Look How They Massacred My KV-2 (War Thunder)

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  1. *Support the Channel and Adopt Baby TIGOR* – – https://tinyurl.com/BABYTIGOR

    • Phly idk if you noticed but the yellow marker thingy u used on Poland is only visible for squadmates. Just putting it out there so you don’t get the feeling of being ignored on it 🙂

    • phly the volumetric system has screwed over a lot of tanks including the dicker max and sturer emil they both now can barely pen a jumbo(from the front even at point blank range and even with jumbo not angling at all) now because of this new system for shells and bullets u say its more realistic but I would say otherwise it makes less sense then the system before it with shells that should pen almost 100% of the time now pen out 75% of the time now which is deadly for tanks that have to make the kill on their first shot like kv 2 and that poor thing is almost ruined by the volumetric system now.(mind all ppl who read this i still love and play this game this isn’t just hate i want them to fix what is wrong with it)

    • Challenge: the next time Phly uses aircraft he can only use aircraft

    • I wasn’t going to throw you money outside of a Twitch stream, but you just HAD to make the Tigor not only purchasable, but 3D as well. …and adorable. You and your damned evil ways…

      …enjoy your $5.

    • I wish ps4 and xb1 players could😩😭

  2. Hope to see you on the battlefield.

  3. Calliope challenge: Use rockets only 😀

  4. Just purchased me a TIGOR!! Now he will help rule the battlefield!!!

  5. Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    Had such a blast with using the KV-2 in high tier with the KV-2, sure you can go for cupola shots with the HE or even on the ground under the opposing tank, but the HE shrapnel effect is so underwhelming now…

  6. Waaay to long reload for the lack of damage it does

  7. Love the kv 2 HE

  8. Phly….I love you. But please don’t ever say yeet again. Just please let it die.

  9. Phly has 17 KV-2 vids haha

  10. If you ever find a kv1b shoot underneath the driver and co driver side (with HE)

  11. 2 out of 204 built wre found

  12. whre is the Stalin sight? :O

  13. I saw a baby tigor on the tank am i right

  14. How does one do the thing with the scope where you range it in like that instead of moving the whole thing up and down?

  15. “So Phly, what does it feel like to shoot people?” “I wouldn’t know, I only shoot pumas”

  16. I went to play today, but yet another 10 GB download required. I only get 100 GB per month.

  17. I see the “80 mm” Stug armour is quite effective.

  18. Day 14: u should do a type93 vs po2 race

  19. Hey bro we got an updated TODAY

  20. Yeah wait until ur loader get knocked and get hurt. U can wait ur tank reload with making coffee and wash dishes XD

  21. Yeah the German / Russian kv1 is part of the reason why I quit playing War Thunder.
    Pay-to-win garbage.

  22. Okay attempt 29 i think, try the B18B, Swedish 3.0 aircraft with 500mm pen rockets.

  23. The thumbnail Looks like 2 kv2s having….

  24. You need to run the Bruumbar if you want the old KV-2 vibes. That thing is still a beast and, for some god forsaken reason, keeps getting its BR lowered.

  25. If I hit a stug 3 times with a KV2 without killing it I’d probably rage quit lol

  26. Phly has some guardian angel in WT, I usually die instantly

  27. Squad markers don’t show up for team8s phly day 1

  28. There is like 50 first comments like pls guys stop none cares if ur first just enjoy the video

  29. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 138 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome. How many times is this gonna take for u to read 600 comments, this is ridiculous.

  30. DERP COMBO!!! Play the M551, XM803, MBT 70 and M60A2. Attempt #4

  31. Two things :
    F-104G have flares now
    Nuke on ground AB is now 15 kills

  32. If KV2 had APHE…

  33. HE is really broken. I hit an m3MGC directly with the 150mm of the sturmpanzer and only got engine and driver. How the hell is that not a hullbreak?

  34. That puma you killed at the before the middle of the video was absolutely worth it. It was the top scoring player on the enemy team with 4 kills and 6 assists

  35. Phly,that yellow spot not gonna work,it’s only visible fo your squadmate

  36. I once shot right at the front of an R3 T20 and didnt kill it (with HE btw)

  37. Phly play the Swedish ASRAD-R

  38. Our KV-2 Comrade

  39. This video was brought to you by the grit of the Mighty KV-2.
    The lone bear of the glorious Soviet Union !!!!

  40. Remember to let the stalin guide the shell

  41. Volumetric shells should be removed, change my mind

  42. A 152mm HE shell should make almost anything hull break… 60mm plates and under

  43. inventive cheetah93

    R.i.p kv-2, your nerf was sad, your br was lowered, your shells slightly nerfed, may you remain to be the derp gun we all love, for many, many more years

  44. inventive cheetah93

    I feel like he forgot about the aphe shells that it comes with standard and that they are semi nuclear capable

  45. privateplatiboi plati

    i honestly dont know what 3% off can do but ok

  46. kinda strange how I love watching ppl play warthunder, but I hate playing myself at the moment, just too much grind and frustration

  47. Any way to make it where console players can get the one in a phillion pack?

  48. Hey Phly! I challange you to play ARCADE tanks, and get a nuke! Requirement is now reduced from 20 to 15 kills.

  49. I really don’t get gijian(not sure how to spell) great game and all but shoot a wirbilwin in the turret it still shoot and kill you some how and the other thing you kill enemy let’s say squeeze boy 50. Cal to the head vehicle is now on fire after he die lol wish they’d fix all the small things

  50. Using KV2 in a perfect 3.7 game is the best feeling especially if you also have the Germans with you.

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