Live commentary // StuG IV + Archer / “Castle Derpalot”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

, ’tis a silly place, on second thoughts let’s not go there.

Oh well!


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. thanks Jedi! just what i needed =]

  2. Love your vids Jedi!

  3. StuG IV is shit

  4. Mr PointyHairedJedi; how old are you; and what do you do for a living?

  5. Gandalf is that you !! 

  6. Jedi you do know two of your female crews’ surnames are identical to those
    of German footballers right?

  7. Jedi – I`m not 100% sure of it, but in russian tank youtuber videos they
    say, that Stug4 has premium MM. Haven`t drived it much, just some 5-7
    battles, but I didn`t see tier7 so far, so it could be true.

  8. Shouldn’t the Archer be a French tank?

  9. i fucked up on the 8 bit tank missions 🙁 wasted one of the missions on the
    polar bear (i have no interest in french td’s or tanks) so thats 25k exp
    wasted. and when i retrained my artic fox crew to Mt-25 i accidentally did
    the commanders training for 80% and now wont have 6th sense..

  10. If you want a good Archer game, I’ve got an Ace Mastery in mine. Of course,
    it’s the usual “sit back and snipe” TD mode, so it’s boring as usual.
    Although I don’t have the good 17-pounder unlocked (never got past the AT2
    on the other Brit TD line) so I had to work for it, dammit!

  11. 6:31 Female crew.. male commander. That sneaky bastard.

  12. Acc to wwargamings mm tables stug IV should only get into T6 battles… no

  13. What’s that garage? And great vid!

  14. Jedi, you said a lot of times that a plane ticket to the mainland is very
    Is there no (cheap) ferry ride available? or you don’t like floaty things?

  15. “I was hoping to show you a decent game in the Archer”. Hmmm… well I have
    (1) top gun in it. That was after enough battles to elite the vehicle. I
    would wager that is pretty rare. Honestly… worst TD I have played in the
    game thus far. 

  16. good to see some total wash out joe average games, …like my games… :)

  17. PHJ, may I suggest you consider changing that intro sometime (soon, err,
    very soon pls) in the future..? :)

  18. Jedi, did you change your mic, by any chance?

    Cause it’s quite a big difference on how your voice is heard

  19. View range nerfs are BullShit !

  20. Well at least the Charioteer gets the Centurion 7/1’s 105mm

  21. was looking forward to the archer but now that ive seen gameplay…

  22. For my money, live samples of gameplay are more interesting and informative
    than cherry picked examples.

  23. lol, you have a female crew member called ”Lahm” and another one called

  24. “The bathtub” wtf? xD LMAO
    -First time I heard that one

  25. congrats on the stug phj, I wasn’t really doing these missions lately, I
    should probably pick up the pace by now :D

  26. hey Jedi! will you do a video on the IS-7 please?

  27. How dare you cast aspersions upon that delightful derp which the AT-2 gets!

  28. Thanks for show the spoils of doing all those ops. MM at tier 5 yeah can be
    frustrating sometime. I understand your pain.

  29. rly Jedi the archer is more maneuverable than the stug think of the archer
    as the loyd

  30. three failures in a row.. not exactly what i was expecting to see.

  31. +PointyHairedJedi
    Gonna take a while to get used to your “new” voice Jedi. I know it’s your
    own voice, I’m just used to the how your voice sounded with the other mic.

  32. Once was on muravanka on 360 ed in a tier 10 match in the t71 and was only
    tank who defended the forest and one guy on the team in a tier 10 heavy
    tried to justify the lemming train

  33. im genuinely surprised that you choose the jp2 over the ferdi considering
    generally you prefer game play but i can say confidently that the jagdtiger
    even with the stock gun is a killing machine and whenever i can i play it
    as an assault gun and so far ive been pretty successful with that playstyle

  34. jedi i can definitely see why you love the maus and struggle so much in the
    e 100 because i just got one myself and i dont have words to describe the
    armour of that monster. it laughs at tier 10 tds where the e-100 would need
    to run away but the maus can advance at a 45 degrees angle and bounce
    everything plus death starts rarely fire at you because they like to do
    more than 200 damage with their gun which is nice 🙂
    although it does have weaknesses like an extreme vulnerability to arty and
    to prem spamming autoloaders but its advantage completely out weigh those
    shot falls. like i just aced mine after 60 games of learning how insane its
    armour is.

  35. StuG IV seems to be a bit like a tier 5 Jagdpanzer IV. A not very good gun
    on an okay tank.

  36. Dude the stug4 gets preferred MM and I’ve seen archers do good only when
    staying back and sniping with their epic camp value

  37. Is that a special garage for prem accounts or something?

  38. is it worth the grind?

  39. A T59 might be a better reward! maybe M60? Worthwile!

  40. would you pay 1 pound for this?

  41. I like the fact you show all. realistic. Cool like ur vids

  42. the StuG IV has premium MM, it can’t see tier 7…:|

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