Live Play // World of Tanks 0.7.0 / “What rough beast”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Teams fall apart; the RNG cannot hold;
Mere noobery is loosed upon the world,
The gold-spammed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The artillery of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all penetration, while the worst
Are full of… salt.

(Holy moly how has it been years already?)


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  1. Back in the old days, some good memories some not so good, :>)

  2. 50 ping? I’m at like 200 ping minimum

  3. Can’t download without WGC, so I won’t be playing.

  4. Hello from 2011 XD

  5. I was seeing 200-220 ping on NA, but if felt much worse than that. One match it was a multiple second delay. Such a shame because I was really looking forward to this as this was the WoT I remember from when I signed up.

  6. I preferred the simplicity of the old game. Speaking of weak points I remember shooting to hit the turret ring on tanks.

  7. I played about 3-4 matches for fun. It was pretty amazing to be back in time to when I was playing when this patch came out (I started in April of 2011). They pretty much failed on this though making it just a Russian server setup and poor connection speed for NA players.

  8. I started playing in 7.3. Classic has been nostalgic for me as well, but super clunky to play and my client has crashed a lot. Sadly, that means I won’t play it much.

  9. the Konish gun used to be wack.

  10. Playing artillery was no joy? *cough, cough* I seem to recall the SU-26 of old…

  11. Playing the VK and not using the “konisch”?! Amateur 😛

  12. To all those marveling at the delay, we poor souls on the Australian server have been drooling with pleasure over any thing less than 370ms and personally I have had lag issues where 700+ms has been common ! But then again I used to play regularly only a few years ago with a 400 ping back before the local server was available, so it’s kind of familiar…ah nostalgie !

  13. Life long love affair with the AMX40, are you quackers or what? …. I’ll just get my coat…

  14. La Buse Toujours

    rngesus and/or rnmuhammed made me stop playing the game years ago

  15. I remember those awful days, trying to grind out playing the JgPz IV against IS-4’s….

  16. I never got the hate for Komarin. It was an excellent map for TDs to kemp bush and had some of my best games in my SU-85B on it. Base 390m view range with fully kitted out crew turned it into about 470m iirc which with a 2 second reload and good camo made for a lot of fun games.

  17. Yes when the game was fun before the accuracy nerfs, map of corriodors, power creep and of course the rampant use of cheat mods- Aimbots and of XVM with stat whoring..

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