Live commentary // Challenger / “Cool sob story bro”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Yeah, I don’t like it so much, but I’m playing through it because… reasons.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Worst tank in the game? it’s a td with 10 degrees of gun depression, medium
    mobility(maybe even better), it has a turret, good RoF, accuracy,aimtime. i
    have circled an E-75 to death with this thing. i don’t understand why
    people hate this tank. and why don’t you like the chi-ri?, that’s one of
    the best support tanks in the game.

  2. Have a Like, you need some kindness after this.


    This was my Ace Tanker in the Challenger , I recommend strongly that you
    fit a camouflage net ( instead of vents ) , Pointy Haired Jedi , as you are
    far less easily spotted , and you can get peace to place shot after shot
    into the enemyI also found the thing that ruined this tank , was the
    glacial turret traverse , and if you shoot on the move , its really easy to
    miss the shot , due to the dispersion of the gun

  4. i was actually looking forward to playing this thing when the line first
    came out i got half way there on my firefly and then i saw lots of people
    going nuts in the chats of multiple games about how awful it was i thought
    it cant be that bad so i then checked the stats and i havent touched the
    firefly since because im not touching the challenger with 10 foot pole
    until its buffed substantially.

  5. wow the black prince dpm is only 500 worse and it gets infinitely faster
    than this thing just wow thats stupid

  6. Caption guy cannot into English.

    And wow, Jed, you sound a bit bitter at the end. People gettin’ you down?
    You should have a muffin. Muffins are good. Unlike the Challenger. A muffin
    would probably penetrate the Challenger and do full damage. So have a
    delicious muffin and relax, we got your back on this.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m getting the feeling that you are not too
    enamoured of the Challenger? To paraphrase what my old mate Nietzsche once
    said “That which kills you again and again and again …… makes us
    stronger, and ready for the joy that is the Charioteer (by comparison :-))

  8. Well, as u mentioned, after this one u get some vehicles that are surely
    worth it! Keep optimistic and carry on! … I’ll have to try my self in
    some time ;-)

  9. Ok but it is what it is – :O but wow it’s so so sad ok it’s bad but once
    said is enough !!!
    Gets a like for gameplay nothing else

  10. As an avid Luchs player, I can confirm that rolling up and immediately
    taking a near-guaranteed third of a Challenger’s HP off is both hilarious
    and profitable.

    And then comes the 32 seconds of doing donuts around him, laughing
    maniacally while reloading a couple clips and watching him frantically try
    to get his turret around.

    Yyyyep, I sure do love the Challenger~

  11. It is kind of odd that they give the Charioteer the 105, when it was never
    even considered, and not give the the 20lb, which was considered.

  12. You should really just burn some of that gold and freeXP past it. You have
    it anyway, and it’s obvious that WG wanted people to. The next two TDs on
    the line are at least decent.

  13. So many umbalanced tanks in the game so they buff Is7 becouse FUCK YOU :)

  14. EmperorNefarious1

    Churchill GC is way better than this, it just sacrifices allot for a
    fantastic gun. I love the CGC and yet I refuse to grind for this.

  15. Add 50% to the rate of fire (faster).
    Half the aim time (faster).
    Increase the turret rotation by 20% (faster)
    And then it would be OK.
    Hated the Che Ri, but think that this is worse.

  16. That’s why they call it Challenger…it’s a challenge to make it work lol.

  17. Every once in a while I consider grinding the second UK TD line purely
    because it’s the only nation of which I’m likely to unlock every vehicle
    (apart from Japan and China, but those have a tiny tech tree). Then I take
    a look at the guns used in that line and have a good laugh at the thought.

  18. Funnily enough my first game in the challenger was on sacred valley… i
    got an ace tanker. People play the tank like idiots ( myself included
    occasionally) it is first and fore most a tank destroyer, but its kinda
    like the t25/2 in that it can pull off a maneuver mediums might, but with
    great difficulty and awkwardness. I will say this, the accuracy needs to be
    .32, reload is acceptable. They also need to buff soft stats to help
    counter the awkwardness. Obvs its not very good when compared to literally
    every other tier 7 td, but its not as bad as people paint it. Playing it
    like a medium will get you killed, playing like a support td will net you
    good damage. I would consider the sau 40 is still no. 1 for most horrible
    tank tier for tier in the game. Chances are, wargaming will notice that no
    one is playing the challenger, and will give it some kind of buff.
    Wargaming listens to the server statistics, people will bitch but it will
    make no difference.

  19. Worse than the M3 Lee?

  20. WG: “let’s make an ugly Comet, what can possibly go wrong?!”

  21. You should put together a deep video, of collected funny, dumb stuff that
    happens in your KV2, like penning super persings and 500 yard shots while
    you’re moving.

  22. +PointyHairedJedi 1080p again? What’s the occasion? :P

  23. I am close to unlocking this… I have not been looking forward to it. BUT
    I am not willing to give WG any more money right now, soooo… *holds nose*
    here we go…

  24. I maintain what I said. Want a replay to prove it, Jedi? ;)

    • +PointyHairedJedi Why, is there an opening or something? I thought to
      become a clancom you needed to like tier 4 french light tanks 😀

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +piritskenyer Liking a poorly-regarded British TD… are you angling to be
      the commander of CIRC5 or something? 😛

  25. Oh please buy the CGC – you could walk into a lot of clan wars clans with
    that thing – apparently. At least do a review and sell it (or at least
    pretend to and keep it at the back of your garage like some disturbing,
    mutated offspring).

  26. oh god, i have to do this next, thats a massive chunk of xp to grind
    through without prem

  27. Korea, known for its Abbeys – LOL 😀 Where was Caption Guy? ;)

  28. Who says you haven’t already had a fit of insanity

    • Didn’t you hear about that scam, were someone replaced the international
      crazy pill supply stores entire inventory with sugar pills? Na,That must
      not have been on one of the doom turtle replay days, so you didn’t see it.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Cnf 60 I took the pills, I’m mostly all better now.

  29. The biggest mistake is that youre listening to Circon way too much, when he
    says its a bad tank you just agree because he is a unicum and stuff… But
    he is also ignoring the fact Challenger has got great gun depresion, speed
    and mobility of a fast medium and great dpm… Probably even the bigger
    problem is that you compare that tank like a TD which is totaly wrong, that
    tank is all appart from HP a medium tank, and even so its pretty close if
    not even hp as other mediums… Therefore it cannot be a horrible tank as a
    chiri… Just think about it… Chiri is bigger, slower and has a worse
    gun, only few more HP which dont help if you have no armour… I am not
    saying its a good tank as a T29 but its not as bad as you think…

    • +White Unicorn Saying “It’s not as bad as you think” makes no sense. He’s
      played the tank, he’s formed his own opinion and he doesn’t like it. You
      can’t tell someone their subjective personal opinion is “wrong”. You can
      disagree with them and say you think it’s ok but you can’t tell them that
      how they feel about it is incorrect, unless you consider yourself to be an
      expert on everything?

    • +White Unicorn I don’t think this tank is unplayable, but common you think
      the Chi-Ri is worse than this? Chi-Ri aims as fast as thing(1.7) and
      delivers 390 dmg in 2 seconds while this tank delivers 150. Aslo the Chi-Ri
      can actually move its turret left and right. HP won’t help you if you have
      no armor?
      -good HP in no armored tanks helps you trade shots if you have to or if you
      are alive in the end game and if you can do 390 dmg in a T7 tank you can
      trade very well. My 1250 hp Chi-Ri(350 more than the Challenger) can
      confirm this.
      PS: PointyHairedJedi, may I send you links to a couple of my stronk Chi-Ri

    • Every tank can be played good in good hands… Its not as bad as chiri, or
      lee or amx40… but its not good as comet, t29… its an ok tank, its just
      that it seems bad compared to those tanks…

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +White Unicorn Any medium that also had a turret traverse this bad with no
      armour or a big meaty gun to compensate for it, I would also call bad. That
      alone kills it.

    • +White Unicorn It’s bad. Awful gunsoftstats (worse than Firefly),
      gundepression means nothing if there is a huge portion of the turret sill
      above the gun, no armour, awful turret traverse, huge target, bad camo. For
      a medium the HP, camo, gun softstats and the turret traverse are really bad
      and for a TD the alpha and pen is lacking. So it is neither a good med nor
      a good TD.

  30. How you talk about the Challenger makes me really look forward to finishing
    up the Achilles grind! Yaaaaaaay!


  32. Does the challenger not have 200mm at the back of the turret? :O

    • +12Lego12ts It sure does, as a counterweight for the gun.

      I’m sure if you do the German Wiggle *really, really hard* between shots,
      you might be able to make people somehow miss the other 7/8ths of your
      turret sides *and* the wedding cake on top, so they accidentally hit the
      counterweight and bounce off.

      But probably not. Who knows though, World of Tanks RNG and all :v

  33. I must be odd, because I really enjoyed the Challenger. The Achilles was
    horrible, absolutely dreadful, due to its lack of gun depression.

    Challenger is mobile, has a gun which does the job, and gun depression.
    It’s a different tank to many TD’s but it’s surprisingly capable. The
    Charioteer, even with the B-Barrel is definitely a step up, but the
    Challenger isn’t bad – just had a different play style to your typical TD.

    Even with the slowish turret traverse it’s still possible to circle some
    tanks too. I had to sell mine to fund my Charioteer, but it’s definitely
    not a terrible tank.

  34. But it has 200mm of armor!…. on the back of the turret. Its something :D

  35. Legion The Comrade

    The SU-100m’s are perfectly fine. It’s just most people aren’t fans of not
    having gun traverse or play aggressively.

    • Mick Kithanu (Ellife)

      +Legion The Comrade i agree the 100m1 is a insane dpm machine that can get
      itself places where people dont expect you.. its currently my fave tank 🙂

  36. i like it, but i use the first turret, not the second, don’t like that one

  37. The funny thing is if the challenger was russian ti would only take a patch
    or to to get major buffs because you can’t have a bad russian tank ;)

  38. poor Jedi, i feel ur pain bro :/

  39. I actually did quite well in the t25/2. Got my first pools in it :)

    • +Josh Muffins 3 top guns in 88 games for me, could be worse. one when stock
      actually (I don’t know how though…).

    • +PointyHairedJedi I did so well in it, I kept it, and proved it was good
      when challenged to by my platoon mates…. They said it was terrible, tier
      8 game, top of the team on damage and xp… ^^

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Josh Muffins I had some very good games in that thing.

  40. I love my Churchill Gun Carrier but that thing make me think war gaming
    just hates the UK but then i play my Charioteer and i forget what i was

  41. JEDI IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!! *instantly likes video*

  42. Challenger is the same as the Black Prince: Should have a 20pdr, and just

  43. Power grind kind of tank, for sure.

  44. So would you say the Challenger is……. challenging?

  45. They do need to give this thing the 20 pounder, or make this a tier or 2
    lower 😛
    I just can’t help but feel sometimes that wg has it in for the british

    • +Tom Meakin I rebought the Cent 7 a month ago and it is truly a monster. As
      it is now i doesn’t need a RoF buff. It supports like no other med at its
      tier, but it also does not play like a true med. The best thing about it
      was the pen, accuracy and some armor, so you don’t need to fear T7s and 8s
      unlike the Type 61, Leo PTA and AMX 30 that need to fear a T6 scout
      damaging them.

    • Tortice is Ok, AT2 is great, other than that it is a bit of a grind, also I
      don’t count the CGC as part of the non turreted td line

    • +Cnf 60 yeh and look what it takes to reach the Death Star!!!

    • +Tom Meakin They might not be, but WG do hate British tanks

    • +Cnf 60 yeah there are some good tanks don’t get me wrong! But wg make some
      decisions that are just weird. Like next patch the centurion 7/1 is getting
      wrecked. I personally think it needed at least a rate of fire buff, but
      instead they’re giving it a slightly worse pen than the other tier 9 meds
      and it still has the same bad rot :/ the great pen was the main good thing
      about the cent but now it’s pretty much worse than all the other tier 9
      meds haha

  46. +PointyHairedJedi Jedi nice vid as always 🙂 But I have one question,what
    are ur PC Specs? I havent seen it anywhere…so Im curious,and I should be
    building a new PC :)

  47. jedi what are you on about. challenger OP first game was a ace tanker. how
    do you say so :(

  48. Hmm, I think the 15A is actually all right, the armor is pretty good, and
    since it has that armor you can keep the DPM up whilst in the open, so long
    as there aren’t any scumbags as proof of the armor to myself of the armor,
    the first time I got malinofkia a drove across the field and took nearly
    4.5 k potential.

  49. Well they need to buff IS 7 few more times before they will start thinking
    about buffing tanks that actually need it

  50. “Don’t buy the Challenger” but I want the Charioteer and the Conway.

  51. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    OH LOOK, Caption guy made a mistake again (I think)

    He/she said “don’t make me get my union rep this!” which to me sounds
    grammatically incorrect…

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +PointyHairedJedi He would probably say “uh… JEDI PUT DRUGS IN THE ORANGE
      JUICE- no wait that was me…”

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man He is not totally
      infallible… which of course he would deny totally. 😉

  52. Also, if you wanna se something really funny with this thing, go to the top
    of the hill on himmilsdorf next time you spawn south, go to the hull down
    spot turn that turret around so the rear is facing the north side of the
    hill, and just lock your turret and watch the impotent rage that comes out
    of the enemy team as you rack up 5K potential, just make sure there are no

  53. “Carted off to the loony bin” I love how you say that

  54. Is it worse than the ARL V39 or lee?

  55. So it is a Comet with a slightly better gun.

    • +Kieran Roberts it is a cromwell with a 17pdr

    • I guess i just don’t know how to play the Comet the best then.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Kieran Roberts Eh, I’d take the Comet any day – usable turret armour,
      better gun depression, faster reload, DPM that’s only 43 worse, better
      viewrange, and less bloom on the move. Plus, the turret isn’t the size of a
      small garden shed.

  56. Why would you say “the biggest, mightiest tier 9 gun that you might meet”
    when you could have just said BL-10?

    • +sirdigsalot90 front of the turret, about 150, frontal plate 200, lower
      235, rear of turret firing prem AP, penetration, rear of turret/ hull 360,.
      Then he went to a flat place above were I was and turned his turret so the
      underneath of it was visible, I did about 400 to that. Through the whole
      thing, I critted 7 modules, even through all that armor

    • +Cnf 60 If I find myself in a E100 vs E100 sidescraping standoff in the
      begining of a battle I load HE and derp him in the face several times with
      my 150 mm doing about 200-300 dmg. What dmg was you Kv-2 doing when you
      weren’t hitting the gun mantlet? same?

    • True, however gun temperament can interfere, on something totally off
      topic, I found a target that 152MM HE won’t damage… I was derringer
      around in a training room with my KV2 and an E100 and, as it turns out, the
      gun mantlet of an E100 is enough to negate any damage done by 152 MM HE,
      even from splash to the hull below, it will, however shred the gun.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Cnf 60 T30, mostly for the turret (that amazingly both has armour and
      doesn’t turn as slowly as the one on the Maus).

  57. I’m feeling mild sexual attractions to the challenger :|

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