Live Play // CGC / “As writted by Ian McEwan”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

No no, it’s the other CGC, I swear…. wait, why are you all leaving anyway? You see, I thought a little pain and suffering was in order after THAT video last week, and what better tank to experience it in…?


World of Tanks is a -to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, XVM minimap & garage features


  1. play the batchat with HE only and you have to get 6 kills

  2. Play world of warplanes for a day and you will be redeened.

  3. now you must play stock m3 lee and challenger with 50% crews and you’ll be
    1/4 of the way there

  4. Atonement was a pretty decent story, honestly. Little weird in places, but
    I liked the relationship between the writer and the reader.

  5. No Jedi, even that and then scrubbing with steel wool and kerosene will not
    wash it away.

  6. Dawson “warhawk15” Carr

    Stock amx40? Firing HE only ;)

  7. Kinda a bad Idea why must the team suffer ???
    UR Guilt is yours alone not every1 elses :(

  8. Oh god .. for once I agree with Caption Guy, and you should have to play
    Warplanes. I think I need to lie down …..

  9. 10 MORE GAMES!

  10. PencilHeadJedi?

  11. Beakmans Apprentice

    CGC? With light tank crew, stock modules, and no equipment? That’s soooo
    much suffering…

  12. Good man

  13. Dude Ship showed your moving half aimed shot on that T92 on his rngjesus
    series last week!lol

  14. After that video, you can’T say the Challenger is terrible anymore :D

  15. True penance would be the duck….with a 50% CREW AND NO PREM ROUNDS OR
    EXTRAS, your supposedly fave in worst configuration and play it till you
    get a M lol

  16. you have to play world of warplanes to

  17. Satanic possession and penance…you are getting too religious for me dude

  18. Redeemed!

  19. The stock gun on the CGC is a 76.2mm. So…

  20. AT 15 gets the 32pdr too :^)

  21. PzIIJ firing all gold platooned with a Tier VI light (just so you get to
    spend LOTS of credits before you die) :-)

  22. PHJ, lol. You’re a real masochist!

  23. You are halfway. Now a few games in a stock M3 Lee and you will be

  24. you have to play the stock CGC in till you place first on your team with it

  25. Get back in that arty!

  26. So fresh from ruining the game for the red team in your CGC you ruin the
    game for the green team in your CGC…

  27. PHJ!!!!! You should have put your Conq GC crew in the Church GC along with
    all of the other self-imposed burdens :D

  28. I love his view range circle.

  29. Next up: T49 with stock gun.

  30. Kaid “Jun” Nickl

    I had this video muted and I skipped to the battle, I saw the CHURCHILL Gun
    Caragge loaded with HE and I thought, oh boy…

  31. Stock M3 Lee, worst crew possible, no consumables, only firing HE.

  32. I appreciate the effort, but I would of really enjoyed seeing a few games
    where you tried your very best to play well in it. Even if it takes
    expensive consumables and an expensive crew, I would be curious to know
    what it could actually do.

  33. ARTY? Damn you, Jedi! Damn you to Hell! Wait, you just went to TD Hell.
    Your penance is complete.

  34. Why do horrible turd-tanks like this left to fail why crazy things like
    kv1s hang around for so long? If they balance according to player
    performance stats, then it could only be to encourage behaviours which
    profit WG most.

  35. Yesss… Let your self-loathing flow through you!

  36. Take a cgc (arty), make it have this 30% crew and set it as your goal to do
    2000 damage in one battle and you can’t stop playing it untill you complete
    your goal. 😉 have fun

  37. This exact setup but with the ARL V39 or B1 instead. So everything stock
    and worst crew. Do it.

  38. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    You know people do so bad in this tank on average I got a second class
    mastery by doing 0 damage and 0 spotting. I might have been fail platooning
    in a tier 10 game but still.

  39. M5 Stuart with 50% crew in tier 7 game

  40. Sorry Jedi that is penance being paid by the 14 other players on you’re

  41. Hang on…Gaijin managed to find a way to piss people off even more…? xD
    This is actually getting hilarious

  42. Not enough of a punishment, do the same in a 6pdr at-7

  43. @PointyHairedJedi

    Laati has forgiven you ;)

  44. I’ll take this tank over the Achilles any day of the week “the worst TD in
    the game atm IMO, yes even the ARL is better”. I kinda liked this mostly
    due to the gun. And for kicks and giggles. I’m gonna 3 MOE it to. Saw a 3
    MOE one last night. Asked if he wanted to platoon, biggest giggle ever. No
    one ever makes a CGC Platoon. Oh we got trolled in chat so hard, but it was

  45. So this is why I keep getting shitty teammates.. Thanks alot ! Punishment
    should have been way worse! 

  46. Oh yeah. i think that seals my decision on whether I want to open the CGC.

  47. Now that was a waste of my time.

  48. Oh, I wanted the orbital lazer cannon

  49. Oh, I wanted the orbital lazer cannon

  50. hey play world of warplanes, that would be penance enough

  51. Play Warplanes

  52. james may

    you make me laugh sooo hard

  53. A Black Prince Gun Carrier would be interesting :P

  54. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Nope that isn’t penance enough Jedi, you have to take the SU-152 with the
    152 with nothing but AP, with a 50% crew, without a repair kit or med kit
    or anything of the sort, and no equipment.

  55. yes it was

  56. Maybe a battle in a fully stock Churchill 1 and then we can talk about

  57. First Order Stormtrooper

    I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  58. I gotta say that is still better than World of Warplanes. Maybe if you did
    that during prime time during a 5x event for a couple hours, that could
    match up. Just saying.

    Then again, thanks for the vid Jedi. We’ll let it slide this time =)

  59. You should have played the B1 (or is it the B2? the T4 french “heavy”),
    stock in a T6 game… that’s penance!

  60. Why are there no comments? It’s a CGC video! Ohh, wait….


  62. Thou shalt be forgiven!

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