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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just revealed the 2020 loot boxes including unique styles, a female commander, E 75 TS and Object 703 II (2)!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I cant really see any weaknesses except the front corners.

  2. I mean…60 bucks for a tank?? or 60 – 80 bucks for loot boxes can give you near one year premium,free premium tanks and credits??? For me that gonna be loot boxes for sure…my Xmas Gift by me for myself lul…

  3. Those new skins looks really great but JGPZE100 is best if enemy go cloce your crew can run out with dirt bike:)
    I want see new skin on Churchill GC or M3 Lee:):)

  4. QuickyBaby: The 703 II (122) is the first double barrel tank in WoT

    MTLS-1G14: am I a joke to you?

  5. Why put a cammo in a lute box? If you don’t have or want the tank?

  6. QB you’re over-hyping the Obj 703 II, i don’t think people are going to be wildly buying boxes to get it, i could care less about it, a PREMIUM RUSSIAN HEAVY TANK OH MY, hey also, 780 damage? could be worse, autoloaders clip all the time for that much so how bad can it be.
    E-75 TS is the tank actually worth getting lol…

  7. Curious….I wonder if Double barreled tanks will be able to use Gun Rammer? does the one work for both guns or do you need two? does the tank have more equipment slots? hmm

  8. If I get large boxes today can I open them on the 7th of January???

  9. So I might be able to get 3 diff skins this year for tanks that I have. But last year I didn’t get any skins…..

  10. Unfortunately Wargaming is more concerned with throwing new outlandish tanks into the game that we have to pay for than actually improving the game mechanically. I would pay for skins like this, but they make more money by making overpowered premium tanks and selling them.

  11. “everyone wants to get their hands on this double barreled tank” really? i actually uninstalled the game when i heard about double barreled tanks. whats next hover tanks with laser turrets?

  12. Yeah totally agree quick. I’d love to be able to buy specific skins over loot boxes

  13. hey look we gonna do something new we gonna take a e75 which as good armor at tier 9 and put it at tier 8 with a little worst gun
    player : hold on, i’ve seen that before

  14. I think they will sell the 100mm version in the game files normally and only have the 122 version in the loot crates.

  15. Those MG in 430U are the Yankee one XD

  16. Wonder if its gonna beat the is3 down for clan wars.

  17. Those style would also be something for the bond shop, last year the only thing i wanted was the is 7 skin, what did i get, Grille 15 Skin and the IS 3A, believe me or not, i was disappointed

  18. There is already a twin gun tank in de game

  19. Actually that double-barrel tank seems like kind of weak. The burst is good sometimes, but you will get rekt in the long reloading time as a heavy…

  20. I like how everyone cry about lootboxes and overpowered tanks.. and still downloads 10-20 million times those mobile games where you can pay 2-3000 euros to be as powerful as a god…

  21. Oh Quickybaby. Your drunk. Never ever will WG sell the double barreld Tank outside of the lootboxes. But your optimistic attitude is amazing nevertheless 😀

  22. Dang, two non-gameplay vids in a row 🙁

  23. When you think about it, yes it is only available in the loot boxes. Take step back though. For example, premium account members get access to some sales on the premium shop early. Think about the loot crates as early access, yes you can get it now, but knowing WG they will sell it sometime next year. I assume around the end of March. You dont have to gamble to get it, just wait it out. They always sell popular tanks regardless if they say it’ll never be sold again (Looking at you pz 2 J). They did the sale of the IS 3 A after Christmas rather early.

  24. Hey, when are you ya noun e your Giveaway? You are the CC with the highest followers… Comon!

  25. hanikrummi hundursvin

    Actually Jingles, MTLS-1G14 is a Premium tank, with two barrels, so you are wrong. You are welcome 🙂

  26. Retropaintball clips

    It says the 703 ii is only achived in a in game achievement, does it mean loot box or a insane grind that only 1% of players can make?

  27. wait a second , quickbaby plays league of legends ?

  28. When do u think they are going to be double barrel tanks in the tech tree

  29. So, Let’s check’em out!
    So, Let’s check’em out!
    So, Let’s check’em
    ** Drum beat starts **
    Funky! Funky!

  30. agreed, LOVE THE SKINSSSSS!

  31. But QB, the 3D skins from Last year got sold in the shop in this summer. So they are not in lootboxes only. Pls stop flaming in lootboxes and pay to win. A Lot of players want these lootboxes, including me. And i have No problem by buying them.

  32. All my 100 tanks has 5-9 skill perks 🙂 Because i am super unicum i get great xp/every game + i play with crew boosts on allthetimeee.

  33. That tank is wider than Kylo Ren

  34. what day does the festive grind start. Festive Grind WOW, Much Festive, Much Grind.

  35. 1:20 – 1:31 i thought i rewinded the video, Anyone else heard QB Say lets *”check them out one by one in alphabetical order startin with amx 13 105”*

  36. progettos will eat that double barelled

  37. Boycott WG if they do that lootbox exclusive release crap again

  38. And how moch are thous boxes costing? How much money?

  39. I’m guessing any tanks in the loot boxes won’t be in the advent calendar then?

  40. I wish I could customise my tanks more. I hope they listen to you QB and give us more 3D Skins, but also make tanks a bit more changeable. With nets, twigs, logs…Hell, even spaced armour here and there. Imagine if you could “dolly up” your T110E5, E3 and E4…people would struggle to recognise which tank is in front of them. Make them think a little…etc. Also, I won’t mind paying for skins, rather than have a pay to win tank that I just bought, which is exactly like a techtree tank, with better stats and added credit and XP boosts.

  41. Loo boxes.

    There, comments smashed.

  42. Instead of putting gamble tanks again, I’d put discounts tokens to purchase premiums, for example the two barreLed on Xmas day. And then yes QB, you’re absolutely right, we need more skins and cosmetics!
    In any case WG will find the way to sell that obj soon, don’t worry 🙂

  43. I was hoping you will open some loot boxes…

  44. https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Crown_Crates
    Have tbey banned this in Belgium?
    Wair,so it doesn’t come from Russia.

  45. Santa Claus and Santa Clauset! hahahahahh

  46. I won’t buy a single box this year

  47. some ppl get all tank with 50 euro and some ppl dont get it with 300… so have fun… i close my wallet this year except i will buy one ship on WoWS

  48. The double barrel tank doesn’t seem op to me (a fairly bad player), like the armour has some big weak points and as only a close combat tank it is quite limited. Sure it will one shot teir 6 mediums but hay, they deserve it. Plus using the double shot at the same time thing is just like using the Kv 85 with the 122mm

  49. some ppl buy 200 euros im 100% sure for this vehicle and then it gets on sale for 40 months later forget it 🙂

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