Tekuila Gaming i dont even play arty lol, ive done so a bit, but i dont
      have any atm. this is just how i play, and it works for me. keeping the
      fighting progressive, and being aggressive if necessary to do so. always
      pushing forwards, or keeping the retreat steady if need be. It works for
      me, and i dont get hit by arty enough to make it so it is frustrating more
      than any other hits i take. and with a repair crew getting splashed and
      tracked isnt really a problem. and once i do get fired at, i know i have
      enough time to engage my target before the next shot comes, and i thus keep
      the fight moving. But hey, your tactics may vary, this is just what works
      for me.

    • +Jared Le Roy What works for me is that it just plain isn’t an acceptable
      game mechanic and that’s why I don’t play it anymore until something
      changes. Voting with my wallet.

    • Chuckles Bachelor

      +Stephen Green So you are a NON arty player: IF so you are have no luck in
      the missions for tanks? If you have played artie in the last few months
      Artie was nerfed with RNG. I do play artie and my soul is BLACK but I
      have a 2nd skill set complete FV304. I have games where a fully aimed,
      completely still target, and still miss by 10 meters (on a regular
      intervals). Last year all those shots would go in. Click and shoot is not
      the same anymore. If all your hidden TDs had a 30 sec reload time ( My
      FV304 11 sec) and that happened to them on a regular frequency they would
      be screaming bloody murder. If you are getting 1 shotted ALL THE TIME then
      you are doing it wrong. Once in a hundred games is not frequent but even
      then I would Question your playing skills. If you can not know when to move
      your tank then go play War Thunder.

  21. Hahaha WG got rekt by Armored Warfare :’D

    • +ChaosPotato Yeah arty was ok to a point, but now with these fucking
      missions even the best players are playing arty, hence fuck WG…Gold
      ammo…check this, every 1 in 2 retarded monkeys playing E100 and T-54 are
      shooting heat. Even the bad players will pen you no matter how well you
      angle. And being in a team with people that half of their brain doesnt work
      certainly doesn’t help. This game keeps getting worse and worse and WG
      doesn’t give a fuck.

    • I agree with the “doesn’t give a fuck” part, but HEAT-100 and HEAT-54 are
      trivial 😀 I mean, you don’t encounter E-100s and T-54s in EVERY battle for
      starters, and then each time you bounce one or the shot misses you, put a
      smile on your face knowing he just lost 10k credits in the bushes behind
      you! That, or play lightly armored tonks and you won’t see any difference
      between AP and premium shells 😀

    • +ChaosPotato
      I get what you mean but it’s all the small things combined that make it
      frustrating. This game could be so much better, if only somebody cared.

    • Lots of people care! Only WG doesn’t 😀

    • +ChaosPotato
      yeah :))

  22. Just started going for the 50B myself. Im up to the ARL 44 and its actually
    pretty fun 🙂 Any tips?!

    • +bill walsh so is just saying….. but here im just commenting….

    • +mynameispuffs Your turret armor is absolute crap. You have great gun
      depression (-10 deg). This means that all hull down really does is make you
      a smaller target. Stay at range. You are a great sniper.
      If you’re using the Long 90, you can pretty much pen anything with a good,
      flat shot. Aiming time and RoF is a bit poor, though, so be careful.
      The 105 is decent, but a bit poor on penetration and accuracy. It is
      definitely usable if you can get around people, and will scare people when
      they suddenly lose 300 HP.
      Your hull armor is pretty good at strong angles. If you *have* to brawl,
      try to bait them into shooting your upper front plate. Do not show your
      sides at all costs. Howitzers go right through. *Especially* the turret.
      Though, once I had a PZ4 shooting AP 105 rounds at my turret sides, and I
      don’t know why. HE would’ve rekted me.

      Its a bit sluggish without the top engine, and completely pathetic with the
      Stock turret, but a bit of slowness is much more preferable to that barn.
      Free XP it if you can. Engine can be researched last, without too much pain.

    • +mynameispuffs So maybe you’ve already got your upgrades but in case you
      don’t, I recommend you get turret first obviously. Then get the 90mm F3
      gun, which is still good pen for a tier 6 but with better handling and RoF
      than the two big guns. Then get the engine, it makes you a hell of a lot
      faster. THEN you can get the long 90 or the 105 at your leisure, since with
      the 90mm F3 and the top engine the ARL is already a strong tank

    • +mynameispuffs When you get to the M4, I’d suggest the 105mm. Sure, it has
      worst pen compared to the 90mm, but unless you are facing the big T9 boys
      (E 75, ST-I and such), the pen is more than adequate and the extra punch in
      the 105mm makes you way more dangerous to the T6s and 7s.

      I had my doubts but once I saw I couple replays (way back when) with the M4
      using it, decided to check it out and made the grind to the 50 100 way

    • +mynameispuffs The AMX M4 45 is kind of a pain to play.. Real bad compared
      to the other tier 7 heavy tanks. The AMX 100 is just awesome, if your team
      lets you ;P

  23. GoatzAreEpic Maokai


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