^^| Lorraine 40T Stream Highlight

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Thanks for watching! Some of the last of the lorraine as its replaced with the Batchat 25T now!


  1. They took away a paper tank with shitty aim time and an autoloader to
    replace it with.. the same but smaller! Hurray WG

  2. Bonus codes? Ofc something like that has to happen whilst I’m away from my
    PC. This shitty laptop can’t even handle Twitch lol

  3. 1080p! Thank you Circon!

  4. Giving her the proper sendoff eh

  5. The Lorraine used to be my favourite tank as well… They just keep doing
    things I dislike for some reason :(

  6. All the stuff, which is there for the code, can you get for free in AW,
    except premium time. You don’t have to pay for garage slots in AW and you
    get consumables in loot boxes. Yeah, free stuff from wargaming is rare and
    it really isn’t a lot. Nice game which makes you think about if the
    Lorraine really was UP :-O :-D

  7. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Honestly I won’t miss the overly large Lorr 40t medium. As the new AP is
    more to my style. But I was rather surprised that WG for the first time in
    ages did not keep the old Lorr stats and gave then new tank new stats, but
    instead carried the stats form the lorr, inc MOE’s over to the new tank. As
    they have not done that since the T-50-2 with the exception of splits like
    the KV-85 etc.

  8. Sure me 6k Lorr40t in T10 second class :/

  9. Batchat 25t AP?!

  10. reply with a tank that doesn’t exist in the game any more

  11. That E100 got 3 damage and a kill, at least it’s something, right?

  12. Good to see the Lorr again ; ) Still dont get the reload of the Bap…

  13. RIP Lorr 40t

  14. Came out 2 minutes ago and 9 minute video with 11 likes lol

  15. Really, first!

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