Lorraine 50T Review, New Battle Pass Reward Tank | World of Tanks Lorraine 50T, Update 1.16

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Lorraine 50 t, Tier 9 French Reward Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.16 Pass 2022 Season 7 – New Tanks Cobra and Lorraine 50T, New Equipment Bond Improved Hardening and Bounty Turbo.

Update 1.16 is and let’s dive right into the content.

What do you think?


  1. First

  2. WG logic = expensive crap tanks

    • I rather have a expensive crap tank then a easy to play OP tank.

    • @Everett Rice nice, just buy the normal tech tree crap tank, instead of giving 18 coins for the same but “premium” crap tank XD

    • @Everett Rice Me too, tanks like chief and kran just ruin the game

    • @Studio 52 Seriously what the Hell are you talking about ? The last BP Tanks that came out nearly changed the Meta on Tier 9 (wink wink Phase 1) and you can still buy them with BP Marks. So honestly i am glad that the new reward Tanks are only average.

    • @Studio 52 All im saying is nothing beats clapping a chieftain player with a T110E5 and getting a nasty DM from them crying about how you how you managed to do that 😂

  3. When does the BP start?

  4. Спасибо.

  5. 🔴EDIT: After more battle played on stream… HORRIBLE DPM (way too low for this type of tank), Bad armor + how the shell flies FEELS buggy at least. Good mobility and accuracy with average (at the best) gun handling… 6.5/10 at best, right now at least. 🔴So this is the first new reward tanks from the Battle Pass season 7, Lorraine 50t, with very low DPM… But does it have anything else to offer?
    What do you think about that?

    • I have noticed lately when i also fire on other tanks ,i see shell which looks like under my gun, i see it on your shots on t95 . Not sure why ,maybe jusy my eyes getting old 🙂 nice vid take care 🙂

  6. Third game, I don’t think it was too bad of a play poking on the obj. It was fair to assume their top tier OP VZ was actually doing something positive and not just camping at the back waiting to finish off a lower tier.

  7. Looks more fun than My Tier X M4 54. A tank that needs buff, along with Rhino and others… etc…FFS Wg fix the underperforming tanks!

  8. Jikannaizo Gaming

    15 games in it today, 71 percent win rate, with bounty Vents, Stabs, Rammer, Large kits, Food, all APCR except 10 HE, and 5 perks. This tank is awesome just like your video. Thank you for the info on your setup and playstyle in it. I thought it would be a bad tank with its massive shortcomings but its not hard to hide them and let its true strengths show. I can’t wait for you to get the Cobra and make a video on it. How many games have you played in the Lorraine, and have you been ammo racked or caught on fire much in it?

    • So, it’s a good tank if you throw all the uber gear at it… 😉
      Did you check how it performed straight out of the box?

  9. Roger Simson Chasse sous marine

    This is not an premium tank , no more crédits , so just buy and play the fantastic amx M4/51 regular french heavy 9 , with this New bound turbo , and you will enjoy more !

    • Free big repair kit helps a bit with credits though. But you’d probably make more credits with the M4/51 anyways because it’s better.

    • Roger Simson Chasse sous marine

      @Jules yes , with M4/51 currently 5k damage and many bounce damage , so more Money 😉

    • @Roger Simson Chasse sous marine This tank is a bit OP. I’ll never grind it though because the tier 10 is worthless.

  10. Hello , DZ bother you with a question . If you target the weaknesses and miss them you are noob ? I ask you because there are moments in the game where certain players say I do nothing , I keep trying to hit the weak points to be able to do something.

    • Not your fault my good sir.
      RNG. IS a thing in this game and with how certain tanks have a near impossible to hit cupola (or other weakspot) I definatelt share in your frustration.
      The problem is entirely on WG side by having shit tank design and horrendous RNG elements in this game and call them mechanics.

    • The Question here is, do you always fully aim in ? Because sometimes its just better to take a shot and not get shot in return. Also i might believe that you are quiet new to the game and maybe camp too much ? THAT is not an insult, i’m just asking. Also, instead of aiming for cipolas and stuff, sometimes repositioning is definatly the better way to get succesfull shots off.

  11. Tank looks like trash. Usually when a tank loses armor it gains mobility and firepower. This tank lost armor for only mobility. This tank might have been a good tier 8. But why would I play this over the M4 51?

    • Distracting_Disaster

      Wargaming nerfed it completely unnecessarily from its testing phase, where gun handling and mobility were much better. Now it’s garbage.

  12. Today finally a long thinking i uninstalled game. Good to feel i don’t have to put up wg bs. 🥳

    • Test_name Test_surname

      Can you do us a favour and come back every month for the next 3 years to remind us that you uninstalled the game because you could not put up with WG bs. Thanks

    • @Test_name Test_surname yea idk why people say that every time they watch a world of tanks video

  13. absent-minded goldfish

    lol spotting mechanics

  14. Hamish Alexander

    would be nice with a magazine but so … dont want it

  15. Now ….. do the cobra =v

  16. Looks like a nth type of tank that nodbody cares about.
    New maps. When?!

  17. 420FunkyMonkey69

    Nice snap shot on the LT432, I did the same shot with my 279 against a v4 and magically penned his lower lower plate

  18. noob_tetris_player PsYcHoJaX

    Ütlen ausalt, kuradima raske on seda mängu edasi mängida. Valgevene firma mäng, mis kurat ülistab vene tanke!

  19. Had fun using it yesterday just I think I gata practice using big gun to block body shots since it’s pretty big and long

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