Lorraine 40t Unicum Guide/Review, How to Correctly Play Squishy Autoloaders

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Lorraine 40t, a tier 8 French premium medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Siegfried Line and Tundra battles.

I also discuss correctly play autoloaders that have poor armor. Autoloaders are powerful in late-game situations, but to carry late you have to manage your HP carefully through the early-to-mid phases while still keeping your gun active.

The Lorr 40t has been my most consistent tier 8 premium tank. Through 112 battles I averaged 66% WR, 2149 damage, 1.87 kills, and 1.56 spots. Its mechanics are sound and performs its role effectively.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb AP penetration (232)
+ Superb top speed (60)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Excellent alpha (300)
+ Good acceleration
– Soft turret
– Soft hull armor
– Tall profile
– Low HP (1300)
– Low view range (380 base), requires BIA + Situational Awareness to to 445m
– Below average accuracy (0.38 base)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Yo tf it’s my boy Tsavo 😀

  2. 13:37: The 268-4 doesnt have a turret , tau. 😛

    • Ugh, I mis-spoke.

      The 268 v4 has a fairly wide range for its gun traverse (not the same as a turret). I should have stated that correctly.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

    • No worries. Besides… could you imagine a turreted 268? Oh whats this:

      (NOTE: The 268-5 is nothing like the 268-4… this is a joke… carry on.)

  3. Regarding Autoloaders, the AMX 50 100 is painful. Big and just a down right pain. If you’re one of the only heavy tanks you get whipped hard.

    • The 50 100 was the first true autoloader where I learned how to play them.

      My first 100 battles in it, I had a 45% WR and was struggling. But I pulled that to ~55% WR by 500 battles or so.

      Autoloaders have a wicked high learning curve, but it’s worth pushing through. They’re so rewarding when played well.

    • Bazzerker It’s really fun playing that tank, but I agree, being the only high tier HT in a match, can be frustrating, and usually the enemy team wins cuz u have no armor.

  4. Very interesting take on the Lorraine 40t.

    I have to say that even after I watched your video, I don’t fully understand how you avoid getting shot to rags playing as you do. I wish I understood that better..

    Thanks for the video: I’ve been thinking about what to do the next time I decide to work on my medium skills with my 40t and both your and MarkGFL’s latest videos will prove helpful so, thanks again!

    • This is generally true, but you don’t want to be too passive. I’ve also had to spot for my team when they’re being campy to the point of failure.

    • I mean, that’s also true. There are no set rules or playstyle in wot. You have to adapt or you will lose.

    • > He had a replay of someone playing a 40 t by going to aggressive positions, getting in shots or clipping where possible and retreating into cover between clips

      That is classic high-risk / high-reward. Sure, it works sometimes, but other times it fails spectacularly, especially when your opponents are competent.

      I prefer higher ratio of reward-to-risk and play accordingly. So I strive for consistency early, instead of putting all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    • I strive for that as well. Until i get into battle, then i hold W for Wictory and die.

    • R. Giada Melchiorre

      Taugrim I’m seeing too many passive Progetto 46 acting like snipers. How did I know that would happen. I cannot tell you how much I love your videos I have learned so much. Thank you! Rachel

  5. Marcin Żórawski

    Very nice, i got SomuaSM and usually try to go with some hard tank to use him as reload cover but go with heavies as it is real sluggish.

  6. echogameadventures

    The 268-4 is up there with the type 5 for “balance”

  7. Nice game. I like autoloaders, but struggle playing them.

    • Autoloaders are very punishing of mistakes – both for the driver and for the target.

      It’s part of the reason I was excited to make this video. People have been asking for help with autoloaders.

    • Yeah, I am one of the people that needs help! Thanks for this up load.

  8. tnx4share

  9. So 43% of the time the other team has a object 268v4 as well. #balanced

  10. Kenpachi Rama-Sama

    Nice vid, I know it’s not a tier 10 battle like yours but I had an amazing game in this tank as well.

  11. Wolfgang Walden

    Easy to answer – those “developers” are just braindead.

  12. Sarcastic Marauder

    this tank and the progretto 46 is really annoying in frontlines.

  13. Always good to see you playing without gold. The 40t players I see tend to be of the ” think less, press 2″ variety.

  14. Cheers Taugrim, I enjoyed your Samua SM video which helped me a great deal. Likewise, this video that will help me improve my Lorraine 40 gameplay.

  15. Héctor Lamaña i Sánchez

    Thanks, was waiting for you to display this particular tank. 🙂

  16. SGT Morningwood

    they are white russians….what do you think? chernobyl victims hahaha

  17. Good morning Taugrim. Thanks for your upload and your guide… I am glad that you are enjoying the Lorraine 40t, I figured you would. IMO it is a well-rounded premium tank that can be competitive on various maps. I like the premium version as much as the original. See ya on the Battlefield. MEND NA

  18. It docent exist on the Singapore/Asian server 🙁

    • robin hood It actually does, I play on SG server and wreck ppl all day in my lorraine, just a really fun tank to play.

    • OK so i put it a nother way. You cant get it anymore on the Singapore ore Australian server. :/

    • I bought mine on a limited offer, they occassionally put it back on sale when some event comes, so you shouldn’t worry that much. The defender on the other hand is sold rarely, so I grabbed it the 2nd time they put it on sale.

    • So i shot and take the defender when it was on sale the last time. Thank you for the info i look out for them so i can get them next time. 🙂

  19. Always a pleasure to watch your videos Taugrim!

  20. love your explanations, wish more players have your healthy approach to the game

  21. Great video. I really like this tank. I play it like you do just way less expertly. I have had some games in it where I have had huge assistance damage. I think that my biggest problem with this tank is not planning properly for reloads. 32 seconds is a long time to be unarmed. Too often I put my self in what is probably not a terrible spot with a full clip except that i do not have a full clip.

    • > I think that my biggest problem with this tank is not planning properly for reloads. 32 seconds is a long time to be unarmed

      It is a long time, but it also gives you time to read the minimap action and flex based on what you predict will happen.

    • Taugrim that is something else I have to work on. I am pretty good a reading the map in early game but I have a tendency to get target fixated in mid to late game and I can lose SA really quickly. It’s probably why I like playing my IKEA snipers so much. They are all about patience. The 103B has some armor and can push forward in the right circumstances. The UDES and S1 less so. Tanks like Lorr can play back in the early game but really need to be using their mobility to find and exploit gaps as you showed in your video.

  22. yes!!! the lorraine40t 😀 I also got my first mark of excellence on this tank a few days ago 😀

  23. What is your definition of a ‘squishy tank’ ?

  24. I over estimated a 907 before only to pen him with amx 13 90 into the front hull lol. I was holding my fire to get a shot and eventually just decided to fire.
    I find the 268v4 is a great tank to punish people that want frontal engagements but if you play smart they turn to mush. The 650 alpha is much easier to swallow on your way in than the usual 750 that others have. The slow reload helps with racing in after a v4 fired

  25. I’m curious what your thoughts on Frontline are? I want to enjoy it, but the amount of camping tds and autoloaders is just…insane. If I bring a different type of tank I feel I don’t have the DPM to keep up with the damage race or eliminate tanks. Add to this the fact autoloaders tend to be faster tanks, and it feels like nothing else is worth playing.

    • I think FL design is good, however it is marred by one simple fact: players who own multiple OP tanks (Defender *cough cough*) have a big advantage over players who have lesser tanks to choose from.

      I played it a couple times but haven’t been interested since.

  26. I couldn’t help but notice that you also have that twatwaffle DonToffel on your blacklist as well. He’s a big part of why new players quit. I’ve seen him berating and cursing out players with like 500 games because they aren’t charging to help him and just generally being abusive to the player base

    • I tend to put people on my blacklist if they meet one of the following criteria:

      1. they’re dicks
      2. they’re team killers
      3. they’re unreliable

      I don’t know who DonToffel is but apparently I don’t have a favorable impression of him.

  27. Great video as always. I do pretty well in the lorraine and average 2k dpg in it, but since I stopped playing for a while, I’ve suffered with playing the batchat, simply not knowing the line of being agressive and passive, and the funny thing is I own a lot of autoloaders such as the amx 105 and 50B, but as soon as I play the batchat, I just get really nervous.

  28. Taurgim wich is the best tiers VI for clan war ?

  29. No penetration shot to 907 cupolas. I think all shots bounced off.

  30. Dominic Corrado

    This only works when your team are completely functional

  31. R. Giada Melchiorre

    I have the French line of autoloaders up to tier 10. I love the40t as well and what I had to learn was I am not a front line heavy. I have learned to watch for enemy to fire then move out get two shots off and back away. Hit again and this time retreat to reload. Esp with the 50/100 though a 6 shot, I keep 1 in as I retreat to reload just in case lol.

  32. Can u make one more Somua sm Unicum how play Somua sm i have difficult for where to go and where to support my team mates

  33. Great video thank you

  34. Solid…consistent…just the way to play!

  35. That was a mis-translation about what the developers said about Obj 268 v4. And you keep perpetuating it. Source – I speak Russian & read the Russian blogger transcripts.

    • > And you keep perpetuating it

      This is the first time I’ve mentioned it.

      At any rate, it’s difficult to understand why the 268 v4 was released in its current state and why WG has been slow to acknowledge or address it.

    • Taugrim It is not difficult. That earns them money. People spam gold on it and people free XP to it.

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