Live Play // Type 91 + Type 95 // “And then it got weird”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Some days, my brain goes to… interesting places. This was one of those days.


of Tanks free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. monkeystandoffsucks

    “Actually, actually” airs Sunday nights at 8pm

  2. Caption guy = on point today!

  3. Just download Aslain’s mod pack, has pretty much everything you could ever

  4. love these Jap heavy commentaries do more :)

  5. OK? So win by cap (which was previously pooh-bahed) is OK when it is
    favorable to you =0)

  6. The Type 91 does indeed get negative gun depression over the turret. It’s
    -2 depression, and the depression map looks really trippy:

  7. Fun fact, the Type 95 was such a piece of shit I free XP’d my way up to
    tier 5 after 5 battles, all losses!

  8. “Sqeeeeeee”?

    wait, fangurling you mean?

  9. @Caption Guy, when Empire review Actually, Actually, they’ll simply quote
    PHJ and say ‘Lacklustre’

  10. Well that ending escalated quickly O.o

  11. The singer in the song Zorbing by Stornoway reminds me of jedi’s voice tbh

  12. Caption Guy nailing it again today ^^

  13. Have to disagree with you, Jedi… The Light Vickers is a lot of fun and a
    lot better than the Pz IID or Te-ke. The BT-7 Art is fun, untill you get
    into tier 5 games with it. Good luck trying to kill a KV-1S with one.

  14. I use Anfield’s modpack

  15. I was originally thinking about grinding properly, but I drove the tier 1
    for 2 battles and remembered how much I dislike low tiers… so I saved up
    free xp and got the tier 5 the instant the patch went live. Seems like it
    was an excellent choice.

  16. Hi Pointy, here a real nice option if you are still looking for a mod: possibilities in this mod are
    numerous, and Odem Mortis are doing an amazing job to keep it all up to

  17. The Caption Guy Fan Clun and Filler Article Clipping Society (North
    American Chapter) are grateful for the extended time He was
    featured/allowed in this video…It was past time…..Keep up the great
    work….Eat more crisply fried, thick sliced, sugar cured bacon!

  18. 3:00 There’s a session stat by yasen krasens

  19. Yeah I am a regular viewer Jedi :D. Since this battle though I now have the
    tier 6. It will not let you down it is a absolute beast!

  20. I have yasenkrasen session stats and QB modpack

  21. haha get this we have the origanal 12 stran cable from 1938!!! hhh the wifi

  22. Turns out Jedi likes tanks more than I realised….
    Kind of surprised we didn’t get a different kind of video after

  23. Don’t think it meets tier 6s, I recently grinded out the O-I experimental,
    I havent seen any tier 6, really
    But I suppose it makes sense with 70mm of AP penetration

  24. Why’d you not dismiss the crew, when you bought a new crew to go in the
    tier 4 tank? LOL All they are going to do is litter your barracks

  25. i pity you
    not to brag, but i have 60 up 60 down internet connection, it is ridiculous

  26. Fun fact, Type 95 gets pref MM.

  27. Fuck these 3 tanks. *THESE 3* are the second or third worst grind i’ve ever
    had so far. And i’ve done a lot of tech tree grinds.
    They sit behind the tier 6 french TD.
    Terrible gun handling, no armor, no speed, no anything other than alpha
    that only matters if it pens and thats assuming the shell velocity doesn’t
    cause the shot to get to the spot your aiming in about 2 fortnights.

  28. William James “Variety of Religious Experience” reference. I’m impressed.

  29. I feel that my decision to spend precious free Xp from the T44 engine fund
    to skip the Type 95 is vindicated…

  30. i like those two, its really fun wrecking them in pzIc

  31. The tier 2 is absolutely awful you can barely pen anything at all even
    against M2 mediums or even stuarts

  32. I use Zeven’s mod pack and like it a lot.

  33. Hehehe Lol Lego, Mega and Mat playing with Jedi 😀
    CIRC2 ftw ^^
    Legotank007 was in CIRC4, but left to PTS to play clan battles and
    Stongholds, whilst Mateocro a.k.a. Mat is a regular guest on out TS. Trusty
    Lego sidekick :D

  34. Wouldn’t RATO be better than JATO?

  35. Though I’ve been a big user of Locastands mods inc the session stats. There
    are several most like his tbh of late. Even though he is gone, other have
    been doing his work for ages. YasenKrasen’s session stats etc is not bad
    either. Inc the los/win notification in battle from your other tanks. Never
    been a big fan of modpacks as they tend to be a mess on launch day as they
    want to get em out asap and usually are full of test server mods that don’t
    work 100%. I personally have been using Russian mod sites that have 100%
    working mods on EU patch days. Most of those are “clones” of Locastan’s
    work. And installing em one by one the old way :P

  36. Hey Jedi try out the OMC modpack. Its got a bunch of mods from different
    people in it, and its great

  37. legotanker is always on team speak… I talk to them lots

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