Lorraine 50 t – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Lorraine 50 t a tier 9 French heavy in World of Tanks and one of two new reward tanks from the pass – here’s all you need know!



  1. 50 t. It means 50% trash.

  2. bu bu bu uuu u u uu t t t t ttt the enemies are still alive…. ?

  3. Gunnygames Games

    Sounds to me crybaby strikes again

  4. no autoloader , no interest . Now is world of autoloaders.

  5. social3ngin33rin

    @15:23 yes, I know I’m not playing it in the next 3 months; nor have I played it in the past 3+ months lol

  6. Console the tank is decent. Its a medium with better ground resistance and they give it a auto loader. Why does it not have the auto loader

  7. Do you not feel that supporting WOT presently without talking about the elephant in the room is just money grabbing.

  8. Hey QB. Much love from Texas. Could you feature a object 705a replay? I love that tank and I feel it’s a ghost tank. Would love to see some content on it. Stay safe and stay healthy man.

  9. Napoleon Bonerpant

    UndoubteDly, with a d qb lol (OCD I guess)

  10. Hey bIdEn isn’t gonna so called Sanction WOT? That would be some real Russian Bias.

  11. Ninja Plays Games

    The Cobra’s DPM is 1300 at tier 9 😳😳

  12. save Ukraine boycott Belerus and world of tanks

  13. If they’re going to make it realistic in making the gunner’s sight not centered, they should show the outline of the gun to your left.

  14. bought it for the fun of it

  15. 7:34 M46 Patton and T-54 cry in a corner lol

  16. Been watching your insightful and enjoyable content on WoT for some years now.
    However, I feel that someone has to say this…
    Considering the current political situation regarding Russia and its’ current…. need I say more?

    I wrote a long (somewhat political) post, and then decided, no. I deleted it. Let’s go simple.

    I know this is your livelihood but, …
    Russian game. A game that glorifies warfare (with, I think it’s fair to say, a particularly Russian bias).

    Games – The whole world has withdrawn from participating in any game; athletic/football, etc. related interactivity with Russia.
    And yet you are still playing WoT.

    You have two options as I see it.
    1) Quit playing (personally, financially painful), for now – until the current political situation normalises.
    2) The ‘pussy’ option – continue playing but don’t play, mention, feature, refer to, anything Russian, tankish.
    It’s on your conscience.

    As I implied, a fan, until now……?

    • WG is a Belarussian company (registered HQ in Cyprus), with offices in Kyiv and moving out from Minsk (if it didn’t happen yet). They have also fired SerB for supporting Russia and they’ve also donated 1 million to Ukrainian Red Cross already. They are obviously against Russia’s actions. What’s the issue?
      Playing World of Tanks is not glorifying warfare, it’s a videogame. Where arcadey tanks are shooting each other in a mini arena for a couple of minutes. It’s not going to incite any warmongering feelings in anyone. Just like playing GTA does not make me go out, shooting people and stealing cars.
      But if your conscience feels better about not playing a game and think you’re doing someting important, go on. You’re not forced to do it.

  17. QUICKY GREAT VIDEO TANKS FOR ALL YOU DO at times you must look in the obverse long reload shot it and scoot go hunt seek opportunities as the game develops to unleash your shot as a finisher or should the chance present its self one shot ammo rack / etc etc mediocre tank you have to use what you have to you benefit in speed there is safety mid range support bounce about thusly amend you set up to best fit for its service 40t proto is a totally different subject lol

  18. They gotta make up their mind with this tank, no armor, no dpm or no speed. Something has gotta be useful or no one is going to use it except for s&g.

  19. FYI – you can only buy one piece of Bounty equipment – so don’t think you can spend all your points on that. Once you purchase 1 piece of Bounty equipment the option disappears!

  20. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    I thought you already had a Char Futur 4?

  21. tank gunners don’t look through the main gun breach to engage targets. there is almost always gunnery parallax.

  22. It took about 6 times of me hearing QB say cabra to realize he was trying to say cobra

  23. i guess we can expect the cobra to be basically a brit char then, prolly wont bother with either of them

  24. also, why are the devs so braindead when it comes to these things, a super fast tank, that can rush into battle and then do fucking nothing because the gun is garbage, what is the point of it all

  25. is this game not dead yet? I saw it had like 20k online players in the whole eu server

  26. Rickardo Pandiangan

    WG always break rule physic in real life. like this tank has huge turret but long reload, Yoh tank has fast reload, tornvagn fast reload. And I hate it when side view gun port and where the barrel, its happen my WZ1-4 aim at hull but hit dead barrel.

  27. hope the cobra well have be for 18 tokens by season 9

  28. Get owned by an actual good player in the m60

  29. TacticaL Mech Tank

    Wg is helping us to spend token on those bounty equipment without regret not getting the tank lol
    Tbh, the AE is my threshold of choosing bp reward tanks. If the tank is below that, skip.

  30. Looks like i’ll be buying bonds instead of tanks for tokens again. Thanks for all you do Quacky.

  31. Jimbo's Armored Division

    My mind was made up at 2:20 when you stated the dpm is on the 114 lvl and it’s NOT a bonds earner. Cya lol
    6:00 oh great, it’s really fast so it can get into position and do…. Well what???? Die

  32. I’m kinda new to wot pc. How many seasons is there in a year?

  33. I’ll be spending my tokens on bounty equipment.

  34. Still making money off Russian companies, I see?
    I’ll comment and throw you a few cents from Russia.

  35. I could live with the horrible DPM if it had armor which it doesn’t and I could live with the horrible soft gunshots like dispersion on the move and so if the tank could reach it’s topspeed on flat ground which it CAN’T, this tank needs an engine power buff and some gun reworking to make it worth actually playing, it’s the worst BP tank so far cause the last 5 were just great.

  36. I really liked the Lorraine 40T when I was able to play it for a free trial period. However, I refuse to spend money on this rigged crooked game so just play for fun and destroy those expensive premium tanks in battle 🤣

  37. It was so cheap of wargaming to make the Cobra 24 points . So sick of wargamings bs .

  38. seeing how effective HE is against the side of it makes me want WG to finally bring Crew 2.x. I just want to play with my crews, in different tanks… I hope we will see something about that soon.
    also this tank looks … useless. Nothing stands out :O
    Should have bought thw 114 I guess xD

    sadly only 1 bond equip per type, otherwise I may have invested all points in turbo bonds^^

  39. It’s a tier 9 FCM 😂😂

  40. I prefer they “controlling” tanks by dpm than by accuracy, but i think they went a bit to far… 1900 dpm coul had been acceptable…

  41. Your tank reviews are perfect QB.
    Best there is

  42. It feels you’re better off playing the Conqueror on the British tech tree

  43. Cobra with the HE memed to ashes
    And this Lorraine 50t that skip leg day

  44. By the way they NERFED this tank guys…gun handling, 1000hp engine and HP.

  45. Why are you still supporting this RUSSIAN game when they are killing!!!!

  46. Thanks a lot for this lighty review 😉👍
    No Lorraine 50 T for me 😁

  47. لالالالالالا انالعبتي احلى لعبتك

  48. about the aiming reticle not being center of the gun barrel it might be that they are trying to make it more realistic and they didn’t inform the players or it was genuinely a mistake

  49. Its a shame that WG only now started to release tanks that would be decent as addition to tech tree but having something special, rather than being a subsequent result of already having OP broken tanks present.
    Also: @QB, you assume that a player has anything else to (want) to spend his gold on other than just blasting through BP and not having to grind for it.

  50. Jussi Raitoniemi

    If you’re Free-to-Play, or Player-on-a-Budget, maybe buy one of the older premiums that are still relevant, and then bond equipment?

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