LOL, Tier 8 & 9 will enjoy Object 780! | World of Tanks Object 780 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 780, New Tier Heavy Tank in The New Assembly Shop Event.

The short waiting time is over, Object 780 has been released and the matchmaking was not ready for this… 😛
Let's take a look what it has to offer!

What do you think about all of this?


  1. man i only could get to 43% with the bonds i got im sad

  2. I can reach 57% max, 64% if I was willing to spend the gold, which I’m not lol. No tank for me.

  3. I think this tank is actually quite acceptable tbh. Yeah yeah yeah, another hull down tank. Just the hull is not too bullshit to pen, especially the shoulder part. And it don’t have super high pen HEAT and have a cupola that is not pixel size. Also if you have like 340 pen you can just smack through the turret. Most Tier 10 tank should be able to deal with it.

    • And the weakspot is only like 205mm thick against AP, so even most tier 8 tanks can go through it with standard ammo a lot of the time. Most tier 10 tanks have weakspots thick enough where you have to fire gold as a tier 8 to even have a chance of penetrating them.

  4. So we should stick to low tiers now?

  5. I got 026 – but i used bonds as i never use bonds so had a couple of them laying, i think that’s why i could sprint through checkout

  6. Adriaan van Vuuren

    Unfortunately i am still very much short on receiving the regular one, because the unique styled one is already completely sold out. So yay…

  7. I got 2130 on Asia server with only 5,000 numbered and 10,000 standard but 695 nice

  8. What happens if you commit resources and they run out of tanks?

  9. who will buy it? No lifers…

  10. TopkoBeits Production

    Got a number 12340 pretty happy about it

  11. ridiculous p2w

  12. Jaromir Szewczyk

    T100lt on steroids

  13. Guys do I understand correctly, that all tanks were sold already? I’m on the break right now from WOT and I saw this “event” today, but looks like it’s almost a copy of black market rush?

  14. This new LT-100 looks stonks

  15. Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh

    Wot is a joke

  16. I look down on everyone who spent all their currencies buying this, yet another object russian heavy tank that they arent gonna play a week later.

  17. At around 10:00h CEST, I was able to kill my 1st Obj. 780 with my E75 with top-gun and standart rounds.

  18. Buying only for gold requires 200 euros, no thanks

  19. At this point heavy tanks should be considered MBTs.

  20. Its not overpowered tbh (compared to Chief, 279 and Kran). Its only really strong when full-hull down. Gold shells pen his upper plate, he cant sidescrape and 2050 HP is low for a T10 heavy.

    I just met one in Ensk with my E100 and killed him in 4 shots. But yeah f2p players will struggle against it.

  21. Zoltán Horváth

    Yeah another tier X shit for experienced player… Make the game more shitty.

  22. Finaly! we can finaly buy tier 10 vehicles instantly, the moment we have all been waiting for!

  23. Soon they will be gone into the whales garages and seeing a number will be rare

  24. Nice, another dominant tank for the top percent of players already farming the poor and the casual..

  25. Fast: Check
    Armoured: Check
    High Damage: Check
    Troll armour: Check

    I’m so glad I stopped playing this game, just watching WG add this shit and seeing the powercreep getting wildly out of control is a joke.

  26. It pains me to see a game i loved that dearly being in such a sorry state. I have personally stopped playing for two years with the occasional Christmas or marathon here and there. I enjoy much more WoWs. There the tier 8s can do meaningful damage against tier 10s even though that game has serious issues as well. I still hope to see mm tweaks or balancing news in the game page but it’s a non ending stream of premium tank adds…

  27. Are they all gone on NA servers already?

  28. Next bullshit made by WG.
    It sucks that you support this

  29. Michael Polesensky

    Soo, it’s a tier x PREMIUM tank rigt? Wow I love classist games that cater to the ultra rich with disposable income.

  30. yea more soviet bull shit tanks.

  31. genius though by WG, make people waste all their resources for a tank.

  32. actually its not that strong. turret can be penetrated with prem or some normal rounds, side armor is bad, side of the turret is bad, mid cupholder is bad.

  33. Jacinto Palomino

    I have 5069 in NA as number.

  34. 695= 69’s 😉

  35. It’s like is 7 but more worse. Nothing special.

  36. Sadly wg did cleaning of servers, so I had no more time to get that tank with number… Why wg? Why are you writing 7:00 CET if it is actually 7 and some minutes

  37. guys its only shot at the cupola ….

  38. Just another op tank to ruin the game further

  39. what did it cost? EVERYTHING.

  40. Astrologuers declare week of plague of 780s
    780s population DOUBLES

  41. already managed to set one on fire…

  42. Cool ! First tier 11 premium russian heavy tank ! Seriouslly this is the most coldwar to modern tanks desing i ever see in wot.

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