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  1. yeaaahhh

  2. PagChomp

  3. It's not what you think

    Where the fucking note squad at

  4. T-49…. I wanna see you DERP.

  5. Me scouting equals camp bush…

  6. Omar Melendez Lopez

    Maybe in YouTube maayybe…

  7. The Lowe is way outta place i think he wanted to go take a swim alone cause hes shy…….lol

  8. guys i said hi to youtube lol

  9. This is one of the worst maps in the game right now, right up there with Pilsen and all the Ensk clones. The map patch can’t come soon enough

    • Ragebased Gaming lol no sand river? Seriously?

    • sand river assault is just so much memes, I love it. Just kidding… it depends. If i have to defend its absolute memes and I love it. YOU JUST CANT LOSE. There is NO WAY IN HELLLLLLL, that you can lose sand river defending on assault. And it makes the game so unfair for the people who have to assault. Its ridiculous. Without a doubt the most unfair thing in the game right next to the existence of the scorpion and patriot

  10. T49 without the derp gun is the new meta?

  11. 4.10 Incredible on the move marskmanship. Gj dude

  12. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Why do this tank have so much more dpm than ru 251?

    • Because RU is faster, smaller, more accurate with better camo.

    • The current problem with the RU is that T49 (with the 90mm gun) is basicly that but better. Which really sucks for the RU as it makes it have 0 purpose.

    • Ehm not at all? RU has way better scouting capabilites than T49 while not lacking that much behind in terms of firepower. RU is the best 9 scout and second best scout in the game. So how it does have 0 purpose?

    • RU has way better scouting capabilities? How exactly? They have the same view range and the RU only has about 2% more camo rating. While the T49 is infinitely better firepower wise and the extra 5 kph really means nothing. So you saying the RU is the best tier 9 scout is completely bs.

      Oh and don’t even get me started on the gun depression problems with the RU.

    • It has 2% more base camo. That translates to 4% more max out camo. That makes serious difference. RU will spot T49 15 metres sooner which is night and day difference for active scouting.

      Stating that T49 has infinetely better firepower is just wrong. It has better firepower up close yes, but on distance RU is much more effective. Overall T49 has better firepower though but definetely not “infinetely better”.

      And saying that 5 kph means nothing and that RU is best tier 9 scout is BS? Why I am even trying to argue with you when you say such dull statements. Those 5 kph (and MUCH better traverse + better acceleration of most terrains) combined with small profile means that enemies will have it very hard to hit you. With T49 they hit you every time. That extra speed makes all the difference.

  13. I’m loving these daily uploads Circ, keep it up!!

  14. Pre-9.18 I said many times that all the t49 needs to become the best tier 8 LT is an AP round for the 90mm but now I can’t get used to this pew pew gun, I still run the 152 launcher on it 😮

    • in my opinion it used to be the best tier 8 scout. Not because it performed better. It performed well but not the best. But MY GOD was it the most fun to play. It was so much fun, and to me, thats the most important thing. Because we play games to enjoy our time and not to rage. And so to me, it was the most fun. Screw the 90mm

  15. How in the world you get an enemy team that completely ignores you while you farm them like a boss !? If i was in that kind of situation, they would yolo me to death, OMG…

  16. tier 7 vs tier 10? Balanced

  17. how come, when I fully aim at a non moving target, the shot sometimes hits the board,,,,, if i am lucky. Mid air, going 60, circon shoots a moving target he has a ms to point and it unerroringly goes into the target and automatically pens, where ever it hits

  18. People wonder why steam rolls happen and then people decide to position themselves like that and ignore one of the most important flanks on a map so they get surrounded in the first 5 minutes. Why would you be a in Cent 7/1 and just camp on that hill when you can dominate that other flank.

  19. Srsly I need to get this tank. But the T71 and Bulldog are such a pain

  20. they need to take a lesson from csgo maps

  21. That’s awfully horrible RNG to be torched on the first hit

  22. South is the difference between Live Oaks and Dead Oaks…

  23. lol @ this cuck in chat about muh evil patriarchy thanks hollywood jews

  24. At least there is a role for ALL tank-types on that map, unlike Pilson, Kharkov, and Stalingrad

  25. Hey, what game was Circon talking about at the very beginning of the video? Anyone know?

  26. The observation about getting set on fire by the Chi-Ri’s pew pew gun has an interesting dimension. I could just be paranoid, but keep an eye on the gold ammo next time you play. It seems as though premium rounds are more prone to do module damage than standard. I have seen it a few times, where my tank gets shot twice in nearly the same spot over the course of the battle. For example, one enemy using a high pen 88 the other using the crappy 88 with gold. Both were camped in bushes trying to stop our push, and only the gold firing tank did module damage. As I said, I could be paranoid, but this is Wargaming we are talking about here…

    • Алексей Сафронов

      D. Hall yeah, it’s clearly true and you’re the only one who noticed it in 7 years.

    • its all RNG. literally any shell that penetrates your tank has a chance to set fire to the engine instantly, dependent on the fire chance % of the engine. will also happen 100% of the time if your fuel tank is hit and is already damaged (yellow). premium AP and APCR shells have no difference in damage effects over standard AP/APCR. only premium HE and HESH shells will do more damage. both of the T49’s engines have a 20% chance of a fire on hit, so in a tiny tank where the engine is likely to be hit, thats almost a 1 in 5 chance of an engine fire on each penetrating shell.

  27. Chi-Ri OP confirmed

  28. Town was vital. But with the new meta it as vital as valley in Lakeville. This is atm my 2nd most hated map. And equally predictable as Highway is. Tho like the valley on lakeville. Having more guns on the bridge don’t mean you will win it. As more so then not, most sit at the back and wait for the damage vs pushing it.

  29. Circon, have you posted a video on the super pershing? i looked through your videos and couldnt find any. If you have can you post a link to it? If you havent I would love to see a replay on it.

  30. Why even upload this vid?

  31. Some say Circon still hasn’t returned from his drink…

  32. all this positive dedication in a largely toxicity free community as positvely involved as the frustrated MWO crowd once used to be.. in a game that has actual gameplay, depth and content…. yet strangely the flight model is feelless and the focus on the IM control scheme is a real longterm immersion and playstyle over time variation killer… weird.. very very weird.. And yes ofc I want that Polaris for my small org.. lol

  33. What I don’t understand, there are still haters who push the Dislike button? For real? :))…kids this days…

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