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IJN Kongo gameplay in naval EC (Enduring Confrontation) mode. This is my first time playing in naval EC. Also I’ll be using IJN Shimakaze.
War Thunder “Wind Of Change” update, Naval tree gameplay. Enjoy!



Intro: Mercury 2 – Midnight Run

Background: You’re Streets Behind – The New Fools
Transhumanism – ELFL
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom
Out of Left Field – The New Fools
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Wel I had only 3 battles in Naval EC before it got closed. I haven’t tried all what it has to offer, but I had fun. I feel like this mode has so much potential if they keep developing. At least for blue water navy. No idea why gaijin keeps naval ec hidden most of the time. Seems like a loy of people enjoy it. They could just make it available during the weekends. Also Kongo is the beast💪🏻 😎

  2. When will people stop with this absurd rear driving 40.000 ton battleship?By the time it will start going back,you could have covered quite a distance and manuever to evade enemy gun salvos,sll while going full flank.


    Recently I killed an chi ri 2 with an m8 hmc 😂😂😂

  4. naval looks good with all them top boats whatever then i see the repair cost of em being 30k and up im like nah im good

  5. Ahahaha bonjour de la France, la Tour Eiffel n’est pas visible de cet endroit de la mer 🤣

  6. What is Naval EC?
    Haven’t played for quite some time

  7. Professional Bandit

    War Thunder has to make a mode that includes tanks, air, and ships that’s nation vs nation. A little similar to campaign mode in Rising Storm 2

  8. This is what EC looks like for sim but instead of being in a plane, you’re in a ship on the ground. A massive map with a series of objectives to complete. The bombers and surveillance plane are for planes to shoot down while the capture of ports is for ships. Usually the ports would be captured by AI since you cant take ships into air EC. At least in theory, in reality there’s shore defenses in air sim that sink the AI ships before they really get a chance to do anything. However, that is why there’s all the objectives and the reason why the map is so big.

  9. 9:28 The IJN capital ships were sinister looking as all fhug.
    Too bad they were based on outdated US / European designs.

  10. Love the enduring confrontation for naval. wish it was around more.

  11. Funny video as always.

  12. Ryouji Plays Games

    Oh look, fast battle ship Kongo. In war thunder. It is possible.

  13. We need tank EC

  14. Giuseppe Montisci

    WW2 Online… You can try it free. Are a real time multiplayer with Ground/Air/Sea troops combined. I play it. Become free on steam some years ago with some base free units. A big map like real life. This game is very low style but really accurate and you need people to play it right.
    You can play it like another virtual life becouse they haven’t “matchs” but only orders to attack/defend you can join or leave when you want… The battle, the real players, (the entire live map) just continue the battle.

    Just a tip, not a spam 👍🏻

  15. Hey. I think gaijin has fucked up something so that your decal is invisible. I can’t see my decal on any tanks but phly dailys decal works!!

  16. Man I’m upset that I missed this. I suck at naval but Kongo is pure sex.

  17. LoL players: *”Pathetic”*

  18. Traditional Shima gameplay there LUL Just as in WoWs, Shima main players xD

  19. Można jak najbardziej

  20. 7:41 how did you change the gun i m new at ship and i don t know how to do that

  21. love the American psycho bit at the end hahah

  22. the outro <3

  23. i love crewisers and torpedois

  24. Niiiice! ^_____^

  25. How do you do ze voice wich says ” no it wouldn’t” in min 3:27

  26. I wish naval was fun to me

  27. 3:53 Tor- what boy?

  28. Those fucking bunkers are indestructible

  29. you’d probably make some hilarious air ab/rb content daddy plesi ;D

  30. dollar a lot of vehicles mostly spaa’s such as the wirbelwind the kugelblitz and the falcon have gotten their rounds nerfed while some other such as the m19 and the r3 have gotten theirs buffed (r3 from 53 to 59)

  31. Best wtp ever

  32. I played a 3 hour long game of ec yesterday and got 50k experience without boosters on a loose but i have prem too so it would be still 25k and ec is still playable

  33. Only rookies play for such short hours! I play an average of 11hrs and my longest is 68hrs 40mins

  34. glad someone finally plays naval and does a vid

  35. You should try the Nashorn

  36. My friend why you removed all HELLO 2018 videos? 🙁

  37. gave you support ❤

  38. Good sir, is your voice the love child of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  39. Wish you could complete daily tasks in these. By the time i’m done with them, i don’t feel like playing EC anymore. They should just count 20 or 30 min playtime on EC as 1 normal match for the tasks, this way they do not have to adapt the tasks to EC.

  40. serious question if anyone can answer. how do i get my camera to follow my shells? i tried everything

  41. The D point is back (only in that mode 🙁

  42. Renchindash Otgonhkuu

    This guy always surprises me with this new songs gotta say youre tha man

  43. One thing I really hate about the Japanese ships is how a lot of them only has HE

  44. I play sims and some matches I am 3 hours playing
    Normally bombing
    In top tier

  45. 19:10 I laughed so hard haha🤣🤣 Love your vids💯👏

  46. Even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the gameplay of naval, I do appreciate how the game really makes you understand why generals tend to close the gap even when they theoretically would be advantageous at longer distance.
    You simply can’t expect to hit shit that at 20km+

  47. man we really need these outros for wallpaper engine please

  48. Mom:Just one more round
    The round:

  49. Cerealkillz Gaming

    Oh damn i was in that game

  50. I played it and it was really laggy on server side, anyone else?

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