Looking at the future of World of Tanks!

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From: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/stream-of-the-year-2020-qa-with-developers-digest/

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  1. HE change is just made to further make heavy armored tanks stronger in order to make everyoneuse even MORE gold ammo

  2. many of these SPG changes are 1 to 1 to Armored Warfare, however the “Tracers” + “Siege Mode” means counter-artillery fire will be stupidly easy to pull off

  3. Please don’t change HE, I Love spamming HE on hulldown Chieftards, it’s my passion

  4. The AEG had the best lines from all of the commanders in the last Team Clash event. Hope Circon will not disappoint. In you we trust!

  5. So games with 1 arty will be like, i’ll wait to counter other arty, kill him and just sit in one space and spam.

  6. Minimap Indicator of arty shots, is I believe something like “Focus area” so once you know the “All seeing eye” is looking there, you reconsider your attacking route etc.

  7. None of my commanders has the lamp, but Santa Claus, but all have the mentor skilled for faster crew development.
    Reworking arty instead of going at the maps 1st is the usual way for WG of Foching for compliments.
    6th sense is what makes progress weaker, because it prevents the commander from learning important stuff 1st,
    and makes progress harder for any further skill!!

  8. Skill based matchmaking no but skill based team balancing is long overdue. There are too many 15-0, 14-1 games. Use WIN8, WR, WOT rating – or any metric- to balance the teams. Too often one team has all tomatoes and the other has greens/blues. How is the fun/helpful for the game. Better balanced games = more exciting, close games.

  9. Not gonna lie, these SPG changes make me (as an active SPG hater) really happy. This looks like it will make SPGs actually fun and interesting to play and to play against.

  10. i’d be a bit happier if they decided to rework gold ammo since virtually everyone i meet spams it at me ,being vaporised by a kv2 is positively refreshing compared to the Tsunami of gold rounds i meet every game ,i think its a bit of a joke that they expect HE firers to AIM with some of the most inaccurate guns in the game yet they do nothing to make gold spammers aim with some of the more accurate guns in the game ,u know maybe limit the amount of gold rounds u could carry to 10-20% of total ammo loadout ,people would have to aim again,imo HE is far far less of a problem in the game than the relentless gold spam ,also they wont rework HE on the kv2(r) and other such premiums because they say they are sold ‘as is ‘ thats why the sexton I still has AP shells and i presume the lefh too ,one last thing .itd be nice to know whether only commanders will be kept in the crew revamp since it might be worth retraining all my crews to be commanders and thus have far far more than i would have had .

  11. I still feel it will bring up new problems if WG rise arty skillcap. Yes, I know, it sounds stupid but let me explain. In Warships the old style carrier gamplay was something really hard to master for that reason the team that got the better CV player won (more often). I dont say that was bad or good, I dont say WG solved the problem with CV rework I only say higher arty skillcap can cause HUGE balance problems if WG screw it up and lets be honest they will screw it up. I am not an arty player btw.

  12. I want to have all the streamer not just one and also the ones from last year too

  13. Crew system sounds like the change in wows.

  14. Sounds like siege mode will make it virtually impossible for arty to avoid counterbattery at all.

  15. How many times I got this last kill with arty at close range – if rework goes ahead I will not be able to fire on move – so I might now just start to drive to lake, or river instead, might be more fun that way.
    Already boring game play of arty will get even worse, due to constant counter fire and you can’t even enjoy 1 in 20 close call drive by snap with arty anymore.
    What fun will it be to play ANY arty anymore ?!
    What’s the point of marking arty fired position, unless we need EBR’s to know exactly where to take these game breaking ferraris.
    Will it not be easier to remove arty class all together ?
    I think this will become unplayable for casual arty player.

    On side note, all other changes look reasonable, but knowing WG, this will change too.

  16. I’m so fucking looking forward to the crew changes… I want to be able to play the tier 9 Patton and tier 8 Pershing along with my tier 10 Patton but holly shit It takes ages to train a proper crew… I cant wait!!

    • you will seee how long it will take you in new crew system now 2-3 perks per crew member and done here you have 75 like they said they will make it like 1 level of now perk to 1 lvl of new perk so you will be f-ed by change

  17. I am not a fan of the proposed crew changes and it seems like another way Wargaming is trying to accelerate people up the tech trees by reducing the crew training times/expenses. I do not see how anyone who has been plating the game for any length of time can be fairly compensated for their time/effort/expense. It sounds like no matter what happens I will have many more commanders then needed for the tanks I have since each commander will be able to play on three separate tanks. I will suffer a huge loss of my time and effort at training crews that will no longer be needed. I am sure that content creators will not sufffer so much since they are supported by Wargaming but the rest of us are not content creators. We are the people who pay Wargaming’s bills.

  18. Damn wheels again!!! For fucks sake

  19. why is it that a system like crews, that benefits those who have just played the game longer, is preserved? those who have better crews will have objectively, entirely better performing tanks, and those better crews are acquired by just playing the game more. why does a new player’s tank have to be inferior to an experienced player’s tank? a player’s performance should depend on nothing other than the skill of the player, and should not be augmented by random enhancements that exist simply from playtime. this game design is just mind bogglingly bad and it is uncomfortably strange that the community isnt offended by it or even seems to notice these facts.

  20. Can’t wait to put Circ in a high level arty >:)

  21. HE rebalance… seriously. How the hell are you supposed to kill anything with literally impenetrable turret when hull down? Nothing wrong with the HE. They should finally fix the completely broken gold rounds for god’s sake

  22. crew is turning into the wotb crew as of how im understanding this

  23. Im from PL but i dont realy like Newmulti so TeamCircon all the way 🙂

  24. Every time I see news like this it’s always great changes…but then half of them never get implemented, and the other half take like 3 years to be implemented so…

  25. Bratislav Cvetkovic

    Soo that crew changes seams to be some kind of nerf, you have 5 trees but with 75 levels you can specialize only 2 trees and 2 ultimate’s. Basically you have to sacrifice lets say view range for beter gun handling. We will see in Sandbox how skills gona work but Im not optimistic with this kind of learning skills.

  26. so they will “compress” crew mebmers in tank into single tank crew or if tank had 4 crew members you will now have 4 tank crews? if the latter hope they add more free barracks spaces XD

  27. the game will be valid in like 5 more years ..those changes should be in beta . thats why i stopped playing ..useless game

  28. Why change something which works fine? People spend thousands of gold and millions of credits on crew retraining and then they decide to re-do entire system. It feels like you have to relearn the game after every two patches. Also it will be very cool playing against entrenched Chieftain with the arty HE nerf.

  29. Hmmm those changes look ok . we shall to see how they Roll Out . . . .
    And another thought . . .Team Circon For The Win !

  30. Lol. “It’s only been ten years but we did it.”

  31. Why dont just give Arty Smoke Granades, so the enemy tank that got hit, its viewrange will be locked to a cirtain minimum (A Medium Tank that has atleast 445m VR gets hit by a smoke grenate = now it has locked down to 350m) and this for like 3-5 sekunds. (Like the Smoke screen Mechanic in Frontline) Like litrally its allready there, give it to the SPG.

  32. I just hope this means that we see both less arty players and that the arty missions are more bearable to do than sit in a corner and die slowly.

  33. As an arty player I’m good with the arty changes…but I tend to play my SPGs like they were TDs.

  34. I rather enjoyed WOT and WOWS gameplay. but the predatory monetization got me to quit. lootboxes are slot machines. if you’re an adult and you’re into that, fine. but the games should be rated M for gambling.

  35. yeahg but when you move you are defencless as you cant fire out of “seige mode” thats just stupid

  36. So the big elephant in the room , team damage (pushing team players out in front of enemy) gets no mention and yet here we are where WG had a mode where team ghosting was a thing. But they aren’t doing this in the future for randoms.

  37. ooooh boyyyy,i better go back to WOT, haven’t played in eons

  38. On console, they just implanted a similar crew rework in regards to skills. Additional skills were added, but wargaming removed all the assigned skills from ever crew member. This saved the level/progress of the crew member, but you have to resign all the desired skills. For me that meant I had to respec 327 crew leaders.
    Also one new skill will be a flat decrease of reload time. Its a 10% decrease

  39. I will say that I don’t like the look of the new version of “Port.” The old one looked a lot like a North American city on the Great Lakes, and speaking as someone who hails from Cleveland (OH), I liked that.

  40. Still no skillbased mm…
    fucking hell, and why you say thank the lord?
    That is literally what this game has been missing the entire fucking time.
    Other games with skillbased mm are doing great, for a good fucking reason, circon…

  41. 12:37, I think Circon should work as Harkonnen’s editor XD

  42. 2:25 “spaced armour doesn’t seem to work against HEAT”. All the allied armies that conducted tests during WWII, came to exact same conclusion – spaced armour has to be at least 70cm away from the main armour to be effective against HEAT. Additional armour, slapped directly on the main armour, not only doesn’t protect from HEAT, but in some cases may even increase it’s effectiveness. A lot of spaced armour examples in WoT, like Bisonte or Super Pershing, clearly don’t comply to that 70 cm rule.
    Having said that, physics in WoT clearly doesn’t work the same way it works in real life. At the end of the day, no matter how armour works (or doesn’t work) in real life, in WoT it depends on developers’ whim. Take HESH, for example. In WoT it’s just a “high pen HE”. Whereas in real life it was specifically designed to NOT penetrate armour. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in order to be hired by Wargaming, one needs to prove that they skipped at least 75% of physics classes in school.

    7:27 sounds like something that was in Armored Warfare. In PvE game mode, every time AI arty fired, minimap would highlight the square it fired from. I haven’t played AW for quite a while now, so it may have been changed since. Also, “SPG sitxh sense” sounds similar to WoWS where you get an indicator that x number of ships are aiming at you. Maybe they plan to implement something similar for SPGs – players, who are inside arty’s aiming circle when it fires, get this notification.

  43. I didn’t play for six months and now the game makes almost no sense to me. Where has all my equipment gone? What are all these different confusion missions and campaigns? How many more autoloader tanks must we endure in the game? Artillery seems more powerful than ever? Why do I still play this game?

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