LOL, NEW +-75% RNG Mode Coming! | World of Tanks Special Mode

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet Game Mode with Crazy Tank Buffs. World of Tanks Update 1.17.1 Patch.

Come 2gether – Ooyy
Two Peas in a Pod (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy

What is new with Update 1.17.1 Patch? Let me give you a quick overview!

What do you think?


  1. Arcade tank game made an Arcade mode… Wow-wow-wi-wow!
    So, let me know which tanks do you want to see me testing out in this game mode? 😀

  2. Lol the Strv 103B will have 0.075 rounded to 0.08 dispersion. As standrad, then u can buff it even more. Dang!

  3. Wargaming: “let’s put out an insanely unbalanced mode that makes the normal modes look reasonable in comparison”

  4. They are copping war thunder arcade mode

  5. What if they finaly ballance the gam and what if they bring finaly good maps and what if they fix finaly the bullshit MM

  6. So WG is take RNG, one of the most hated things in WOT, and make a mode out of it. No thank you. Besides this I would not have time to play this mode anyway, because I’m using my time playing for Battle Pass points. Why does WG runs two events that complete for its player base’s limited time.

    • yah, the main reason i play wot is for the daily battle pass grind (fun? f*** that) so no battle pass point? no special rewards? play this for ‘fun’? ha ha ha

  7. This game needs less RNG not more. What they need is area specific damage models. Like less damage at the cupola more damage at the hull

    • TehButterflyEffect

      No, because that would buff hull-down tanks even more.

    • @TehButterflyEffect unlikely. Cupolas would still take damage at a reduced rate. It would help tanks like the t110e5 but tanks like the is7 don’t even have a cupola anyway. The point of the game is to use tactics. Not to press 2 to pen. Flanking, using tank classes accordingly, using terrain types other than hills.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @landorseasprint I completely agree with you on all points except your reduced damage to cupolas point. You have a small chance to hit the Kran or the Chieftain in the cupola. If you did less damage to that cupola, the odds of you being able to handle that tank get even worse.

      Get rid of gold, rebalance the maps (like they did 6 years ago when they made them flatter) so hull-down tanks don’t have as many options…. or better yet, nerf the standard pen on most new medium tanks and then take turret armor off of the worst tanks.

      Heavy tanks need to be relevant again, but hull-down heavies and mediums that can sit on a hill and never take a single hitpoint of damage are not what makes a fun game.

      Heck, undo the HE nerf and that fixes the problem right there. Get rid of gold, undo the HE nerf and now you don’t even need to nerf turret armor anymore.

      I don’t know if you’ve been around long enough, but waaaay back in the day (they changed this right after beta), a hit on a tank did damage whether or not it was a pen. I think it was 1hp per shell that bounced or failed to pen. So if a tier 10 heavy had 1hp left, the tier 8 light tank still had a chance to finish him off.

  8. And “What if WG will go to F*** themself” ?

  9. Its gonna be tanks with impenetrable turrets

    Balanced by artillery

    And EBRs

  10. With +75% damage, the shitbarn can in theory one hit a stock maus with hesh.

  11. I think IS-7 will be insane. It has very high top speed but has a hard time reaching it due to poor terrain resistance. Dubbeling the engine power though should make going 60 km/h no problem. And now the gun will actually be able to hit whatever you are aiming at.

  12. This game is really becoming shit

  13. I bet the Caliban will be very good in the Railgun mode.

  14. Doesn’t sound fun to me, more like Random Battles ramped up. Sounds like hell. Wonder what WG are up to, I don’t trust them. There is some insidious motive behind this.

  15. They are just trolling the player base now

  16. sounds really, really dumb

  17. EBR with fuel additives – wow 🙂

  18. Anyone seeing how WG Is trying to test out WarThunder features?

  19. so lets see.

    lights : better power to weight = more agile. nice. better accuracy. hmm. not v useful unless you are the t49 derp or some madman trying to play weakspot shooting damage dealer in a Light tank. 445 proxy spot. wtf, well you aint playing spotter anymore then.
    everyone else vs lights: much more accurate and easier to hit you. negates the better power to weight. 445 proxy spot. bush? your camo rating? goodbye, time to die
    which tanks to play : a more agile and accurate ebr or t49 might be memey, but anything else? no way jose

    tds : better power to weight = get into sniping positions (e.g. bush/ridge) or into the front (e.g. t95, 268 v4) nice. more accurate well td gun should be less reliant on aiming for weakspots, your guns should be blasting gold through equal tiers face. so not v useful.
    everyone else vs tds. we can see you everywhere, we can hit you everywhere, we can circle and flank you everywhere, nooooo
    which tanks to play : fock 155, fv215b 183 for the memes, obj 268 v4 will be god

    artys : better power to weight. artys dont use keyboard. better accuracy. oooooooh nice!!! apart from the fact everyone will be moving around like a maniac so good luck hitting moving targets. shame reload speed or shell velocity wasnt buffed, otherwise…
    everyone else vs arty. we can see you everywhere, but you are behind hardcover. err… counter arty argh! you cant shoot and relocate as you’re always seen. first 3 mins is all about counter arty until you or their arty is dead. better accuracy? counter arty is so going to kill you. anyone else was always smashing you anyway
    which tanks to play : Conqueror Gun Carriage, its high arc is going to kill enemy tanks anywhere behind hardcover with super accuracy

    meds/hvys : more power to weight. just better accel all round. more accurate. shoot weakspots all round. its a clusterfck. you’re flanking e100s who are traversing faster, you are penning kravagen weakspots and they are penning yours. expect more ultimate hull down/sidescraping tanks with no weakspots on the best ridge/corner to dominate
    which tanks to play : most tanks that are not glass cannons like leopard, something with small weakspot turret armor, can use the power 2 weight, and inaccurate guns like the 430U will be laughing. or any russian tank for that matter. ha ha ha.

    so all those tier 8 tank that are flat track bullys, strong against equal tiers but weak vs higher tiers? yeah, they might be worth a spin. crysler? progetto is going to be sick. defender? O-I?

    such a shame its only tier 8+ i would love this feature of lower tiers _just because_ you dont see the tier 8 premium tank f*** fest in your tier 6 and 7s

  20. Send motovlogs

  21. All I am saying is… E50M or KV-5 ram fest with the mobility buff…..

  22. T92 HMC with AP shells or IS-7 full speed

  23. Of COURSE it has to come when my family is coming over. XD so i bet i won’t play the 1st two weeks..daaam

  24. TehButterflyEffect

    Sounds like the first mode is going to be FV4005 mode.

    Seems more like an April 1st game mode than anything else. They seem to have a wry awareness that we hate the RNG in this game, but they are ramping it up even more. Why?

  25. TehButterflyEffect

    Oof why that line? They are horrible, horrible tanks after the Comet. Both the 8 and 9 made me want to uninstall.

  26. World of Tanks: Opposite Day Mode

  27. I think the best thing about this is the +/-0 MM. The rest will be a total clown show.

  28. Wot should fix the match maker and rng instead of distracting players with bs like this.

  29. The last thing this game needs is modes with MORE RNG.

  30. Limón Martínez Ulises

    Tell me a game is dead AF, whitout actually telling me the game is dead AF.

  31. What next. WoT Rocket League? Fix the damn matchmaker!

  32. What a complete load of shit. I would prefer WG work on fixing the current game, bring in new maps and fixing old maps.

  33. @TehButterflyEffect partly because my grandfather was a commander of one. But holy are they terrible. Not sure what other line to even go down

  34. You must ask yourself what is the real purpose behind this

  35. Wanna try out the Grille with the +-75% just to see if the average damage goes down below 300. I mean 750 alpha yet it hits in the 600 range 7 out of 10 times (at least for me).

  36. Oh I know….arty & all but…Obj 261 carries 20 shells. Railgun? It’ll be out of shells in minutes. On a normal match if you fire as soon as possible every shot, user will be out of shells in under 10 minutes.

  37. cath an ebr that goes twice as fast

  38. Would wish that WT E100 comes back to the techtree. A BC 25 can also clip out a tier 10. So I’m see no reason, to WT E100 out of WoT. The WT E100 has instead of the BC and other meds no camo and also not block any shots, because WT E100 has no armor and arty can do hard damage to him

  39. instead of doing stupid shit like this, how about they fix mm bring new maps and balance what you have

  40. This music always remind me a advertisement

  41. Roland Yancy Dorol

    skoda t56 is totally broken and the tornvagn is still shit

  42. So casino game will be even more casino game. Wonderful. The big question is: how much time and money WG spent on this next totally useless game “mod” ? Honestly, what kind of braindead monkey’s work for WG when they get ideas like this and then some (even more stupid) CEO approves this…

  43. This game is getting ever more childish.
    What I wanted to see is the exact opposite. Current game mechanics without the RNG.

  44. All its really done it put a larger highlight on the poor tank balance and MM

  45. strv with 0.01 dispersion

  46. Utterly ridiculous. What did they smoke at WG HQ?
    This is exactly the opposite of what people are asking for. The game is already arcadey enough.
    Unless they offer some crazy good rewards, I am not even gonna touch it…
    Perhaps the resources could have been spent wiser.

  47. Game is now so broken that they are making RNG into a game mode. Instead of getting trolled by random RNG you now get it as a special feature. Next thing they will be selling improved RNG in the shop.

  48. You saw the new Italian TD at 4:44 in your video.
    ELC is really bad in this mode. Any super heavy tank with some speed is great.

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