LONG LIVE PHLYDAILY | I’m Back With Channel Update!

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War Thunder Napalm has less purpose than male nipples.



  2. dusky gaming universe

    Hello phly, I’ve actually never shared a comment with you and well that surprises me considering how long I’ve watched the mayhem you unleash but today i come with a challenge you’ve probably never seen, a day ago i entered a match as Russia at 6.7 in simulator battles, i achieved 7 confirmed kills in a IS-2, i challenge you the great master to achice one or more kills with the is-2 1944 in simulator, but anyways besides that I’d say you’ve been a great mentor to me, i watched your videos 2 years before i began playing and now I’ve played for 5 years! I hope one day i can join you in a video and share my little bit of chaos with the man who brought ke into the first game i was actually good at.

  3. Phly, I thought you died.

  4. Hope your family is doing ok
    and welcome back

  5. Fuckin hell yeah this guy is back life still good

  6. Yeaaaah Phlys back!

  7. The FL10 now has a Sherman A1 chassis

  8. The lancaster grand slamm can be a low teir nuke

  9. i’m so glad u are back

  10. chevalier knight

    “Its owned by a chines company” thats a pass for me then i dont support the Chinese military .

  11. By chance i also returned to war thunder….
    And jeez they moved quite a bit around.

  12. please fly the p26

  13. wdym?? Is that funny?

  14. Good to have YUO back phly

  15. Blade_WingedWolf

    10:30 OBIWAN??

  16. Thought you had covid and died but welcome back anyhow.

  17. enjoy the moment cause it’s not last long

  18. Hey Phly! Please play a free account and streamline to the fastest Teir X vehicle. I want to watch you suffer

  19. dont touch anyting chinese, its bad for your health

  20. You know you’re kinda like secure team you should check him out he’s cool.

  21. Odd his bday was previous week to i think, celebrate him tooo!!

  22. Play the aus abram

  23. The Funny monkey

    You should make a video with all the blitzkrieg vehicles/tanks and planes

  24. play the A4 early with napalm xddddddd

  25. Did you got the wax ? I hope not.

  26. I hate that you play this game as same as WOT, 1 tank only. Play with a lineup !
    If you die play with AA or smt., dont just quit

  27. You were gone?

  28. welcome back Steve 😀 we missed you dude ! <3

  29. does toast count as a home made meaL?

  30. please t55am1 please

  31. Manuelito Noveda

    Good to see you back again phly, i hope you family is alright. Good luck and God bless you

  32. I think you don’t want to go to Sweden just for a dinner. Little faraway

  33. congratz from a big phan… 😉

  34. oh
    so you lived.

  35. So Are we phly, so are we.

  36. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    picture of banks looks like a pc baby from south park

  37. I wish RB has an option of pure tank only matches. The planes have ruined the game for me. I no longer respawn now as after my first death the planes are just too cancerous and triple A is so nerfed they can’t do anything.

  38. lets go! its not Phly Monthly anymore
    keep up the work Steve!
    luv ya

  39. We know hes a giga chad when he brings a full load of ammo

  40. Navyfield is where it all began for me with war games. Navyfield, then world of tanks, then war thunder

  41. Phly could you play the Lim 5p an smoke the enemy team and n the name in the fatherland

  42. Love ya Phly am here from your start and still watch every single video

  43. We missed you phly!

  44. Lately… I have seen a lot of IS 6 thingy’s we all know that thing is broken AF so now i want to see wat a good player can do in it

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