Lorraine 40T Tier 8 Premium.

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  1. hello i am WarGayming, im gonna remove a tank from a tech tree to add it later as a premium tank!

  2. ehi circon What do you think about wg policy of putting in premiums that are better than normal tanks?

  3. Harvey idontwanttoshowmylastnamecauseperverts ;-;

    yes i like
    very good

  4. Double Double 4G

    So when do we get the old KV-1S back as a premium tank?

  5. Circon we need your opinion on the light tank nerfs and complete arty platoon ban! 9.18 constructive feedback 2.0!

  6. I loved the Lorraine 40t way back in the day, when it was first a tier 8, and still liked it as a tier 9, but now? IT IS BETTER THAN EVER! The gun handling is SO MUCH BETTER, the 4 round clip is PERFECT! Because 7.5 seconds for 1200 damage, and a 30 second reload, os PERFECT IMO!

    Beat run with a Vertical Stabilizer, Vents, and a LAYING DRIVE – which with my BiA BatChat25t crew, brings aim time doen to just 2.2 seconds, and with snap shot and smooth ride on top – as well as 89% camouflage skill on all 3, it becomes VERY EASY to poke corners and get 1 to 4 shots off without taking more than 1 or 2 shots in return! Like the Patriot, T26e5 – it will do 480 damage in the time Lorraine can unload 1200 average! And the Defender – 440 damage for 1200!

    So the only thing preventing this tank from being OP as fuck, is the HP pool of 1300 – you can’t afford more than 2 to 6 trades with equal tier to tier 10 tanks. And the 8 degrees of gun depression REALLY just ties the whole tank together as an AMAZINGLY FUN, REALLY HIGH CREDIT EARNING AND COMPETITIVE TIER 8! As in competitive with ANY tier 8 tank – premium or regular! Really, Lorraine 40t is now BETTER in every way that matters, than the AMX 50-100!

  7. Swiftly and with style

  8. Judging by your chat half those people never lost a game in their life.

  9. Watching Circon gives me hope, then I go play and realize I’m going nowhere fast.

  10. I’m just looking forwards to the premium tanks in 2018. They will get so ridiculously OP if they keep up with this.

  11. Lol circon, have you seen light tank changes? Tier 9 13 90 now has 30m view range less than m46 patton
    nice meme

  12. 2018 premiums will have laser guns and cloaking machine…try spotting THAT with your 2017 and earlier premiums > : )

  13. its amazing how aggresive he pl;ays and yet is so succesful.

  14. Circon please, can you cut out the first 30-45 seconds of the match? There is literally no point in watching you watching the countdowntimer. I feel compelled to watch just cuse you might say something interresting about the tank your playing or whatever…. But if there is nothing there, then why show it? Every other youtuber has an intro and shit, which is not neccesary ofcourse, but please atleast cut out the empty first part? Please? Thanks!

  15. 오공백 중형버전

  16. Lorraine 40t (premium) vs. T69 (standard)… lol

  17. Was wondering how much damage the IS-3 and leo did hanging back to snipe all battle long. Grand total of 43 and a kill between the 2 of them.

  18. How the HELL did you manage to find a team with enough brains and balls to actually kill the tanks you are spotting?????????????????

  19. I like the guy at 4:06 in the Twitch chat, WG only releases premium tanks nowadays, right before one of the biggest and best(in my opinion) updates WoT has ever had.

  20. I thought the “Zoom Out” mod had been deemed illegal by WG because it provides a tactical advantage over players without it, which seems to be the general line that WG has drawn for mods.

  21. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Doesnt make much money…lowe all the way for money making… 😀

  22. Jandre Labuschagne

    Circon what mod are you using for server reticle ?

  23. fuck wargaming….. they don’t even listen to their playerbase

  24. Sircon what zoom out mod do you use?

  25. 3 apcr clips? I need to reconsider ap only I guess

  26. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    Who else saw “never4get_HARAMBE” lol.

  27. President Donald Trump

    Hey circon I’m running low on some of the non turreted TD memes just letting you know

  28. i see u zoomed out at 3:25 is this mod legal to use, i would install it if is ..

  29. Goes up front in a paper tank; plays it like a boss!! ??

  30. Am I the only one who likes the old sounds better?? The new engine sounds sounds like a leaf blower.

  31. How did you got the master with that? wtf I did a game with 1k5 base xp, 6k dmg and only first class!

  32. part of what makes the Lor 40 t really nice is its nuts concealment

  33. Lol that E50M dudes name XD

  34. Missed stream.. came here instead, Hype!

  35. Wow that was a cheap Ace 🙂

  36. why does circon have aussie flag?

  37. AMX cdc cries in corner with 212 ap pen…

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