Live Play // IS-3A / “Bundleshead Revisited”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

With WG’s advent calendar well upon , I’ve decided to come back to a subject I covered in October – namely, that of the near total replacement of ordinary premium tanks with limited-time sales of vastly inflated bundles. The real question is, has Wargaming been listening in the mean time?


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s , Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. I’ve heard ‘gold noob’, ‘hacker noob’ and ‘camper noob’….but ‘stop
    angling noob’ is new in my dictionary :D

  2. The new guy in charge of EU marketing is Keith Anderson (in office from
    mid-August 2015), same time as the bundles started to appear. Keith cut his
    teeth at EA-games… Coincidence? Maybe, but I think it’s all a bit too

  3. wargamings prices are anti-consumer, regardless of bundles. Tier 8 premium
    heavies are $50, that is absurd. Even at half price I’d say they would
    still be on the pricey side

  4. i agree the situation with bundles in wows is definitely worse than it is
    on wot i mean come on they decided to randomly remove the warspite from the
    tech tree as an example so it could become one of their bundle whores…
    like the mikasa the imperator thing the tirpitz but at least they werent in
    the tech tree already.

  5. My main account is NA. Even when you play in NA prime time the play stuff
    you notice is the norm.

  6. huh the kv4 now has a better dpm than the is3 by about 100 thats nice to
    see because i think before they were near identical dpm wise

  7. monkeystandoffsucks

    17:09 Poland can into WoT?

  8. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Crusader Kings!

  9. LOL that last game with the e-25…. seen so many games thrown away like

  10. The lemming trains happen 24/7 here. Seems people think the stick together
    and support your team rule of thumb means that.

  11. Here’s my current complaints with this game. Games are rarely close
    anymore……3-15 or 5-15 mostly. It seems there are only 3 damn maps in
    rotation (murovanka, prohkoravka, and fiery salient). I played 48 games
    last night, seen 4 maps. Have yet to see the new Pilsen map. Must be a sale
    on premium rounds as well since that is all that is fired at me lately.
    There honestly needs to be a Macro written for the game to incorporate
    Skill-Based Match Making. I play solo mostly and have a good wn8 and
    efficiency rating but carry a 48.8% w/r thanks so complete potatoes on my
    team, and the enemy team having 2 full platoons of CHAI, BULBA, CLAWS,
    RDDT, MOE……….ETC. This is all to common lately. Arty does not need to
    be discussed because it remains broken as hell.

  12. Chieftain line and/or Prem added to British tree? Super Conqueror the
    replacement T10? Guess they’ll still have the same ammo rack issues.

  13. I dunno about WoWs. Seems like the SEA is being treated better. Example of
    it was the Nikolai being on sale in 3 flavours a while back. Ship +Prem
    Time, +Flags, and lastly just the ship itself. Of course, with the current
    bundles that are out I’m not touching them since I bought a couple of the
    ships for a better price.

    Lastly with a bit of grinding this month, we are gonna get another Prem T5
    destroyer, the Kamikaze, for free. And honestly the grind isn’t all that
    awful, just have to play well.

  14. for saling issue, things are going better ? seriously ?
    have you given a look at the invisible santa claus, which is “give us your
    money and you may have randomly something back”, with a bit of “and
    everyone will have a unique surprise … ohohoh, merrry christmas, suckerz

    Yeah, I definitely see a pattern in this …

  15. I made a decision to stop paying for anything in WoT after they went crazy
    with the bundles and their emblem and flag idiocy. I started looking into
    War Thunder Ground Forces (love the simulator mode, hint hint WG) in case
    they went too far down what I saw as their course. With the tech tree
    premiums, smaller more reasonable bundles, punishing the blatant T-22SR
    cheaters in Rampage mode, the reworking of the missions (to discourage
    cheating), moving in the right direction, I decided I will again buy some
    stuff from WG. They seem to have started listening to the community! I have
    high hopes that they will be watching and directly competing with AW and we
    should see more and more actual improvements.

  16. I’m disappointed the Sexton I is no longer available, as I would have
    gotten you one for your NA account. How about T2 Light?

  17. Swedish tanks confirmed. Coming soon on 11.2 XD

  18. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    I drank a glass of wisky before I sat down to my Laptop, so i am not sure,
    might as well ask…. did I see a Camo Net on your IS-3A ???????

  19. They are getting rid of Pref match making. the likes of IS6 is Pref match
    making. will be interesting what we get when they get rid of the IS6. Maybe
    IS3A is a prototype for what we might see.

  20. You might be the first to favor the IS6 over the IS-3A that I have heard.
    Seems like most people favor that IS-3A armor and the better gun. Glad to
    hear your experience on NA is same as mine. Crushing defeat or easy win.

    I’m happy to hear more people like you discuss the bundles. I don’t recall
    this last year. I ended up buying a bunch of bundles over the holidays last
    year. For the most part I enjoyed it but knowing what I do now it wasn’t a
    smart move by me.

    That IS-3A package is tempting. For the same price you can get 2 discounted
    tier 8 mediums (good ones) without any bundles. But it does seem like one
    of the better premium tanks.

  21. Oddly enough I’ve seen very few of the IS-3As (thus far) OR Polish tanks
    since I returned to WoT after becoming thoroughly bored with WoWS, WT, and
    that other clone of WoT that is in open Beta at the moment. What I have
    seen over the last several days is a resurgence in the play of E-25s….The
    little bastards are everywhere (on the NA East server) or so it would seem.
    If WG were to reintroduce the E-25 into the game, even as a premium with
    very similar stats to the original, I’d buy one in a heartbeat and never
    look back. Keep up the excellent WoT videos you produce as they are my
    favorites….Of course I am the founding member of the Caption Guy Fan Club
    and Filler Article Clipping Society of North America (U.S. Chapter
    #1)…Eat more crisply fried, thick sliced, sugar cured bacon!

  22. Look at the 50-battle prem noob 😀
    Seriously speaking though: WoWs bundles are really getting annoying. I was
    looking forward to buying the Warspite, thinking they’d put it on sale, and
    judging by the decreased amount of bundles for WoT I was hopeful to see the
    Warspite un-bundled. I put 30 euros aside for the ship, but then boom,
    50-euro bundle. And I went: naaah, I’ll pass, but it really did piss me

  23. Reasons = greed

  24. The Bismarck? They are going to make BOTH the Bismarck and the Tirpitz
    prems?!?!?!?! Idiocy.

  25. Camonet on is3 wtf

  26. We have the Italian,Polish and Swedish line still tho….And the Italians
    seem to have lots of SPGs and TDs XD

  27. If KV-4 got the BL-9 gun, it would be a downgrade from it’s current gun, so

  28. I bet that the IS-3A will become more common on NA when the sale is near
    its end. (the sale is up for a whole 2 weeks)

  29. Maybe a lot of people were disappointed when it turned out it wasn’t going
    to be the long-rumoured IS-3 Autoloader? I’m on EU so hasn’t arrived here
    yet but I shan’t be buying it because of the three man crew, plus I already
    have the IS-6 and the Churchill III.

    BTW that arty player in the last game must be pretty good. He saw you
    driving up that road in the middle of the map and was obviously worried in
    case you were thinking of camping so he launched a pre-emptive strike just
    in case to discourage you. As we all know, arty stops camping :D

  30. Ahhhh……bundles….yes…..sounds familiar :)

  31. Thanks, Jedi, great points. Keep up the good work.

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