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Source: DOLLARplays

Long Gun (and some Ho-Ro) gameplay 😉

War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Harpoon – The New Fools
Disco Diagnosis – Liru
Ancestors of Mr Brown – Kit and the Calltones

Intro song : Musique – Rasure
Outro song : Powerwalkin' – Future Joust


  1. I actually screamed when you shot down the plane holy shit

  2. From indonesia with love


  3. How about Grille 15

  4. I don’t even play the game… but i watch these vids for the hilarious commentary.

  5. Where do you get these sick beats from? Love the in vid music

  6. Wonhoshinbammer's Tank

    I am noob.

  7. “Long long mannn….”

  8. Faz um video sem corta os rages plz salve do brasil

  9. This video gave my life purpose again.

  10. A N T I A I R H O RO

  11. I played with you yesterday dollar a pz 3 j1 and puma

  12. Part 2?

  13. Dollar: *uploads*
    Everyone: *[happiness noise]*

  14. *gigeling in my Sturer Emil * danger boy

  15. ItsBombSkull Gaming

    *looks at the title*
    Me: That’s what she said.
    Edit: Dollar play I love your video so much it keeps me alive while in quarratine, man you are a underrated channel stay safe and keep up the good work!

  16. dollar el Roger Waters of war thunder.

  17. Bruh is it that big on War Thunder? Cuz in wot we got Grille 15 lol or Jagdpanzer E100

  18. dear dollar,

    i am sending you this message for the sake of your viewers and your own.
    when are you going to do a new golden eagle code? i and your viewers would appreciate it very much if you would make a new code for us.
    just so we can get better and enjoy war thunder more. it also help the game grow and it helps your channel grow.
    if you do so. thanks for your understanding.

    may you ever reach the top in every country every tank, plane, and ship

    — sip jongsma —

  19. 2 Little plates are the strongest one hahahaha

  20. 7:48 *NANI!?!?*

  21. Hey dollar, i start playing WT and i dont know what line will be the Best for new player, can you help mne, please?

  22. I would like to see the Netherlands in War Thunder, we have *no* tanks, a decent navy and some good planes

  23. I shot down a stuka with Ho-Ro yesterday, i still feel bad for that pilot

  24. Hey Dollar. can you play some Hell let loose for us ?

  25. Nice Viedo and you so cool

  26. Gaijin HQ: Ho-Ro AA confirmed, its coming as a bundle with the normal Ho-Ro because removed to BaLaNcE, cost only 999999$

  27. what that 5:25 that no no song hahaha

  28. 9:24 i think the right word youre looking for is “frightening”

  29. whats the name of the movie, not the matrix the second one that says stay behind the barriers

  30. 16 k go for 100k

  31. 99.98% of WT players: *RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!*
    Dollar: *Coffee is love, Coffee is life*

  32. My ears are bleeding right now…

  33. 11:37 the satisfing of dollar of this bullet is priceless

  34. Is not long gun -_- “grille” 1#top long gunn

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