Live Play // Chi-Ri / “The horror, the horror”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It could be worse, I could have played the CGC again – so I guess count yourselves lucky.


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended , Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, minimap & garage features


  1. I see the hate for the Chi-Ri all the time. Sure it’s the weakest tank in
    the line. But that’s not saying much. Still love this bad boy as you can
    trade well due to the clip gun and HT HP. It’s not a mediums as such, as
    most of the mediums before it…. it’s best if no one is aiming at you . I
    need to 3 MOE this at some point.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of my Chi Ri – but it is very good for WN8 as it is
    played badly fairly universally…….I’m hitting 52% with it and on
    average I’m a 54%. It’s extremely MM dependant though and you have to
    guess the flank well as if you get it wrong you can’t run easily.

  3. Loved playing my Chi-Ri

  4. “Easily led . . .” That would explain the ring through the nose =0)

  5. Don’t sarcasm the Chi-Ri man . Good support and excellent in a platoon .
    Having said that it is SLOW (for a medium) even with the top engine .Get
    the rammer as fast as possible ! A Canadian fan P.S. Lose the HE shells
    and double up on the prems

  6. You are going to get a reputation my boy if you keep jumping off

  7. Chi-Ri needs nerf.

  8. The worst bit about the Darn Chi-ri is the speed/maneuverbility – it’s slow
    it does NOT turn very fast and it refuses to turn when you want it to.
    Which is realy what makes the size and thin armor such a problem – cus
    there are other tanks in the game that are big and soft skinned but most
    are a bit more mobile which makes up for the the other shortage! But I did
    enjoy that gun… It does not alway go your way – But when it does its oh
    so Beautiful!

  9. wow thoes replays just cant make me wait to get this thing.. lmao

  10. Jedi, does a lowly subscriber get to division with you in WoWs? Or does one
    have to be special for it to happen?

  11. Jed, I enjoyed the Chi Ri. I thought it was a good support tank. It is
    certainly too large and squishy to be a front line machine but its great at
    harassing and end game clean up. The gun has decent accuracy and the top
    engine gets you around fast enough. I admit I did not keep it though. For
    some reason I played better in the Chi Ri then the Comet but that could be
    because I got better at the game by the time I went down the Japanese line.
    Still, I thought it a good tank and had a 50.99% win ratio in it with a
    Mastery badge.

  12. Why does everybody hate on the Chi-Ri? I played it, and though I didnt
    achieve amazing “per battle” scores, I found it to work quite well. That
    gun is very situational indeed, but it can do amazing things.

  13. is the 59-16 a fun to play tank?

  14. I actually quite liked the Chi-Ri, now I don’t mean I liked it over any of
    the other tier 7 meds, it wasn’t all sugar and rainbows but it was
    rewarding to have a good game in it as you know you had to work hard for

  15. The North American (USA) Chapter of The Caption Guy Fan Club and Filler
    Article Clipping Society hereby offers our hero, Lord and Master…. The
    Caption Guy…. Asylum….And his fill of thick sliced, sugar cured,
    crisply fried….Pork bacon….we feel he deserves it….Both the asylum
    and the bacon….

  16. Didn’t realise the Chi-Ri had such a bad rep. I really enjoy mine, even
    kept it once I’d bought the STA-1. That auto-loader still seems to take
    people by surprise and once you have the rammer and a well trained crew the
    reload is very fast

  17. Wow I missed all that Tirpitz comment saga. Was away on vacation during
    that I guess. We use to burn people at the stake for their heresy, now we
    burn them in comments on the Internet. Now that’s progress. :)

  18. I really enjoyed the Chi-ri… Eventually ;-)

  19. Cat like reflexes like bagpus and Garfield ?

  20. Jedi, you should fit in a rammer in the tank. It’s one of the rare
    autoloaders that can mount one and it makes the clip reload much better.

  21. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Gave up this line on this tank lol

  22. i like it, its fun, just wish it had slightly more alpha.

  23. 23% wins in the firefly? Get your head in the game, Jedi.

  24. definately cat like reflexes. one of those big fat red cats that sleep most
    of the day and night and occasionally blink at you.

    thx for the video

  25. jedi, in the fiirst game the xp could be explaind by the fact the the chire
    is a tr 7 med and u were shooting tr 8 tanks. this gives more xp for the
    same amount of damage.

  26. Ever thought of doing a special playing CK2 with your
    subscribers/followers? A human element would be great.

    Another great upload!

  27. I think the Halloween garage’s are always kinda ugly….I like even the
    standard ones better :P

  28. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    How bad could it possibly, OMG No, bad bad tank! Still a bit of fun with
    the 3 round clip but otherwise you are correct sir, the horror, the horror.
    Also, First? (Feels like she is 3 for saying that last bit)

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