Live Play // T-43 / “The Soviet Paradox”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Put an OP player in an OP tank, and amazing things can happen… though in this case, sadly, all we have is me in a T-43 (but all Soviet tanks are totally OP, right…?). Yeah. You can tell how well this is going to go.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Ah, the T-43, the best example of gold sink tanks, even the best line in
    the game has one.

  2. hi phj what do you use to record, render and upload and what settings
    please? thx. you vids look good for 720p in full screen.

  3. Ah, the T-43… or as I called it, the Tinderbox. IDK if it really has a
    higher chance to be lit on fire or not but it seemed like mine got set
    afire EVERY time I took it out of the garage. It got so bad that my friends
    and I actually bought automatic fire extinguishers specifically for this
    tank. Add to that the ho-hum armor and the same top gun from the 34-85 a
    Tier lower, and you have a tank that is really hard to get excited about. I
    stalled on this tank in the tree and even decided to try a go-around and am
    now grinding the A-44 instead. Maybe I just had worse than usual MM and
    RNG, but this tank left me with buyer’s remorse… and being a collector
    who wants to have every tank in the game in his garage someday, that’s
    saying something. That second game of PHJ’s was actually good in that tank-
    he survived the battle and got a 3rd class mastery without stellar stats-
    that means he and I aren’t the only ones struggling to find out what niche
    this particular tank fits into.

  4. hey Jedi,keep up the good work. do you know the reason why WoT can`t go to
    a 1 tier system. 70-80% of my games I am bottom tier, which is getting kind
    of annoying [to say the least]. also do you think you get better match
    making in random battles if you run a premium account. thanks.

  5. The reason most people consider this tank, and sometimes even the Kv-13
    mediocre is because they aren’t using the right gun… The 122 mill
    howitzer is the Stalin-approved way. Stalin will guide your shots across
    the map, unless you are loading HEAT. If you load HEAT you must fight your
    own battle. But there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the side of a
    Sherman and planting 400 dmg into him, then finishing him off with an
    engine fire. I have achieved my mastery badge first class in my Kv-13 in a
    tier 8 game, using the 122 mill firing HE at shermans, rhoms, and poking
    heavies for 200 dmg each shot. The rears of unsuspecting Lorraines and
    M103’s are also wonderful targets, and the good speed of the Kv-13 and T-43
    make getting right up to point blank quite easy.

    I did find that the armor on the kv-13 was more effective because it is
    essentially and IS hull. When facing lower tiers, or light tanks they will
    ping harmlessly off you whilst you bully them and ram them to death (if
    your howitzer doesn’t finish them first).

    Honestly, the howitzer gives a much more enjoyable playstyle, and comparing
    the two guns you may note that because Stalin, 122 mil HEAT has about 140
    pen, whilst the top gun only has a tad more pen then that with AP, and none
    of the alpha. Pointy, please try the howitzer :D

  6. I like the general topic discussions. If nothing else, they are an avenue
    to vent frustrations that otherwise go unheard.

    I agree that WG is unlikely to do much about it as they seem to be
    reluctant to listen to most complaints. Which I think will inevitably lead
    to their downfall as more and more tank like games enter the playing field.

  7. I don’t think +/- 2 matchmaking is the problem as such, it’s that the
    difference between tiers are too big sometimes. I think they would do well
    to redistribute the tanks over 12 or 13 tiers so that some tanks that are
    very strong on their tier gets bumped up half a step.

  8. Aghhhrrrhhh. This gave me a lot of flashbacks to playing the kv-13. they
    share the gun and as is typical of t7 mediums if your not running a prem
    account, (and thus can’t afford to use any gold without losing money, or at
    least making near zero profit), it’s unbelievably awful vs same tier. Start
    having to fight up tier and it’s painful. Go full bore 2 tiers out and it’s
    agony. To be fair though lowish pen is a trait shared with the T7 heavies
    too. It’s just that in the heavies case it’s low without actually being low
    enough to be outright bad. TBH i blame the tiger 1. I think they tried
    limiting T7 pen way back in the day to not make it’s armour so obviously

  9. I am glad I am not the only one that thinks the +/-2 tier spread sucks at
    times. Try playing a Tiger 1 or a Jagdpanther against an IS-8 or E-75. That
    is not a fun game at all. Heaven forbit you should come up against a couple
    auto loaders. Even Sircon said it is getting a bit unfair when I asked him
    about the current state of MM in the game.

  10. t43 is so good <3 2 marks already

  11. AH, should have been playing the REAL soviet tier 7 medium tank, the A-44.
    That E-50 would have died if you were. it can also trade with higher tiers
    if you’re careful with your hp, as it has 300 dmg instead of 180. and its
    faster and has better amour than the T-43 or KV-13, as well as 169 pen is
    on the verge of being useful vs tier 9s where 144 just isnt. and its also
    quite good at ramming. the only downside is 0.45 acc and 3.4 sec aim time,
    but its a Russian tank, you know its gonna hit, Stalin is there for you.

  12. really enjoyed my T-34/85 and my T44 but never did warm up to the T43

  13. 1:05 Just like me then. Well, I loved the DPM and GD of the T-43. And the
    side armour, it’s so nice!

  14. but..I love my T-43, Jedi, I think you complain too much about your team
    and matchmaking( both are totally out of your control) instead of just
    playing up to your potential and showcasing the tanks abilities or
    inabilities..enjoy your videos and keep’em going.

  15. Man, I am not looking forward to grinding the T-43 and T-44. Especially
    since unlike you, Jed, I came through the T-34 and T-34-85, both of which
    are quite good medium tanks (and frankly, the latter is ridiculously fun
    when it’s fully upgraded).

    Funny, I noticed the problem with +2 matchmaking only about 2k-3k games in.
    Of course everyone told me “it used to be +4 so shut up” when I mentioned
    it, but now it seems to be gaining traction in the community. Funny, that.
    It’s almost as if even a newbie can see that it’s fucking retarded and the
    established numbnuts needed to pull their heads out of the sand.

    Don’t mind me, just enjoying the vindication.

    That last game here was a good example of why I like a good, mobile medium
    tank; flanking and spanking. Nice work there, Jed. I know you didn’t get a
    lot of damage (damaahhje) but at least you were there to help win it for
    your team. WoT doesn’t always reward good playing, especially good team
    playing, like say distracting someone so that an ally can come finish him
    off. I can’t remember how many times I’ve basically gone up and kept an
    enemy focused on me while my teammates rolled up and whacked ’em. Of course
    I didn’t get spotting damage since it was close-quarters and my allies can
    spot the guy on his own so I get no XP or Credit reward for it, which
    sucks, but at least it helps win the game. Nice to see stuff like that from
    you, as well; lets me know I’m not insane for tying to play like a teammate
    than one of fifteen wankers with the same colored jersey.

  16. 8:28 “But I’m feeling a little bit lonely right now…” “Jedi’s swan song
    comes to light :D”

  17. I did not enjoy playing this tank at all and went back to the ’85 once
    everything was unlocked.

    But, a quick check of the stats shows that I had a 62% win rate &
    apparently once fought a 2299 base experience battle in it… It can’t be
    all bad!

  18. I actually found the T-43 to be a pretty decent little tank, and it ended
    up being one of my favorite tier 7 tanks.

  19. If they went to a +/- 1 tier system vice the current +/- 2 tier system,
    seems like most balance issues would go away. However, since that doesn’t
    seem to be in the works, adaptive hp is a nice idea. I thought another good
    one would be to gain extra xp and credits for being a two tier low tank for
    spotting, tracking, and your penetrating hits. Another thought is to have
    increased view range and camo for two/three tier low light tanks, increased
    penetration and speed for mediums, and so on. Something to compensate for
    the deck being generally stacked against you.

    Watching this video, it seems like the T-43 is a lesser performing Type 58.
    Am I far off the mark saying this?

  20. I like the T-43 and i can play it decent, but i lose nearly every game.
    Here ist my first victory in this thing in tier 9(after 8 loses) :
    An enemy i like this tank also, it has no armor and burns in 1 of 2

  21. i miss it’s 100mm gun

  22. the t44 is awesome it is fast the armour is troll the gun is very russian
    in terms of firing on the move which means it basically doesnt miss 😛 plus
    the gun depression and rate of fire are very good now before it was buffed
    last year when i first got it that tank was awful it fired slower than the
    panther 2 (i believe it was the panther 2) with 30 less pen and less
    accuracy so that wasnt fun but now its a fun tank to drive.

  23. Ahh… T-43, it started as an appalling grind for me.
    I think I had something like 20-40 games with WR under 40%…
    The gun was terrible & armor unreliable, only thing it had was pretty ok
    Struggled for quite a while before finally got the hang of it. Managed to
    get my WR to 50% and got 1st Mark of Excellence. Obviously sold it the very
    first second I researched T-44. In the end, I’ve grown fond of the tank, it
    really takes more brain power to make it work, and was really good for my
    wn8 later on ^^

  24. honestly i think heavies suffer more than any other class of tank with +2
    matchmaking because mobility scales really well in comparison to armour
    because armour almost doesnt scale at all there are very few tanks that
    have armour that scales 2 tiers higher so your in a slow tank with a slow
    firing gun. where as meds can at least perma track tanks and out maneuver
    bigger slower machines and can scout if the situation presents itself but
    heavies just cant they are generally just boxes of health for the enemy

  25. Caption guy: sure blame the gun when anyone watching can see your AIMING is
    just as much to blame for you missing.

  26. but… I like the t43…

  27. is it bad that my highest ever average xp per battle over 100 games with a
    63% win rate (ive never platooned in wot so that isnt exaggerated by
    platooning with op tank) in in the t43? besides it gets the armour of a kv1
    but angled better so i was pretty dam good at reverse sidescraping in it
    and the armour holds up really well if you know how to use it. i preferred
    the t43 to the comet i didnt like it very much besides since qb made that
    his pimp tank there are so many douche bags who bitch and say your firing
    gold when you pen their turret even though the turret itself is crap and
    only the gun mantlet is kind of troll. i actually preferred the vk3002d to
    the comet as well but i struggle to say which one i liked more the vk3002d
    or the t43.

  28. Abandon that medium line Jedi, it’s pants. A-43, A-44 and Obj 416 a lot
    more fun way to getting T-54 :)

  29. Say whaaat? Never played russian mediums? You are missing out! The T-34-85
    is a really good tier 6, and the A-44 has a fun but temperamental gun and
    great mobility.

  30. T44 is my favourite tank and i have three marks of excellence on it so i
    enjoy playing it

  31. Also, nobody being scared of the T-43 is something you can use to your
    advantage at times.

  32. Got a pretty decent T-43 replay actually myself, only problem is, it’s from

  33. Ayyy! 15 min ago? Perfect timing, I have a free 50 minute period. Thanks
    for the video, I play on blitz an didn’t want to play this thing, I kind of
    changed my mind now.

  34. Ah, the T-43… Never liked it, its armor is dead weight and its DPM is
    hampered by mobility worse than on the T-34/85. The KV-13 on the other hand
    feels more nimble and is quite fun when it meets other tier 7 or lower

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