Live commentary // D2, Pz.IV D & Cruiser Mk.II / “Low Expectations”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

If Charles Dickens had ever written a book about , I think we all know what the title would have been…


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. I don’t get why people hate the Caption Guy. I think it’s quite funny.

  2. What mods?

  3. The Cruiser Mk.II is the Prince of Derp,

  4. wouldn’t training a fitting crew on heavy tank and retrain for a bit bigger
    penalty be a better option?

  5. At last, a well known and respected ( that would be you PointyHairedJedi)
    YT WoT video provider/player who has not forgotten the new and still low
    tier players OR those who simply choose to stop at one of the mid level
    tiers where the game is still reasonably fun to play. And tell Caption Guy
    to keep up the great work he does too….His fans are legion.

  6. :)

  7. ImperialCommander97

    Oh Jedi, you dirty, dirty seal clubber driving that derp Cruiser II… ;)

  8. “Cohesive gameplay” You almost said that with a straight face Jedi.

  9. As a Texan I bestow upon you honorary “Texan Status”. o7

  10. Hey Jedi, have you tried Gnomefather’s engine sound mod? It’d a really good
    mod and I have a video on my channel showing off some tanks 

  11. no pz4h derp? disappointing to see.

  12. God damn you, jordan!

  13. Thankz for vid….. Nice to see I am not the only one with lemmings for
    teammates. Have you ever been teamed up with quickybaby or Jingles and had
    that happen too?

  14. Yep, Cruiser MK. II, the KV-2 of tier3, how about a 7 grim-reaper award?

  15. No arty ? tought T-57 was arty :p 

  16. Jedi,bear in mind that the 3d crew member of a lorraine and a batchat is a
    gunner and not a radio operator!

  17. Yep around 7-8k Panzer IV were Made in ww2 that makes it the Most produced
    tank in germoney. Just compare it to the amount of shermans and t-34 that
    were Made. We shot so many with just at guns and they thought it was a
    Tiger hidden somewhere. To Good haha

  18. plz do a vid using the 105mm derp on the Pershing

  19. I think the valentine at and the alecto got that gun to

  20. Duuuude, you have to talk Circonflexes and Foch into doing a D1 platoon.

  21. +ewok40k

    Jedi, Since you are “so good” at playing low tier tanks, can you do a
    review playlist of each country?
    Also, please do 9.5 test server reviews.

    BTW, If you do a caption guy commentated video, it will probably be IK, I
    here he is quite the clown.

  22. the reason you still get idiots at tier 10 can be summed up in 1

  23. I often wonder what the programmers were smoking when they programmed world
    of tanks

  24. When I saw Jedi was playing a low tier french, heavily armored tank I was
    amazed to see it wasn’t the amx 40.

  25. Caption Guy got it wrong; that 3.7 howitzer is NOT the same as on the AT-2.
    I know ‘cuz I had the howitzer on the AT-2 unlocked but when I got the
    Cruiser II I had to free XP the derp gun on it.

    Seems Caption Guy just got Jedi’d. *Sunglasses* YEEEAAAAAAH

  26. It’s far better to train the crew on your heavy (like a BDR, ARL or AMX M4)
    or one of the higher tier TDs (depends entirely on playstyle) and then
    retrain, in my opinion. Additional 10% price in crew xp is nothing compared
    to having to play a terrible low tier tank for twice as many battles
    because of low xp rates at tier 3.

  27. +PointyHairedJedi
    So is my ELC (with T6 HT MM) too low tier :(?

  28. good info/entertainment. more low tier vids pls.

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