Live commentary // T30 / “Minus Four Plus One”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Following on from the massive sigh of relief that came from selling the T28 Prototype, comes a spot of live play in my newest toy, the T30 – and though it’s not fully upgraded yet, it already feels worth it.


of is a free-to-play online, tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Unfortunately, T 30 with 155 mm is as good as it gets in american TD line.
    E4 is plain worse, due to NO gun depression and insufficient armour.
    5:20 Me shouting at the screen TURN AROUND!!! You had a perfect oportunity
    to melt a conqeror form a hulldown position, yet you count mediums..
    Takes you 13s to notice…
    15:50 416 is a TD. Even more than German mediums, cause it has decent
    camouflage. He is in a perfect spot, able to support E 75 on the bridge and
    do sth if enemies push the valley.

  2. having played the T30 i would say get the gun first its much more useful
    than the engine.

  3. If you play the T30 with the 120mm you may as well be driving the T34, the
    155mm is what scares people the most and i always have a giggle when i high
    roll for over 800 and people back up and have a rage at me ;-)

  4. Jedi, I hear the leaf blower attached to your GPU.

  5. Swedish Kaiser (swedishkaiser)

    Maybe the IS-2 thought you where a heavy tank, T30 looks very much like a
    heavy tank, he got shitty pen and maybe that is why he used HE.

  6. Robin van Rossum

    can you put a mod video up every patch please i love it

  7. Ranulf Lewis Flanagan

    Is the second gun on the t30 not great penetrating wise or does the amx30
    have particularly good armour for a fast medium?

  8. Pretty sure in Jingle’s review of the T30 in ages far distant past, he
    mentioned the smaller gun was perfectly viable in his opinion just because
    the DPM and gun handling was good.

    • Petrus Sillanpää

      +lord6617 Well yes it is valid option to play T30 with the stock gun. It is
      far better stock gun in compraision to what T28 prot gets for instance. But
      when folks talk about DPM it should be kept in mind that is the theoretical
      DPM, the best case scenario where you can pump shot after shot into hapless
      enemy. How often does that work in RL gaming scenario? Not very often. In
      fact during that second replay Jedi would have been better off with the
      higher alpha of the 155 gun because in that kind of peek-a-boo fighting you
      waste that DPM potential on all that moving and what not.

      TL/DR Higer DPM gun is good and viable option in this tank but more often
      than not you would be better off with higher alpha dmg.

      okay that was quite a wall of text 😛 sorry.

  9. sounding a bit foch-like today. who pissed in your wheaties? @jj2gamer –
    you’re doing it wrong

  10. Dimitrije Bozovic

    such head! much armoured! me like much!

    gonna get it soon myself :)

  11. “Arty can reach out and touch you inappropriately from half the map away”

  12. Well, that IS-2 earlier in the game said that he needed ram, so probably
    wanted just lower your HP. But then again, ramming T-30 with IS-2? Really?

    BTW: I really like this live commentary videos. Keep them coming :)

  13. T30 is worth it but the tank after it? Not even closely. After the T30 the
    T110E4 feels like a downgrade. Might as well keep the T30 instead.

  14. the t30 is currently my favourite tank in the game with the 155.. i like it
    more than my tier 10 meds. the first TD i’ve actually enjoyed playing…as
    a heavy. but yeah. plz stop potat. gun mantlet is the only place on that
    tank with any armour at all….hit it perfectly every shot :D

  15. Caretaker Flynn

    I’ll send a couple replays in next thursday 🙂 I had a great Tiger I game
    and a very sketchy IS-4 game that you might like. The Tiger game was a
    very tier 9 game where I somehow carried a bit. I think it was more RNG
    than the game could handle. Thanks for all your vids! They’re always
    entertaining :)

  16. considering the penetration nerfs coming in the future i wonder how they
    are going to make it justified to actually unlock the top jagdtiger gun
    considering the stock gun has 246 and the top gun only gets 30 more pen
    already so if they reduce that too much then that gun will be difficult to
    recommend someone getting.

  17. Deni Peacemaker

    You need to know this (patch notes 9.8):

    Dispersion on hull traverse of the T80E3A suspension decreased by 8%.
    Dispersion on hull traverse of the T84E38 suspension decreased by 8%.
    Dispersion of the 155 mm AT Gun T7 decreased from 0.39 m to 0.37 m.

    • +Petrus Sillanpää its all on the in Development page on wot webbie

    • Petrus Sillanpää

      +Judith Chenery Thanks:)

    • warisoverdragon

      +Deni Peacemaker Yep. And the pen goes down to 250mm 🙂 have fun with that.
      Sucks though.. im about to get the top gun on the T30 :c

    • +warisoverdragon if they really go though with that pen nerf, i think im
      going to have to buy some torches and pitchforks…

    • warisoverdragon

      +Slayer Jesse Im pretty sure. Although not as much as currently tested.
      220mm pen on the 113 (tier X chinese heavy tank) and people are already
      complaining about the 235mm on the E-100.. (which is going to be 243.)

  18. Petrus Sillanpää

    “machinegun port weak point” or as it is commonly known the upper front
    plate. Oh but it gets better with the top gun.

    • Miodrag Mijatović

      +Petrus Sillanpää If you have a gun with less than 150 pen, that mg port is
      the only reliable way to pen the T29 line of tanks from the front

    • Petrus Sillanpää

      +Miodrag Mijatović So that rules out T6 lights, some T7 mediums and stock
      t7 heavies. There tends not to be very many of those in T9 and T10 matches.
      I wouldn’t rely on it 😛

    • Richard Gustafsson

      It was a stock tiger shooting at him. I imagine the 75mm has 150 pen
      doesn’t it?

    • Petrus Sillanpää

      +Richard Gustafsson actually the stock 75 has over that so he must have had
      for some reason the short 88

  19. T27? (30 – 4+1 =27)

  20. In the first game… god… the chat… you could tell you were playing
    with Czechoslovakians couldn’t you?

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