Live commentary // Firefly + Achilles / “Little and often”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

So. After suffering through playing artillery in order to get the UK Technical Engineer award, what happens? New tanks. Well played, Wargaming, well played.


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. I dont get why people hate Swamp so much, i like it. Especially in Lights,
    Meds and TDs.

  2. Caption guy -> can you explain to me why +PointyHairedJedi is playing both
    the Achilles and the Firefly? I understand why he would unlock them both
    for his technical engineer thing but both lead to the challenger, he only
    has to play one doesn’t he?

  3. Pointy, that is actually a wooden pillar not a beam.

  4. What is the Achilles heel of the Achilles?

  5. What commander voice mod is that?

  6. Interested in an ACHILLES 9 kill match?
    I’m a 48% player with 30.5 k battles win8 is 904. And I have a recent 9.6
    last week Achilles match on wot replays I can email you.

  7. How was the Archer?

  8. aw no sreenshots

  9. Achilles=a tier six wolverine

  10. I seem to recall a video saying you WEREN’T going to buy the T10 arty, you
    only wanted to unlock it. Seems your true side is showing

    –Caption guy

  11. You’re right about Swamp being an absolutely broken map. I’ve seen so many
    games that either end in a draw or base campers rack up obscene score with
    ever moving more than 20 meters. Prokhorovka is the same way, he who camps
    hardest wins.

  12. for last slot on firefly, id go with either optics or vents. i use optics
    so i can spot my own targets if i need to.

  13. man jedi i wish i had that MM today,i lost 28 games in a row and still

  14. PHJ’s law: As Jedi’s completion rate for the technical engineer award
    approaches 100%, the probability of Wargaming introducing a new branch in
    the next patch converges to 1.

  15. Good show Jedi, Ill be back for ,more of your informative and entertaining

  16. It’s interesting how many people say that the accuracy nerf hurt the tanks
    that rely on mobility.
    IMO it’s quite the opposite – fast tanks are becoming really hard to hit at
    medium range, which was most threatening to them before – as they can
    easily outmaneuver enemies in close combat, and are usually hard to spot
    from long distances.
    At the same time, the nerf didn’t hurt their own damaging capability that
    much – it’s largely irrelevant while sniping from long away, and you don’t
    need accuracy when you’re five meters from a HT’s rear :D

  17. I dont understand why prokorovka or fiery salient are immune to being
    removed in wargamings eyes. Its completely broken if theres any arty and
    its usually which ever team attacks first loses. Its such a piece of shit
    because aggressive plays are punished on that map.

  18. You should have gone for the chijese technical engineer or the russiam one
    because im pretty sure there arent that many paper thin russians and the
    chinese dont have arty.

  19. Small correction Jedi, the short 88 is 220 alpha. 240 is for the long 88
    and the 90mm.

  20. Have you tried playing with dynamic camera activated? It is basically
    vertical stibliser for your camera when you are looking “down the gun”, I
    find it very useful and I do not get any bad shots due to my tank wobbling
    on some rubble.

  21. Honestly, due to the random amounts of RNG, I tend to prefer RoF over
    alpha. There’s something satisfying about unloading 10s of shells into
    someone’s butt. Though a bit of speed would be nice, Mr. Sherman 8

  22. 18:34 It looks like the ELC fired HE and barely did anything too!

  23. Challenger, it is a challenge not to rage-sell it….good luck.

  24. You could hafve fired at 14:05 and 14:10. You didn’t. You hesitated or just
    didn’t shoot for some reason. Then you ran. You left because you hadn’t
    suppressed them. Your bad. And BULLSHIT. IT “IS” a Wolverine. Stop it.

  25. The Firefly with the top 17 pounder is glorious. British tier VI mediums =

  26. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I enjoy the live gameplay series. I hope you do more.

  27. Jedi, how could you ever forget the BEST tier 7 premium, the AT 15A for the
    British premium? *Kappa Kappa*

  28. Goddam the 17 pounder on the achilles, one minute you can snap shot the
    flees from a dog, the next minute you cant hit a full aimed shot on an
    at8’s cupola. Same story with 20 pounder, you pay a lot to expect accuracy
    and every time you miss, its extra annoying as a result

  29. surprisingly enough Achilles landed on top of my xp-generating list…

  30. Live commenary? Great spelling on the title.

  31. I like that these new TDs have the big guns, I don’t have to play my AT-8
    with the stock guns, I can just unlock the top gun on a tier 5 tank and not
    go through the pain of researching the two guns I really don’t want to use
    to get to the top one.

  32. Achi is not = M36 Jackson or M18 Hellcat

  33. I have the firefly it is really fantastic it is a TD without the view range
    nerf and turret traverse nerf

  34. 1rd

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