Long-serving tanks / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Sooner or later, any piece of hardware becomes obsolete, and combat vehicles are no exception. With the arrival of new weapons, armour and more sophisticated technologies, all vehicles inevitably come to a point when they have to be phased out. With that said, some of them remain in service for many decades, sometimes despite the fact that they had a fair share of flaws when they were first introduced. Today we’re going to about those long-lasting veterans: vehicles that can still kick some serious butt despite their age.



  1. What about the Type 75 sph it was from The mid 70s to 2016

  2. Gaijin deliberately advertising bmp2m, because other imbalanced squadron vehicles gave them much profit, while breakimg the flow of the game. Shame.
    Good research on tanks usage tho.

  3. How about the strangley upgraded Stuart’s from Brazil

  4. Indonesian still using amx-13-90 for their light tank

  5. A t34 tank will always beat the challenger 2 gun.

  6. so he said people republic of china, implying that (at least the western part of gaijins team) they believe taiwan is country

  7. ‘Elder abuse’

  8. Ya forgot the Leopard 1!

  9. The M48 hits different, especially with the German one with the 90mm having a direct counterpart in the American tree, yet having a lower BR. They perform about the same, yet the German gets a lower BR? Makes sense. Just like how the Jagdpanther and the T20 are at the same BR because they’re obviously of equal value.

  10. The ISU-152 was in service from WW2 until the 80s, where some were used to clear out structures in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

  11. Gaijin. You should add the British AS-90 SPA to war thunder

  12. The centurion was produced and intended for use in 1945 not 1946 which technically makes it a WW2 tank still in service

  13. The R3T20, it was been seen before 1939 killing biplanes and KV2, T34

  14. The A-10 Warthog is a perfect example of this

  15. Gaijin – I love this game. i invested time and money – why cant you fix the VR?! Its now over a month that it keeps on crashing after like 15-20min. Get it fixed!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  16. The One True Mario

    1:43 Bring that map back Gaijin!!!!

  17. Since we’re talking about positively ancient tanks on a modern battlefield, when will we get the X1A2 Brazilian Stuart, Gaijin?

  18. Someone just leaked classified documents to prove that some tank was unrealistic.

  19. Would be nice to see what WW2 tanks would look like if they were modernized

  20. UHHHH, the leopard 1 it may have been came out in 1965 but is still used massively across Europe in support roles and in its export countries.

  21. I think this vidio forget about T-55, T-55 is still used in few afrika nation, north korea

  22. IIRC There ace countries in south America that still had modified Chaffees and Stuarts in service not so many years ago surely those would be the longest serving.

  23. Ironic because most Soviet vehicles during WW2 and shortly after were almost single use, they were intended to be produced easily, cheap, and able to be maintained in the field. Just proves that intelligent engineering beats complexity and over-engineering.

  24. hi, have you ever play War thunder i know your face. and your voice is good but why you don’t play War thunder with me.

  25. by the way my name is WarThunderfanboy. that kinda weird but it fine for you right??

  26. Tbh I was expecting to see an AMX 13

  27. real veteran here is t90ms who is actually a t64 with slapped on era
    like rest of the russian tanks
    but you wouldnt say that would you russian company

  28. 3:16 dope shot there WT!

  29. Yo guy I took out a is 1 or 2nwith my m4 Sherman not the m4a2 or the m4a1 just the m4

  30. how could you forget the ISU-152s used in the Syrian civil war…

  31. They missed m48 patton

  32. Hi I have a question: I’m on Xbox and I really really really like the m60 tanks and I really try to collect them however I wasn’t able to get the m60 ambt. Will there be any way in the future that I can get one?


    you forgot the panzer 4

  34. 1:16 trully reLIEable

  35. Dentorian lest a senturi

  36. where is the strv m/38?

  37. Curious Entertainment

    Imagine making a vehicle combat simulator game that is so bad at accuracy that it drives a player to divulge state secrets about a nations main battle tank just to make the game more accurate.

  38. Member of the oompaville shungite cult

    The Sherman’s are just amazing

  39. You forgot about the Panzer 4. It served for a few years in Syria.

  40. There is a reason why many nations use older tanks since a tank is better then no tank.

  41. its off topic but how they come up with archer man

    i mean bruv why reverse turret

  42. Don Charles Reyes

    If it lasted for more than 30 years, it means it is really powerful and reliable.

  43. Argentina and Uruguay still have M4s in active service, if im not mistaken.

  44. how about the updated stuard used by brazil

  45. Leopard 1?

  46. Suprisingly a good number of M24 Chaffee and 37mm M2 still in operational within South American countries.

  47. leopard????????

  48. will no one mention the Laos T34-100?

  49. Fun fact: M43 is still in service in Turkish Gendarme Forces.

  50. the only obsolete thing here is your game/

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