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Source: QuickyBaby

just revealed the OPS 2021 loot boxes including unique styles, the Bisonte C45, GSOR 1008 and M4A1 FL 10!


is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Have the stats of that british td been changed at all since it was first revealed? Because if not, I think it will be stupidly overpowered.

  2. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Imagine getting a Matilda BP…

  3. I like the loot boxes….keep GOING WG!

  4. For 20€, you get 5500 gold.
    Also for 20€, you will probabaly get 11 large boxes. In these boxes you will have a guaranteed amount of 2750gold, right? So you might not even get your money worth in gold when you buy boxes, correct?

  5. Magnus Likes Tanks

    That anti-air on top of the Maus looks like it might restrict your vision lol

  6. MAKE WORLD OF TANKS GREAT AGAIN!! Im so sick of having to pay for good shit it makes FREE TO PLAY players feel shit. I refuse to pay anymore its not worth it. 😡 its christmas why cant they grive boxes away and make it a luck of the draw for the tanks.

  7. Great video QuickyBaby. but I gave up playing WOT long ago, only because it became about making money for them and not enjoyment for us. I don’t disagree with paying to play, but I do disagree with paying to play then paying for content, THEN paying for extras. Its about making money, not having fun. If I really wanted to spend huge amounts of cash to have a good time I would buy more motorcycles. 🙂

  8. Thing on the back is a goliath, i think. Its a 300 kg self propelled mine steered through a wire

  9. Dear @QuickyBaby,this game became a Las Vegas cartoon with a greedy boss. Thats what i have to say about it.

  10. Yay , more gambling and its probably rigged like in WoWS

  11. Jon Cedric Bermudez

    Well at least WoT’s rng rates isn’t as bad as genshin impact’s

  12. Loot boxes should be made illegal word wide, people really need to start reporting WG world wide for these loot boxes. Such a pathetic company WG truly are and it’s why i don’t play WoT anymore ( I still like watching your videos QB) with how expensive this game is. I also got sick to death of the gold spam as it makes armor worthless.

  13. QB: Why can’t you just…?
    Everyone: Duh?

  14. The Maus has a Goliath (remote controls mine) on the back

  15. Take notes Wargaming : some days ago, I was wondering about buying one or two premiums tanks as a gift for myself but after my mental breakdown in your game this weekend (first time in 7 years that I took 0-15 three days in a row) and this Sunday (1 victory in 2h then no win in 1h30), you can forget to have my money. I’ve also watched the video of Sirfoch where he explain why he leave your game and guess what ? I’ve the same opinion so why I should stay in a game with unbalanced level matchmaking (use your useless WG quotation points maybe ?), with premium tanks better than tech tree vehicles (GG you sell the Bourrasque AGAIN), gold spam so armor is useless, faster gameplay that I don’t like, artilleries still powerfull (1062 dmg took by one GW E100 shoot this weekend), unbalanced maps (Are you gonna fix Mountain Pass, Mines, Highway or Ruinberg one day ???) and so on…
    I’ve already done a one year break because I had no PC available to play and I could do another break soon. I’m feeling tired of playing a game where loot boxes and new premiums are more important than skilled gameplay and balanced maps or teams. Back in 2013, the matchmaking wasn’t perfect but when you had the knowledge about weakspots you could outplay every tank without gold ammunition and guess what ? It was fun and rewarding. Sunday I’ve played my E-75 on Malinovka, on the hill I’ve took 0 AP on the whole game, only gold by AE Phase 1 and IS-6 and we lost this game 4-15 or something like that.
    I know, you don’t care about players opinions neither community contributors. QB could have use last year video and just put images of the new content on it, that’s sad and you can’t make that forever. Your P2W system has destroyed the E-sport potential of your game and I know lots of streamers (who never played the game or just get money to try it for 2h) who use WoT of the ultimate exemple of P2W game. Are you proud of this type of publicity ? Are you proud of dedicaced CC leaving the game and being happy about that ? Looks like yeah because you continue in the same way…
    You’ll not read this message but I had to say it because I think it will be my farewell to the game…
    PS : you cannot get my money by loot boxes, I’m from Belgium ahahahah

  16. They have medicine when one is conflicted. One shouldn’t be backed up for too long.😉

  17. they dont want to take 50$ form anyone because doing it this way will get them 100 or more dollars from everyone. they do not want to give anyone what they want outright because then they will have it, and they will not have to keep accumulating junk they dont want to get the thing they do want, it’s a stupid business model and it will not last that long, all business who do this go out of business, the devs of this game are lucky there is just nothing else like it, and people have a decade or close to that put into the game, hundreds of thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars, half the playerbase hates this game, but no one can walk away from it (thats why it’s so toxic during battles, they all hate it, but are trapped)

  18. I buy the loot boxes primarily for the gold.

  19. Nifty Potatoes Sweet Potato

    Oooof the M4 FL10 was already in world of tanks blitz for a while with 8 degrees of gun depression and an autoREloader

  20. also , the brit TD is basically a Lorr 40t imo, it looks like the same on paper anyways, i think the lorr 40t has more pen and less alpha but the dpm is the same 1700 per clip and less armor and stuff, but the guns going to be very similar

  21. Out of curiosity, how many players are even spending real money on this game? I’ve been playing for two years and have never spent a penny but I feel there aren’t many that refuse to spend money on the game like I do

  22. TheRealSpinster4000

    The thing on top of the Maus looks like a wirbelwind turret just without the “armour”

  23. World of Casino!
    Because, money!

  24. Do they have a ‘short list’ like they did for WOW pretending to offer 107 ships while guys with no ships from the short list got ONLY those low tiers ships!
    Which mean any WOT players without the premium low tiers listed will get ONLY such tanks before getting any Tiers 8? WG you scammed WOW players…. Time to try the same trick on WOW players?

  25. Funny thing QB, is that one box was usually 2-2.5 euros or so, and you only get a guarateed 250 gold, so you pay double for less if you get unlucky to not get any of the “extra” gold Speaking of the credits and prem days, credits are worthless in a loot box since you can just grind them easy these days, and prem days it’s just a thing that runs out of you can’t play for a few days or a week, but not gold. Remember back in 2016 or 2017 or so, 1 box had a guarrateed 500 gold, basically the cost of 500 gold if you were to just buy gold for 1 box, iirc this was when they put the Type 59 in the boxes aswell.
    6:36 td’s can’t use vstabs QB, for playing this much/long would think you don’t get that wrong :P.

  26. Yeah please more autoloader! We can’t have enough autoloaders! So matches can end in 2 minutes… JEEZ Wargaming…

  27. 142 wot developer unliked this video 😀

  28. Hey QB, for ppl not buying loot boxes (legal reasons or just not wanting to spent money), being able to get last years skins is GREAT.
    Without loot boxes, you can only grind one new style per season, max.
    You feeling special because you ‘invested’ in the loot boxes, feels wrong in the first place.

  29. quickybaby: no one cares about the t 15
    me with 4000 games on the t 15 purple wn8: well…. i do

  30. QB make a video about how WG can improve the game, for ex tier 8-10 a minimum of 46 winrate and that is already very low.. as it now the noobs are fast killing the game…

  31. 13:20 u can only get the new styles from the boxes, older styles have to be purchased with the temporary christmas currency directly from a shop

  32. Those skins look Awesome . . I am hoping WG sell these . they will sell well I am sure .

  33. Would a West European server work, would there be enough of smarter and educated players for it to work… So we dont have to se Alex, Mauritsius, wolf and the other less worthy humans from east

  34. There needs to be a Viking Christmas

  35. These boxes should not be purchased and honestly Content Creators should not show case the unboxing. I know it’s fun to watch and you probably get a lot of views, but these are so bad for the game.

    Just think about new content. We very rarely get new maps or new tech trees, but premium tanks? Way more. And the worst part about that is, you either have to do one of those time consuming marathons or you have to gamble for them. and spending all the money on those boxes and the marathon tanks just shows WG that this is an ok thing to do because the make money with it

  36. dude. all i really need is gold and credits. all that small stuff.

  37. i honestly dislike putting so much 3d styles, in not into it really, im more on what i can use like tanks or gold rather than garage slot and 3d style of a tank that i dont even have

  38. Does ps4 get the Christmas event and I am in Canada so does that have to do with anything

  39. Those “styles” look utterly retarded, like a 9 year old drew them, WTF is WG doing dicking about with cosmetics instead of sorting out the power creep and lack of balance!

  40. Russians don’t celebrate Christmas like the rest of the world they don’t care in fact they think our date is wrong and we are morons

  41. QB I share your opinion about gambling. No question about that. From your videos and my experience it looks like the cheapest way to purchase 1y premium. Or am I wrong? If you have budget for the premium 80 EUR, you can purchase premium, gold to get premium or maybe loot boxes. Maybe I was lucky, but last year I was able to get gold to purchase 1y premium (big portion of that because of compensation for looted T8 premiums I already owned). It would be interesting to see the comparison after you open loot boxes worth 80 EUR.

  42. after christmas we are going to see 6 spgs per game

  43. Oh.. how unexpected. Several new autoloaders to ruin the game even more… brilliant. I swear WG doesn’t give a damn about game balance anymore.. just money grabbing

  44. … and stil …..l one of the few games that keept me interested over all those years of gaming … DESPITE FUCKING EBR TANKS

  45. wg needs to worry more about his player base and less about milking them or they game will be the next BigPoint fall.

  46. Loot boxes? No thanks. Not playing WoT anymore. RIP

  47. that thing on back of maus its MS 1

  48. These styles will only be available from this year’s Large Boxes. If you don’t currently own the vehicle, you will retain the 3D style and can apply it once you get the tank..
    From the article of holiday ops 2020….

  49. If you already have the skins from last year will you be compensated if they appear in the boxes this year?

  50. At least the lefh b2 isn’t in the boxes this year

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