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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Phly, can you please play the ZUT-37 Russian premium tank, and if you do thank you.

  2. I saw a Video leak of the Devs server that they are adding barrel physics in the game

  3. here is something interesting, play the object 120 with the he shell, that giant 150 should do some nice work

  4. Picked up the Chinese 10.0 premium tank, and 10.0 Chinese premium jet to grinding faster, already own most of them including the ones phly listed

  5. i WISH WAR THUNDER Would give my account the tier down Algorithm. This tank is one of my favs, With HE

  6. Speaking of the Super Pershing, you should bring out that bad boy again

  7. can we plz see the T32 non-E1 get to delete Tiger 2s on the channel?

  8. The 1 Taran prototype is at kubinka, you can go see the 10 meter long barrel in all it’s glory

  9. lmao that BBE big barrel energy and pen lmao

  10. Battle rating is perfect

  11. Mikhail Serebriakov

    I don’t understand why there are sales on premiums but on the Xbox version there are no sales on premium vehicles, is it because of the Microsoft store or what would it be? Would appreciate if anyone could explain it as I’ve been trying to understand this for awhile

  12. Love this tank. Play the J7E soon pls

  13. If you run out of ammo, you can beat the other tanks to death with your cannon.

  14. Just wanted to say sorry for hitting you with a 15 cm HE

  15. hello, quick question… I’ve been seeing people in War Thunder have Panzer 4 Ausf H’s without the top mounted gun and have more angled side skirts, Is that an older version of the Panzer 4 H? Or is it a tank I cant get?

  16. Yes lol 6:58

  17. phly: buy everything i don’t have so you can rekt me , love you phly i grew up playing war thunder and watching your videos love to you and your
    phamily <3

  18. PHLY-ISIM! at 15:35 says:” Hang up the towel ! Combines ‘Hang up your boots” & ” Throw in the towel” into “Hang up the towel “! LOL ! LOVE ‘ya & don’t ever change buddy ! It’s what makes you unique !

  19. I bring this thing into 11.0 and still usually get 2-3 kills with it every match

  20. when russia has ammo that go through tiger II its bad, but when usa and other nations have ammo what lolpen tiger II its ok

    why dont anyone tell about the unfairness of m48s with heat-fs face against ww2 vehicles? what a bloody t-44 at 6.7 can do against m48?

  21. Raven's Revenge | Silent Corax

    I still want the grille 15 in war thunder. Literally the epitome of “f around and find out”

  22. May I ask you about your settings? I mean the picture looks so smooth when you are looking around, or is that just the video on Youttube?

  23. Can someone tell me do i have to link steam with gaijin to buy premiums or no

  24. 1710 m/s, doesn’t that mean that it can technically go through the Black Night’s turret armor?

  25. Phly its not russian engineering its soviet engineering.

  26. When is PHPH comming back

  27. Will you try War Thunder mobile?

  28. Legggo company of heroes 2 Wehrmacht theme music. Wrong faction anyway lol

  29. Object 120 is my most played tank it is sooooooooooooo satisfying

  30. Mariano Vazquez

    Steve you should play in simulation…tanks or planes it would be a nice change of pace

  31. When will there be 50% discounts on console premium packs?

  32. Company of Heroes 2 music my beloved

  33. war thunder mobile video?

  34. phly play the spit mk.24 and show people the pure griffon power attempt 25

  35. ☢️Dannic1234☢️

    Honestly when I think of wanting to do actual battles I wonder if it’s even worth it and for how unbalanced around 7.0 is I just don’t about doing it even though I’m playing USSR

  36. I love your videos and I love when you say this german word too. Do your thing, then this is very entertainment. Max

  37. My Favorite Video!

  38. warthunder is just straight up not giving a fuck… look at the winrates of russian tanks … especially in top tier

    it used to be like some nations were better in one aspect and others in the other … for example leopard 1 was fast and t54 had a kaboom bullshit apcbc round… but now … not even with BRs but the entire tanks are buffed to the point they werent even IRL… for example T80 shuld be a firecracker but hey … they magically eat shells and dont explode … max out the vitality of the crew and now you cant even burn anymore

  39. i just got the a10 i was waiting for this

  40. Hadnt the good old king 10.5 an even longer one ? Even if you’re still correct as that one would only be a legacy vehicle

  41. “theres a little leopard here. dang hes pretty survivable”
    *precedes to blow a hole through space and time to erase that tank*

  42. No sales for us Xbox players 🙁 like always

  43. i think you never saw the isu 152-2 with the bl
    10 gun

  44. Im gonna be honest i have never managed to kill an obj 120 in a 1v1 my shots just dont do enough damage and sometimes i just dont know what im shooting at so i hit the fucking ENGINE and he just casually deletes me from the match

  45. The slightest movement in this vehicle would amount to a colossal deviation with that barrel length. Also I assume the transmission wasn’t designed by the soviets because the reverse speed is sweet.

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