Live play // Sexton I + LeFH18B2 / “Repetitive Clicking Injury”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

However much I think I'm braced the comments section, I never ever am….


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  1. +Peter Moore The 155 58 us great fun and has a relatively high skill
    ceiling cos of the mobility and full turret. Playing arty with narrow gun
    arcs becomes so frustrating after using an arty with a full turret.

  2. +Peter Moore You do realize that Jedi has finished the british arty line?
    PHJ is actually a fairly good player, overall, and is probably quite
    familiar with the various uses for arty.

  3. The 155 50 is also one of the few tanks I have marks of excellence on
    myself +Mister Okami! It is such a good tanks – the 155 51 is a slightly
    different beast. The top gun is slower to reload but offers
    damage/accuracy/aim time improvements so it’s well worth it. I however am
    very excited for when I (eventually) get the 155 58 – pinning down tanks
    with a 4 shot autoloader? Yes please!

  4. +Peter Moore I love the French artillery, the 155 50 is my second most
    played vehicle and one of only two I have two marks of excellence on (the
    other being the oh so hard to play KV-85).
    I haven’t bought the 155 51 yet but it will be the next tier 8 I buy after
    the Panther II.

  5. +BigPapaKaiser The SU-26 was god of all artillery back when it had its
    mighty 122mm orbital death cannon. I’ve taken 9 kills in one game in mine.
    Now I only keep it around for nostalgia, since that damn 76mm is worse than
    useless. 🙁

  6. +UrbanTarzan Duh
    I’ve done that before. I’ve had a few games where I had to go spot for the
    other arty.
    I have 5 crew skills on all my crew, so have both the view range skills.
    Couple that with binocs, and you have outrageous view range for tier 5, can
    easily out-spot almost anything I meet.

  7. +samy adassi Agree, the LeF is a great arty. Back when it was a tier 4 and
    people didn’t really know about it, lights would keep ramming me and
    exploding. Plus its rate of fire makes it quite good, but it is sluggish. I
    still love it. But the gunner is drunk most of the time, lol

  8. Richard Gustafsson

    I call it “Leif” haha

  9. +samy adassi ^ ThisAny game with less than 1k damage is a huge
    disappointment, and I usually earn 30-40k credits per battle (after
    2k battles in the leFH, that’s a LOT of credits, lol).

  10. +HellsingSage That is completely true. Some people also like watching the
    paint dry as entertainment!

  11. +Cnf 60
    A lot aren’t. Awful aim time, long reloading, accuracy so bad you’re lucky
    if your shot lands in the right country.
    You sound like someone that hasn’t actually played a lot of arty, but has
    been hit by a few.

  12. +Dirty, Stinking, Raging Liberal I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy it two
    weeks ago.

  13. That implyes there’s arty that isn’t overpowered as hell

  14. +Procrastinator7 Take a buddy with you in a tier 5 prem with limited MM,
    perma track any heavy tank you can hit. 🙂 I use my Sexton I to train my
    FV207 crew, from that till tier 10, the crew fits in it.

  15. +My Hentai Girl lol.

  16. +Brendan Burrill OP when top tier ?
    Don’t make shit up
    It cant even do full damage

  17. +Brendan Burrill I have also got at least 1 Top Gun in the Sexton I, it’s
    pretty OP when it’s top tier (and when the crew is mostly on their 4th
    skill as they normally live on my Bert, although as the radio operator
    hadn’t been used since I played through the normal Sexton, they don’t have
    Brothers in Arms working yet).

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