Looking for team!

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Anyone seen my ? Looking for them in the on !
Upload your replays here: http://.-record.com/ !


  1. Love your content 😀
    Nice vid

  2. Hello? Team?

  3. Is that the new T20AF? Kappa

  4. T20 gun btw

  5. T20 gun BTW, ba the wee

  6. That t-34-85M got a taste of your hate with a burning passion XD

  7. 99% of the people wont read this but

    Hello 1%

  8. namingisalwaysthehardestpart

    Dude the churchill has like 80mms of turret armour apcr wasn’t needed at all

  9. Ultima Ratio Regum

    They wanted to avoid O Ni so they all gone the other way…

  10. Weird to say now that tier 7 MM is much fun compared to tier 8, wasn’t long ago was other way around

  11. i actually thought he was Lf a team to go pro

  12. Skorpion didnt do much during the first 2/3rds of the game, he did well to back you up at the end. Amazing hard carry circon.

  13. One day we will consider team based competitive multiplayer gaming as a cause of cancer. I don’t know how Circon spends so much time and effort playing this game without jumping from a window or sending his ear to a woman.

  14. T20 gun by the way, ey ey ey

  15. O-Ni not doing much ain’t much surprise to me I have one and it’s just Terrible the guns are horrible and the armour isn’t worth much

  16. why is this like 420p?

  17. Henri Liimatainen

    Man this tank is awesome, played the fatton line as a tomato and bought this tank back and 3-marked it from scratch in 60 games.
    This alongside with the vk 3002 d is thr best t7 med

  18. 02:46 Bad try to be hero.

  19. Key to good game in T20. 1) Be top tier. 2) Be Circon.
    That Scorpion and T67 failed to look at the map at all near the end. Only when you were nearly done with the T-34-85 did they start to move.

  20. Where’s my 1080p DansGame

  21. Circon is masochist confirmed

  22. T20 would be ok if it was tier 6

  23. Why do you upload in 720? Should be law now that EVERYONE must upload in no less than 1080p. lol

  24. Rocking that Bosnian flag again. Always nice to see your flag featured. BTW am i qualified for the clan if i have a 2 mark JPanther? 😀 😀 😀

  25. Circon should be invited onto Tosh.0

  26. Circon shot the t-34-85m turret it has just 90mm so…

  27. 8:02 …come on grab your friends

  28. LOL, I had the 420th like XD

  29. Lol you should play the T44 next if you haven’t done it already. The 190 pen is so great for fighting T9-10 constantly.

  30. T20 gun by the way ey ey ey

  31. Bosnia flag BTW

  32. T-34-85M is by far my favorite…. Same Dpm as my Cromwell with 5 crew skills…. More accurate, aiming time is better, better alpha, ARMOR, and it’s Russian so you know Stalin guided shells

  33. Holy shit that was epic.
    1 vs 10 and you won. And somehow almost your whole team died to the 5 enemies who went north.

  34. get a REAL JOB fatass !

  35. Kill’em all and and let God sort them out!!

  36. T20 had HEAT as prem shell didnt it?

  37. T20 has Gaussian Bonet topology in real space – any shell approaching a T20 simulates its approach as a straight line impinging normal to the surface of a sphere.

  38. I remember the T23 being a little worse.

  39. “Boy, I hope this video isn’t more of Circon’s shitty singing”
    Opens with some Kaiser Chiefs
    “Boy, I hope Circon sings some more.”

  40. KarvalyInteractive

    4:23 Ass ass titties titties ass n titties

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