LONG 88MM at 5.7 BR – Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger (War Thunder 1.71 Tanks)

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LONG 88MM at 5.7 BR – Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger (War Thunder 1.71 Tanks)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/643787/en/


  1. phly phly! true commander challenge!
    call a friend and let him be your driver while you
    handle the gun or vice versa.
    Easy right?
    three conditions
    1. you only can use three and two crew tanks
    2. it has to be someone who haven’t played warthunder before
    3. swicht places everytime you die

    Show us the value of a experienced commander 🙂
    attempt 4

  2. Draigan A halo Ultra fan

    M2a2 + b29

  3. mter fking I 16 TYPE 10

  4. Phly, It’s time. Take out the maus into 8.7. Good luck

  5. No tank intro?

  6. Smoking Kills take out a tank with turret mounted smoke grenades and get at least 2 kills
    Attempt #2

  7. Attempt 2 at asking you about this fly can you please play the American T-28 pls

  8. how was the second kill a hull break, the cannon breach took all of the shot

  9. yay WT has a waffle tractor now

  10. Looked like fun.

  11. Could you play with the T114? I find it sexy and awesome

  12. lol a honda civic has more horsepower

  13. Take out the fortress s of the land and sky: the T-35 and the TB-3. Attempt 27


  14. Home Island defense combo. Ho-Ri and Ki-109 75mm Ground targets Attempt #2

  15. German combo:
    CL-13A Sabre Mk.5 – mKPz M47 – Flakpanzer I Gepard

  16. Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter

    Omg can you stop screaming….

  17. I played this map for the first time last night phly and is Sherman and I climb the mountain on your right when you first started in the big one and let me tell you holy sniper the enemy team didn’t stand a chance

  18. Golden velocity Raptor

    Cunt nugget

  19. Wish i can play with Phly T_T

  20. Only take out the king tiger plzzzz??????

  21. Phly getting revenge on that plane was hella sweet, devil was probably like ” HA YA GOT TO GREEDY!”

  22. Yak 9p?? Russian bias

  23. Hey Phly, can you take out the Ho Ni Prototype? For the Emperor!

    Attempt #1

  24. Welcome to the Worst German tank they have ever added

  25. Hey Phly, new challenge for you:
    On the new Fulda map place next to one of the decorative tanks that are everywhere on the map (using the appropriate tank) and pretend to be one of them!
    Take them by surprise and be sneaky!

  26. K-391 – Everybody [NCS Release] The official and much beloved opening theme song of PhlyDaily!
    May its notes forever evoke feelings of anticipation and excitement as we trundle along the ground and fly through the skies!

  27. Oh my gosh Phly, this was awesome and a bit ridiculous too. That safe on Japan though, awesome flying. Thanks for all the cool content man. Btw, that “ass out first” tactics, I used it a lot in WoT and it seems to work nicely here, too.

  28. Waffeltrager

  29. Nicole & Lukas & Rinna

    dat p47..
    is an idiot

  30. I’m new to this game, what does “hull break” mean? His first kill in this vid said it and I was just curious.

  31. Bollocks doesn’t sound right coming from an American…

  32. How can I zoom in when flying in a plane, how can I set it?

  33. Phlydaily if you read this. I think those are called cherry blossom trees. And great video by the way

  34. Last moment is the best 😀

  35. I s2g Baron and devil are the same person holy shit.

  36. liked that kill at the end

  37. Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    *Ah yes the Waffentrager, the Waffle on tracks* 😀

  38. The mighty Waffletractor.

  39. Would love to see the t114 getting its abit of stick but I like using it possible game play vid ?

  40. Phly, try to get a kill in BR 7.0 – 8.0 with a T-60 or a M2A2

  41. “Pull out before you think you need to” *Not even a second later* “Oh fuck”

  42. 5.7?
    That’s ridiculous!

  43. 5:05
    The talent of an Ace pilot

  44. someone plz give golden eagles plz

  45. wtf is su-100’s 85

  46. You cuntnugget.

  47. lol an amx ELC bis with modified 88 mm gun???

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