Live commentary // TOG II* + Excelsior / “TINMTVBHEIBFTV”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

No, I didn’t have a seizure, it’ll make sense by the end… probably.


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer game – you can here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. I wanted to meet you at tankfest but couldent find you! :(

  2. Caption Guy did you get your work done last weekend :-)

  3. Spoiler captain Nemo is the guy that messes with the ppl, the island erupts
    too xD good book , keep making good vids

  4. The sides of the excelsior are only 38mm thick (while the back is 108), so
    that’s where he would have penned you.

  5. +PointyHairedJedi You know, I really am appreciating these 1080p videos! Of
    course, it means the videos are shorter, but then again, I always have
    stockpiled the videos of my favorite YouTubers before watching them… ;)

  6. Khalid Belhachmi

    Jedi did you read a book I think is called twenty thousand places
    underwater by Jules Verne not sure if the spelling is correct because i
    read it in French and the title in French is vingt mille lieu sous les mer

  7. Have to say that your video’s are some of my favorites. Love your content!

  8. so i cant figure what the rest of what the title means…TINMTVBHEIBFTV
    so far i can figure: “This Is Not My Tankfest Video But…”
    thats as far as i can make sense of it…

  9. TDIboostmonster

    How about pronounce Bovington correctly jock?

  10. Wait, you can read? Amazing!/s

  11. For those that aren’t aware (and were put off by Jedi’s explanation), RAW
    files are equivalent to digital negatives, hence the reason they need some
    post processing.

  12. Robert Charleson

    Glad yer back Jedi

  13. Bakir Beganovic

    When will u post CK2 video. 

  14. Beautiful title Jedi

  15. Honestly I think the tank museum is better on a normal day, not during
    TankFest. All the vehicles are inside the museum rather than out getting
    ready for their display so you can actually get up close and personal to
    them, and it’s quieter so you can get a good look without the crowd pushing
    you through.
    The only problem is not being able to get entry into the Tank Conservation
    Hall which currently contains some of the more interesting vehicles to me
    (Tortoise, AMX 30, AMX 13 75, SU-85, T14)

  16. WHOOO Jedi!!! Verne. (you can get the best English translations online for
    free(legal too))

  17. Is it wrong that i went and grinded some money in my TOG? BTW the excelsior
    has a week spot on the side where the hatch is.

  18. I’m still trying to work out where Bervington is. I can’t find it on
    Google maps.

  19. You had a power cut? Did someone forget to feed the pony?

  20. Chuckles Bachelor

    Have you play the open beta WOWs(World of Warships : its that right?) yet?
    Is it as nasty as WOT can be with the general public?

    • Most players are WoT players, so you have the attitude. Plus, the majority
      (about 10000 on the U.S. Server) of players are brand new, which provides
      stimuli. Not only can they loose for your team, but they countlessly launch
      torps right I front of you. Finally, most ships are still completely
      unbalanced, so grinding through those builds up temper.

      All in all, yes. It’s very hostile.

  21. “Seeing it in person.” I believe you’re searching for that phrase.

  22. Chuckles Bachelor

    Did you stand in line to see Jingles at tank fest (He seams to be a big man
    on campus there)? Second do you always go hill in the TOG? It would seam
    that everyone on the other team or your team would be dead when u get

  23. 17pdr. gun good at tier 6 and a bit sad at tier 7. *cough**cough* Black
    Prince *cough**cough*

    • +Mister Okami the bp can bouce tier 9s if you need proof look at jinges
      review, furthermore the challenger is a bigger target and has no armor so
      it needs to snipe at range so that the lack of penetration is more

    • +Henry he In a tier 9 game neither the Challenger or the BP have any armour
      and they have the same gun so the only difference is the speed. The
      Challenger is faster and more maneuverable than the BP so Challenger > BP
      in a tier 9 game?

    • +HachiZenki Always happens at tier 4, buy a B1

    • how does that have anything to do with what I said challenger is still
      worse in a tier 9 game.

    • +Henry he Not when War Gayming CONSTANTLY thinks that my BP needs to see T9
      matches +65% of the time. Same for my SARL. T4 in T6 matches nearly all
      the goddamn time.

  24. First! 😀 (Good video btw)

  25. Saw you at tankfest would have said hi but saw just going into the loo as i
    was leaving so thought greeting you might have been a bit odd

  26. In other news, WoBS is now in ‘open beeta.’

  27. Kareb Undead Army

    The other comments haven’t loaded for me so here’s the combination of all
    my immense wisdom- Penis.

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