Live play // Sexton I + LeFH18B2 / “Repetitive Clicking Injury”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

However much I think I’m braced for the comments section, I never ever am….


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Lock that hull!

  2. Nice vid, Jedi, very relaxing. I hope you feel better.

  3. To illustrate the awesome average performance of the Sexton: I once Aced it
    with a whopping 601 base XP. So stronk.

  4. 1337 views.
    It’s a sign that all arty players are elite.

    I bought the Sexton I and love it, I got my Ace Tanker in the first or
    second game in it.

  5. I dont always upload in 1080p.
    But when I do, I make sure its arty replays…
    😀 :P

  6. I feel like you were a bit misinformed in regards to your arty play there
    PHJ, and I think it’s born more out of ignorance rather than any malice
    towards us ‘scumbags’ 😛

    Whilst arty can be heavily dependant on RNGesus, you can actually use your
    skill to be a valuable asset towards your team. You claim that arty players
    perhaps don’t like the tactical side of tanking – I couldn’t disagree more.
    To be an affective arty player, your tactical awareness has got to be even
    better than that of your team mates. You’ve got to predict where the enemy
    will be pushing, you’ve got to get into position where you can provide
    consistent fire support to your team mates, you’ve got to deal with enemy
    light tanks that break through the lines and come and harrass you (not easy
    when you don’t have a turret or armour!), you’ve got to decide which
    target/flank is a high priority target for your team. Arty, when played
    correctly, is not simply point and click like it used to be.

    If you want to have more satisfying arty play, I’d suggest get something
    tier VI and above. I’m currently grinding through the French line and once
    I got to Tier VI and the AMX 13 F3 I can assure you my enjoyment increased
    greatly because you’ve finally got a boomstick that is worthy being called
    an artillery piece!

    • +Peter Moore The 155 58 us great fun and has a relatively high skill
      ceiling cos of the mobility and full turret. Playing arty with narrow gun
      arcs becomes so frustrating after using an arty with a full turret.

    • +Peter Moore You do realize that Jedi has finished the british arty line?
      PHJ is actually a fairly good player, overall, and is probably quite
      familiar with the various uses for arty.

    • The 155 50 is also one of the few tanks I have marks of excellence on
      myself +Mister Okami! It is such a good tanks – the 155 51 is a slightly
      different beast. The top gun is slower to reload but offers
      damage/accuracy/aim time improvements so it’s well worth it. I however am
      very excited for when I (eventually) get the 155 58 – pinning down tanks
      with a 4 shot autoloader? Yes please!

    • +Peter Moore I love the French artillery, the 155 50 is my second most
      played vehicle and one of only two I have two marks of excellence on (the
      other being the oh so hard to play KV-85).
      I haven’t bought the 155 51 yet but it will be the next tier 8 I buy after
      the Panther II.

  7. Yeah u r right! Arty really is NOT a single use/aimed weapon as used in WOT
    or the Other game as it really is an area effect weapon requiring multiple
    tubes firing on a target – The Other issue is the Unrealistic GOD mode
    aiming as yeah really got that with arty in those days NOT! No gunner will
    ever see his target like that to aim at LOL

  8. I love my leFH. For its tier it’s just about the best arty in the game.
    It’s a long way from being terrible.

  9. Playing arty is actually amazing for those with low fps and high ping, it’s
    mostly rng anyway, so hitting or missing is almost entirely out of your
    hands. Also, I get frustrated with my own terrible performance when I’m in
    a top tier heavy or medium tank, so I play light tanks and spgs so there is
    always the “oh I couldn’t carry that game even if I wanted to” excuse to
    fall back on

  10. Jedi, the SCRUBS disapprove of you calling the leFh “not very good”.

  11. cue Game of Thrones ‘shame’ scene but with PHJ shopped in :P

  12. The leFH is excellent, easy money maker too. I make 30-40k credits profit
    every battle.
    I’ve also had a hell of a lot of top guns, high calibers, 9
    Radley-Walters’, even a Kolobanovs’ medal in it…
    And the troll value is huge, perma track mediums and heavies till death,
    and watch the rage.I’ve also carried a hell of a lot of battles in the

  13. Hope your hand gets better soon Jedi 🙂 

  14. Pfffft, SU-26 is pure torture to play now. 76mm gun much?

    • +BigPapaKaiser The SU-26 was god of all artillery back when it had its
      mighty 122mm orbital death cannon. I’ve taken 9 kills in one game in mine.
      Now I only keep it around for nostalgia, since that damn 76mm is worse than
      useless. 🙁

  15. The T-67 is anything but tiny. Have you played it? It’s not the same as the
    old T-49. There was a lot of bad info about it just being a ‘name change’.
    It was not. :D

  16. Demonstrating how easy arty is by showing how hard it is.

  17. I got Jimbos crosshairs and for some reason the health meter on the
    crosshair where the percentage of health you have, comes up as “NaN” and
    everyone else has it correct why not mine? :/ (Also how do you change the
    percentage to hit points)

  18. skipped thru to see if this was actually a 16 min video of top down
    bullcrap…arty gameplay is not worth making a YT video…love everything
    else you do though

  19. The LeFiFi as I like to call it is actually very good (well, for arty).
    I’m not a big arty player, and I enjoy it a lot. It has basically the same
    gun performance as the FV304, but with twice the range and a 30% faster
    reload. Rate of fire is such that you can shoot as soon as you get the
    reticle over the target, and if it misses no problem, by the time you
    finish aiming the gun is reloaded and you can shoot again. My main problem
    has been running low on ammo.

  20. +PointyHairedJedi the Sexton was first implemented as a premium in the US
    tech tree, very briefly. Long later when the UK tech tree was added the
    sexton was re-implemented and moved to that tech tree.

    The Sexton’s original implementation was to be a Canadian representative in
    the US tech tree, along side the Ram II.

  21. Jedi, can’t you just use the force to play tanks instead?

  22. alius indentitas

    There is no greater joy to be found in World of Tanks than blasting an M3
    Lee with artillery. It makes a horrible tank even more heart-rending.

    As always, “arty” means love.

  23. For me i get frustrated with my leFH because i feel that it doesn’t aim
    fast enough for its reload. Also the god awful splash really gets on my
    nerves having gone the entire way up the American line 😛 Other than that
    its OP as all hell xD

  24. You should go into a bush and passive scout in the LeFeH when (if) you get
    a chance.

    • +UrbanTarzan Duh
      I’ve done that before. I’ve had a few games where I had to go spot for the
      other arty.
      I have 5 crew skills on all my crew, so have both the view range skills.
      Couple that with binocs, and you have outrageous view range for tier 5, can
      easily out-spot almost anything I meet.

  25. It’s unfair that the sexton II is so much better than the sexton I, whilst
    that is a premium :P

  26. Use..BOTH HANDS?

  27. Wooh, 1080p!

  28. I have the LeFH18B2 and let me tell you that i get games with more than
    1500 damage and for the last 3 years it is been making $$$$ like crazy. On
    the other hand the Sexton is really crap lol.

    • +samy adassi Agree, the LeF is a great arty. Back when it was a tier 4 and
      people didn’t really know about it, lights would keep ramming me and
      exploding. Plus its rate of fire makes it quite good, but it is sluggish. I
      still love it. But the gunner is drunk most of the time, lol

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I call it “Leif” haha

    • +samy adassi ^ ThisAny game with less than 1k damage is a huge
      disappointment, and I usually earn 30-40k credits per battle (after
      2k battles in the leFH, that’s a LOT of credits, lol).

  29. The spg’s just aren’t your style Jedi, and you might find that others do
    well in them. I hated the Lee, but I’ve seen others who make it shine like
    Rita who is a fan of the Lee. Try not to be so negative toward vehicles and
    play styles you don’t enjoy.

  30. U got me choking on my food when you said u were clicking with your leeft
    hand, Dont do That again pls

  31. Dirty, Stinking, Raging Liberal

    That tier 5 arty isn’t terrible, it’s overpowered as hell.

    • +Cnf 60
      A lot aren’t. Awful aim time, long reloading, accuracy so bad you’re lucky
      if your shot lands in the right country.
      You sound like someone that hasn’t actually played a lot of arty, but has
      been hit by a few.

    • +Dirty, Stinking, Raging Liberal I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy it two
      weeks ago.

    • That implyes there’s arty that isn’t overpowered as hell

  32. Sexton I… the official Circ-tillery :D

  33. i just fell asleep im sorry :,( this game play is too envigerating it
    knocked me out

  34. I like the Sexton! It’s just too bad it’s only tier 3 so it’s not great as
    a crew trainer although it works.

    • +Procrastinator7 Take a buddy with you in a tier 5 prem with limited MM,
      perma track any heavy tank you can hit. 🙂 I use my Sexton I to train my
      FV207 crew, from that till tier 10, the crew fits in it.

  35. Sexton I : One of the TOP useless piece of shit 

  36. My highlight with the Sexton I was ending up 1 vs 1 against a Panzer IIJ on
    Ensk – he was being as overconfident as a Pz IIJ driver faced with a
    solitary arty can be, I was able to wait, pre-aimed on a corner, and when
    he appeared I put a premium AP shell straight through his front plate. 🙂
    As that was the end of the game I didn’t get to see how butthurt he was,
    but I suspect he wasn’t happy. :)

    • +Brendan Burrill OP when top tier ?
      Don’t make shit up
      It cant even do full damage

    • +Brendan Burrill I have also got at least 1 Top Gun in the Sexton I, it’s
      pretty OP when it’s top tier (and when the crew is mostly on their 4th
      skill as they normally live on my Bert, although as the radio operator
      hadn’t been used since I played through the normal Sexton, they don’t have
      Brothers in Arms working yet).

  37. Its all just left hand today

  38. Jedi! do you play DayZ at all?

  39. Clicker scum!!! :O
    Entertaining as always! :)

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