LONG 88MM DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR ARMOR | Nashorn TD (War Thunder Tanks)

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LONG 88MM DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR ARMOR | Nashorn TD (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. I think you need more time to sleep phly. ?

  2. I’m pretty certain captured vehicles aren’t allowed in sim matches for that very reason. I know certain decals aren’t allowed

  3. Oh Fly daily kann ein bisschen Deutsch das ist Schön

  4. Evil Professor Squirrel

    can you please play the new german tank vt1-2

  5. How do i hide this channel from my recommended? Even the titles are cancer

    • Breezy Mods Click the column of three dots next to the recommended video, click on “Not Interested”, click on “Tell us why”, select “Not Interested in this Channel”. Done deal.

  6. Glad to see botime gaming get into your recomends for the Nashorn

  7. Sucks that phly still has yet to discover the budget elefant that is the panzer IV/70 V. Who plays the A variant but not the infinity better V variant???

  8. How do you always look at the good things, even when you die. You are very skilled.

  9. First match, if you had driven strait south, you would have intersected with the woods road that goes right up to the sniper spot, and you get 100% cover most of the way.

  10. Phly, please play with the M41 again
    It’s been 4 years since you last suffered with it
    *Attempt 14*

  11. im the only one pronounce nashorn not nas horn?

  12. If you see this german tank just hide when he shoots you you are 100% dead

  13. well well mr. my comments are all the same, can you answer this? does the chinese tech tree have any original tanks?

  14. Blue eyes white power

    Phly: *talks about hiw the super pershing can stop a long 88 fromt the front*

    I can personally attest to the fact that that is indeed false my friend

  15. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Please play the Sturer Emil instead! It’s 5.0 now and “dunk” on Jumbos and KV-1’s!

  16. 0:28 can we get an F for BAtlantic’s 200 something attempts?


  17. at 12:13 in your video… Vulcan? or something with similar size and cycle rate?

  18. Well you have never played the FW 190 f8 and kagdpanzer IV 70 so please play it attempt 20 ot something cause long since i commented last on This after many other Also wanted it and it never happened so please play ot sometime in the near future.

  19. 5.7 BR is the best BR

  20. Sebastian Gerner Berthou H9C Skovvang

    Hey phly, i asked before and i ask again can you do a solo video on the Sd.Kfz. 140/1 it is a master of its BR and i never seen you play it though people tells me that you have in livestreams

  21. OVERKILL CHALLENGE: Battle box 4 Pe-8s and DECIMATE the enemy team with 40k lbs of ordinance
    Attempt #1

  22. Is it me or are the new explosion SFX really tinny compared to before? I don’t like em

  23. Try the Russian premium anti air at 3.something

  24. The chalky tracks comes from multiple vehicles driving on the same path and it grinds the soil into dust

  25. Phly doesn’t use Dark Mode for YouTube? That’s a yikes from me man 😉

  26. The last shot was brilliant! It’s very hard to time an oscillating shot with a moving target and an obstruction inbound. Sweet!

  27. Play VT1-2!!!

  28. Why didn’t you ask those who speed comment and like their own comment on every video you upload because getting a heart from you is the only form a reprieve and warmth that they feel in this lonely, cold, hard world to raise their hands?

  29. When i saw this comment where the guy is asking you to get 100 bucks i laughed so loud that my coullege who is in the other room called me on pohne that everything is ok with me 😀

  30. How could you see that avenger, cheater!

  31. *raises hand 3 times*

  32. Full squad of fv4005’s
    Death Star X 4

  33. Loving the unloved please Phly
    I-16 type 10 (you’ve never featured one) please include some historical information.

  34. Any one actually raise their hand at some point? I did.

  35. Finally, the dude who keeps spamming about sim battles can just please calm down.

  36. Check out the new assemble yourself German tank destroyer. It is insane by the way.

  37. Deutsche Ingenieurskunst!

  38. “Ich mag Nashörner” ?

  39. At 21:14 – UUmm.. Herr Commandant you got a hole in your shoulder. – Meh, it’s just a fleshwound. 😀

  40. Thot Provoking Ideology

    Potato Pancakes are the best way to keep the reptilians away from your cole slaw but only on Tuesdays during a leap year.

  41. Phly play the tortise?


  43. Hey phly, would u be interested in doing a Ferdinand video? I’m debating between ferd and jag. But leaning towards ferd

  44. you think some of that sounds nice? some of the explosions sound like cap guns….

  45. Hey this music, all think that Germany is only Bavaria?

  46. Ur profile lol, I got spooked. Well done
    12:12 You farted?!What the Phlying hell was that Sound?I get sound bugs recently but I have never heard something like this lmao

  47. 12:13

    Is that the old epic sound mod for the dual mustang’s guns ( I cannot remember its name: f82?) ??
    That sounded like the a10 gun run too.

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