Live Play // “Three Minute Wonders”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

So hey, I found this cool game I think everyone might enjoy, you might not remember that I’ve shown it before because it’s been so long, but I think it looks totally interesting so we’re definitely going give it another go – who knows, it might catch on or something!


World is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any./SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Pretty standard T5 game. OI kills you, nothing you can do about it. Rest of
    team melts in 3 mins.

  2. Whenever I see one of these things in my Kv-1 I just load the HEAT. Cause
    fuck these OP Japanese Tanks…

  3. i did it…i finally did it…. I un-installed World or tanks xD

  4. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I noticed you don’t have the conqueror in the garage, since its been put to
    HD its become very good and I consider it one of the best tier 9 heavies

  5. I get the distinct impression that WoT is now taking on a minor role on
    your channel.

    Even when playing tanks you can’t help talking about other games

    And its a repeat.

  6. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Are they seriously buffing the KV-220? Just before Christmas when it goes
    on sale? I am willing to bet there is a plot here! A marketing plot!

  7. 2:20…it’s a step backwards literally, but a step forward figuratively ;)

  8. asianboywonder2312

    Hey, you didn’t actually mount the top engine, Jedi. You’re still using the
    stock engine despite having the top engine researched.

  9. Ceridwen Blodeuedd

    Yer ave te be a weeeeee bit more agressive in yer heavy tanks ye scrawny
    scotsman *nudge nudge wink wink saynomore* :)

  10. Im here for anything you talk about, i guess :D

  11. oh jedi,video editting derped?

  12. Jedi spent all that time grinding the engine, then didnt equip it. Classic.

  13. still on the OI Exp … its not bad the OI is Derptastic 🙂 I am on the O
    ni its not bad but yeah it’s slow . you’ll like them just a little like the
    Maus :)

  14. +PointyHairedJedi Darn it! not that bloody tank game! Get back to the


  15. Well, to be fair, the KV-220 will actually have nerfed mobility because the
    new ground resistance is some of the worst in the game.

  16. Did he say they are giving the KV-220 a buff???? why how?????

  17. Captionman just give the word and we’ll help you overthrow your evil

  18. tatters precious

  19. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira


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