Longest Awaited Premium Buffs + Fronline | World of Tanks Update 1.14 Review

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks AMX CDC and T34 Buffed, Premium Tank Buffs in Update 1.14. World of Tanks Frontline 2021 Gameplay. 1.14 Patch Review – Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, Premium Tank Rebalance, New Map Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Mission Changes and More.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 T34 Buffs
01:40 AMX CDC Buffs
02:35 Annoucement
04:37 AMX & T34 Gameplay on Frontline
24:20 Features in Frontline
26:35 Announcement Details and Conclusion

Official Update 1.14 Patch Notes Article: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/1-14-CT1/

Today I am going to show you 2 premium tanks, which WG buffed with Update 1.14. One of the most awaited buffs to the T34 and AMX CDC.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. So what do you think about those buffs, need more? Didn’t need them at all? Also, what is your opinion on Frontline!?
    GL in the premium tank GA here: https://gleam.io/Gwq1A/10-years-anniversary-part-1 🔥
    Have a nice day, much love!
    00:00 Introduction
    00:45 T34 Buffs
    01:40 AMX CDC Buffs
    02:35 Annoucement
    04:37 AMX & T34 Gameplay on Frontline
    24:20 New Features in Frontline
    26:35 Announcement Details and Conclusion

    • @taylor Orange I can’t agree with you.T32 have overall better armor.Overall with exception of gun alfa/pene/accuracy is in all better.Better armor,mobility,view range.Why?Because in patch 1.10 has considerably
      buffed all gun characteristics.Why T34 can’t get the same buff.

    • @taylor Orange It would make the tank better but not OP. Its big weak spot in todays game, in most situations might as well not have armor. And going hull down currently means little as the turret top is still an easy target. Slow tanks with big weak spots on top are kind of a joke now. And as the op mentioned, its still slow with a big weak spot on its head.

    • dahypster718 suddernpride

      Another way WG makes tier 8 to have to shoot gold at tier 9
      to pen

    • Richard Pretorius

      they should have left Fline as it where , my opinion , the buffs are always welcome.
      username : RPS_gunner
      server : NA

    • long waiting for T34 and FrontLine mode…cant wait..see you in FL…. than

      ID :penusukjiwa
      server : asia HK

  2. I dislike frontline so I don’t care. egara_defender from EU

  3. Robert von Schumann

    I like the old Frontline…
    Username: ObivanKenobi
    Server: EU

  4. Next FL will be with T10 reward tanks. Just you wait

    Username: Kurusk16
    Server: EU

  5. I have never played front line before so i look forward to giving it a go, it might be a nice change from Randoms.
    Username: Dimmak
    Server: EU

  6. Not the biggest fan of a Frontline mode, but still think introducing the tier 9 will reduce the possibility for earning as much silver as before, but this is the wargaming goal so..
    Username: Sexy_Angel
    Server: EU

  7. I think it didn’t changed much, still same game experience.
    Username: Orljavac
    Server: EU

  8. U: Kirstar
    S: EU

    I like frontline but I am nt sure putting tier 9 tanks in the game will make it better. Why not have a seperate tier 9 FL game.

  9. Mixing Tier VIII and IX on Frontline is ruining the fun (once again). Those tiers should be separate.
    Username: Freya261
    Server: EU

  10. I can’t wait for frontline.
    name: spiritx
    server: EU

  11. Cant wait to experience 15-1 simulator in Frontlines as well…
    Username: Teatimeh
    Server: EU

  12. Again this hurts F2P and minimum spenders. If you just want to make credits or advance in the tech trees, this change will hurt you. Again WG made a fix, that nobody asked for.
    Username: Warchaplain
    Server: EU

  13. I like the frontline gamemode but it’s kinda weird that tier 9 tanks will be included as well

  14. Kroxigorman or Dom

    I’ve never played frontline, probably still won’t. I’m stuck in my ways, it’s standard random battles only for me 😂
    Username: RaikouTheDestroyer
    Server: EU

  15. Nickname: bade01
    Server: EU

  16. Never really liked frontline to begin with. Now that all reward tanks are part of battlepass, I don’t think I will play FL.
    Nick: Wokkes
    Server: EU

  17. I still won’t play frontline. The premium buffs for T34 and CDC look good though. The pref mm premiums they added 10mm pen to however need more love. Username InfernoJack server EU.

  18. I think that tier 9 is too much and i really dont like this, i hope it won’t be a thing in the future.
    Server: EU
    Username: NNSRB2005

  19. I dont really like the fact that they added tier 9 to frontline, it should be tier 8 only.
    Username: Mirza0602

  20. Haven’t played much frontline, but tier 9 could bring unbalance
    Username: CC387
    Server: EU

  21. Frontline should have stayed at tier 8 only. Not smart decision to make it like this
    Name: Sky_Pig117
    Server: eu

  22. The buffs are nice but tier 9s in frontline I dont think I like it. I think average and below will strugle a lot against alot of reward tier 9 vehicles.
    Username Aszen1
    Server EU

  23. Hay.

    Its Nice that finaly we have somthing to use our tier 9 tanks for.
    But I should be sepersted so FL8 and FL9.
    Boris_Melikov [_KSF_] EU

  24. Frontline should only be tier 8. Username: dizzyd – server EU

  25. I can just imagine 30 Kpz 50ts and Chat Futurs defending the last cap point or the turret … and it feels baaad man :/
    Username: Ubiozmiec
    Server: EU

  26. Insane new update, the only bad thing is that now they added +1 MM even in frontline and not everyone will aford the tier 9s, or they simply dont have any in the garage
    In game name: GopnikTanker
    Server: EU

  27. I have been waiting for T34 buff for years, and now it is buffed. Buffed? On paper… I didn’t see any serious changes. Its speed is the same, slow, very slow.
    Username: Milko0501
    Server: EU

  28. Frontline should be only tier 8
    Username: Drbevam
    Server: EU

  29. What if we can unlock tier 10 in front line lmao
    Username: tosteDX
    Server : EU

  30. Not happy having tier 9 in frontlines it was a special part of wot equal tier and a chance to rebuild credits 80smetalguy NA server

  31. Marcus Freestone

    I love varyag and its minefield in steel hunter , so I’m going to dominate with the minefield in this game mode .
    Username :47marcus
    Server : EU

  32. Why they added the t9 at frontline ?
    No it should be only t8 for more fun
    Username: kamov123
    server EU

  33. Frontline should stick to tier 8. Other buffs ok
    Username howard9417
    server eu

  34. Ekaterina Petrova

    Its gonna be much more interesting with this update,because you have more tank’s to use 🙂
    Server: EU

  35. thanks for the video Dez.. I would love if there are only tier 8 and no tier 9 😑

    server: Asia
    Id: leoabhish

  36. Never played Frontline before, I don’t even have 5k games under my belt😂. Heard it’s a great credit making game mode, hope it helps with my t10 purchases in the future.
    Username: KAOS_Legione_9
    Server: Asia

  37. Not very excited with the t9s, but we will see. At least combat reserve changes seems good and I got no problem with them.
    DoomHerald, EU.

  38. even though i dont have a tier 8 yet, i dont like the way they are putting tier 9 in.


    server: asia

  39. Frontline should be available for tier VIII only.
    Username: Rade_Luka
    Server: EU

  40. Tier 9s in frontlines is going to be so cancer to the game mode, frontlines should only be for tier 8s
    Username: raprap272
    Server: Hong Kong

  41. no t9 in FL pls or seperate t8-t9 MM… the combat reserves are nerved in some way, but the biggest issue? it no longer allows free choice of play, wot is again pushing tank type into specific usecases. THere are big differences in game play of slow/strong/fast tanks of every type which demands different combat reserves.
    username: duploxxx
    server: EU

  42. The introduction of tier 9 was not needed as frontline was good without them. The buffs are fine and happy to finally see them happen.

    Name – WarHero20
    server – Na

  43. This will be my first time playing Frontline, looking forward to it.

    Username: woohooter84
    Server: NA

  44. Tier IX doesnt belong in FL, and this is non negotiable in my opinion.
    Username: The_Meme_Team
    Server: NA

  45. I don’t really think Tier 9s in Frontline are a good idea. Also, I doubt these AMX CDC buffs are sufficient.

    Username: Lord_Magus
    Server: NA

  46. Carl Victor Schuhmacher

    Hmm while its nice seeing tier 9’s having a chance at a gamemode where they matter more is great but i think it would be better if there werr seperate frontline queues. One with only Tier 8 tanks and the other with only Tier 9 tanks. But tbh the buffs for the T34 and the CDC look fantastic if i can say so.

    Username: EnderC4rl
    Server region: EU

  47. I’m excited for the new frontlines I feel like the tier9s will make for some decent changes in momentum of battle. The T34 “buffs” are super disappointing though…the T34 has 1600dpm. That’s by far the worst and they didn’t even touch its reload that’s what the T34 needs more than anything is better DPM
    NA Server Kriptyc421

  48. I can’t help but feel like WG find ways to over complicate things. Maybe this Frontline will be fun, It’s really hard to say. I’m just glad I have a bunch of tier 9s to play.

    IGN: Darkbee2Bee
    Server: NA

  49. Have been playing this game for 6 years and I have never played frontline. But it looks amazing, really waiting for the next patch to play it !
    Username : Thomastar6
    Server : EU

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