Live commentary // E 100 / “Perseverance”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

And not a single round of HEAT was fired that day. Maybe IÙm so slightly starting to get the hang of this 15cm gun…?


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list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun (9.4 and prior)


  1. no dislikes; congrats!

  2. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    If you slow the video down to 0.5 Jedi sounds stoned. xD

  3. you do have 3 mark’s of excellence however. you must be doing something

  4. You say the 150mm gun would be OP at tier 9 against tier 7s, but the Borsig
    gets a 150 at tier 8 against tier 6s. It even gets a better aim time and
    the only drawback is it has 20 less pen (but lets be honest, 215 is enough
    pen as standard ammo at tier 8).

  5. I know something that comes close to that gun… A KV2, on a city map, with
    an enemy team comprised of nothing but hellcats…and rhymatals

  6. Don’t worry, most people don’t get along with that gun

  7. Im actually starting to enjoy the 15cm gun on my WT PzIV.
    Altough the varying dmg rolls do annoy me. For example, how can i roll for
    620 on a T43 yet roll for 890 against the front of a JgPzE-100?!

    Still, good video Jedi, its about time i went up this line myself!

  8. Christian Hostetler

    I hate when people sya you dont need to spam gold in the E100 many 4k
    damage games with AP could have been turned into 6k games with HEAT. As a
    2k+ Wn8 player you should shoot HEAT because IS7 front plates even the
    lower front plate is impervious to E100 AP.

    • +Christian Hostetler You named one tank. Using gold against only one tank
      is not HEAT spamming, the debate about E100 HEAT spammers is about people
      who load NOTHING BUT HEAT and fire it at everyone, even things you don’t
      need it against.

  9. Doesn’t the borsig and waffle panzer 4 get the 15cm gun? I know they’re
    tank destroyers but they go up against teir 7 and 6 tanks

  10. so why dont people just use the 128

  11. 750 dmg on a german tier 9 gun is op but the same dmg on the tier 8 isu is
    well balanced

    • ares354 ares354 (Ares)

      Still if rhm dont spam gold u can bounce that 215 pen, gl 286.

    • +ares354 ares354 “You also get that damage…on the borsig”
      Damage ares, not pen.

    • ares354 ares354 (Ares)

      +Mister Okami 286 pen on isu vs 215 on rhm … no not the same. As in, only
      t32 on turret can bounce isu ap. So much ballanced…

    • +Digidi4 You also get that damage at tier 8 on the Borsig. Pretty much
      exactly the same gun as the E100, just 20 less pen and a better aim time.

  12. Jedi whats your opinion on the japenese heavies coming in 9.10? (If youve
    been watching status report then you will have seen the prelimimary details
    and how they look)

  13. Healed that loader in the first game just so you could drive 100m and not
    actually fire your gun again. :P

    • +InfernalDalek
      If you’re crew training, healing them anyways does make sure they don’t
      miss out on some of the xp.

  14. Did you just accidentally make an anagram verbally by re-arranging two into

  15. I don’t have the Maus but I believe overall it is far more reliable and
    consistent performer than the E100; much better armor, much smaller and
    less weakpoints, better gun handling, and gets the more reliable apcr
    rather than the unreliable heat, being slower doesn’t mean much, you are
    not going to catch mediums in these anyways, lol. Most of all I absolutely
    hate that 15cm useless lol POS gun.
    What do you think PHJ? You have about 170 battles in the E100 and 540 in
    the Maus, better win% in Maus.
    I hate my E100 and hardly use it anymore, and resent ever having acquired
    If there was a tier 11 after the E100 I would sell my crap POS E100.

  16. with the 15cm on the e100 is use 18 HE shells 8 HEAT shells (reserved for
    prem spamming enemies and them alone i refuse to fire it at anything unless
    they fire the prem first) and the rest ap. i fire mainly ap heavily armour
    targets like e3s t95s mauses and so on and i always begin the game with an
    HE shell loaded in the barrel.

    this is because generally the first tank spotted is usually a scout and
    that means if you aim properly you can remove all their hp if they are tier
    7 and about 4 fifths of it if they are tier 8 plus you never know when a
    waffle 100 is going to try and be brave 😀 and you would be amazed at how
    often you will make a profit with this kind of layout.

    • +Zsar’s Wot and KSP
      the difference between HE with the 15cm and ap with the 128 is that with
      the 15cm you can aim centre of mass on heavily armoured targets at range
      with the 128 you still need to hit weak points in order to do that damage
      and anyone who has used to 128 knows how temper mental it is it will either
      miss every shot you fire in a game or it will make it so that easy shots
      just miss whereas stupid shots that shouldnt go anywhere near the target
      hit. whereas with the 15cm aiming centre of mass your more likely to hit
      and you basically guaranteed to do damage with every shot.

    • Zsar's Wot and KSP

      +DEANOGTO Why would you fire HE in the 15cm gun? I never understood that,
      you will be doing MAX 400 damage to most tanks. Why not use the 128 and
      have better gun stats and be able to do more damage per hit.

  17. That Object AP shot through the E100 superstructure.. sigh. Balanced :)

    • +Engwarify Not sure if it’s modeled in WoT but with the shell arc of an
      arty round it would cancel out slope of the armor, plus that arty round is
      a 180mm AP round, 360mm of pen isn’t going to be bothered by much. I’m more
      concerned by how the arty managed to get his round to land in the same
      postcode as the target reticule, let alone hit the actual target, must have
      sacrificed many dissidents to Stalin for that shot.

    • +Legion The Comrade I feel you. The biggest scumbags on the battlefield!

    • Legion The Comrade

      Against anything 😛
      Arty can fuck right off with whatever they do. ~7 games in 1 day ruined by
      sky cancer taking a giant shit all over my great games when I couldn’t do
      anything about it :<

    • +Legion The Comrade Angle vs arty? When the arty would be kind enough to
      atleast announce the shot!

    • Legion The Comrade

      There’s a reason why you’re told to angle it :L

  18. Under 150 club, how tough are you? :)

    • Bonkersfogel EQRG

      +Engwarify I once replied to one of these “under *_* club” comments, WHEN I

  19. Well there *is* a reason that the high tier med toons you see will most
    likely be rollin’ commie. They’re the care bear faction.

  20. 63rd view… Yup. I was watching this video before it was cool

  21. wow, 3rd viewer… never done that before! 😀
    And I think the 5th shoot actually hit that Rhm… Jedi skill ,what could
    we say? :P

  22. E100 the arty lover !

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