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LOBBING BOMBS (War Thunder))

Edited by Jason Ellis @Sentiel_Strix



  1. phly play the kv1c and kv1b together on germ with the duck the 1c is at 4.7

  2. Brit planes

  3. 2:25 Did that guy just drop a YEE on us?

  4. War thunder is a terrible game.

  5. Marko Tomislav Mogus

    Anyone wanna talk why is he playing arcade battles😂😂

  6. Phly playing Arcade mode? Isn’t that against the geneva convention?

  7. This video in a nutshell: *Yeets in Tea*

  8. Bro that line

  9. Phloppy please do some spit f my 9 gameplay

  10. Caesar Erel Macahilig

    Thats what I call HESHgasm

  11. Phly cheering about skill hits with arcade aim cross



    Spreading earl grey to the commies

  13. Day Z Hamburgler

    You’re in arcade, you lose points phly! Do it in realistic like a man!

  14. arcadeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. Good thing About AVRE is you can put a bush on that bulldozer and some flower in it.
    Now you have your own garden.

  16. Jonathan Basson

    Hmmm, Steve… 3 years watching Phly, and my brain hasn’t once comprehended that to be his name. 🙂

  17. 3:35 how do you change the scope like that?


  19. Now do this with the Type 75, 175mm SPG and get some player driven artillery support going. Proxie fused shells of course.

  20. why all these muppets think that everyone SHOULD & ALWAYS play RB? anyone can play any mode they want, no wonder WT community became more and more toxic

  21. Phly’s name is Steve 😯

  22. PHLY! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! Attempt 27

  23. Ew arcade

  24. can you come and play with me in war tunder with sturmpancer II

  25. 1000 Subscribers Without video

    Okay going to uninstall wot and download this boi

  26. are you going to play more arcade?

  27. Tavarrius Wilson

    Can someone tell me how to adjust scope like phly does?

  28. eeeeu arcade

  29. Phly saying “fix my butthole please” killed me

  30. I love how Phly turns into a noob the moment he plays with teammates.

  31. Marshall’s Studio

    Hi, phly, can You buy me a gaming pc

  32. 15:03 wait what, is he controlling a plane and sitting in that Tortoise at the same time?

  33. Kozmozdan Sıradışı Bilgiler

    Phly, can you play the T-35 again? It would be sweet. 🙂

  34. Phly in….arcade…..what….is…..this

  35. phlys name is steve??

  36. why are you playing Arcade?

  37. Arcade Meta?

  38. Phly: plays Easy Mode
    Also Phly: turns out to be mildly trash at it

  39. not RB dissapointed

  40. Really nice!

  41. Ive been playing war thunder for 1year now but Im giving up warthunder because i cant seem to get a kill every game so i dont think i have what it takes to be a pilot 😞😞😞😢

  42. hey phly wish you play some arcade more often

  43. thats what I love in arcade battle theres no hide and seek you can run but cant hide just brutal exchanging fire all around

  44. i downloaded the game yet again, and yet again, it glitches from the getgo…i then uninstalled it….yet again…i wonder if these dumbasses are in the mood to make their game available without glitches, so as to, oh i don’t know, make some money? 😉

  45. j'aime les vidéos humoristique

    Fuck arcade battle

  46. Josip Broz Tito

    How can you miss your shots when the distance is displayed on the target?

  47. Subs my channel.

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