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  1. What about another one: play heli Ec in a Heli that is not a Ka 50 or Ka52

  2. I don’t know if the romanian faction is in the game but if it is can you search for the MS 05 MARESAL that will be the most beautifull thing în The world for me

  3. Play leopard 1. Try:???

  4. Play the waffvitiger

  5. No one:
    No one at all:
    Phlee: CHALLNEGE

  6. Remember ,APCR is the new meta to ammoracked people ,so go play it ! I personnaly won’t just to not be so effective

  7. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 78 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  8. You want some Challenge? Try stock M1a2. You will not make it. I barely did spare parts and FPU . No chance to get APFSDS (rank 5 mod)

  9. 15:54 “Now you are mine”

    Russians: Now you have done it Brits

  10. I know that feel man, I just finally get normal ammo for german Patton ( M48 ) it was nightmare with APCR’s…and with german Bulldog it is same story 🇩🇪

  11. Hey Phly you know what I would love. A phly story time series like once a month where you play war thunder, but talk about a fun topic you like. I really enjoy just listening to you talk.

  12. PHLY IS GETTING MARRIED Why havent we gotten him to a Million subs yet? Come on people!

  13. Ridonkulous.Person

    ‘this is the game that I get a main battle tank kill’ next minute – kill assist

  14. Play Leopard 1

  15. Do it again try # 1

  16. Now I feel more motivated to grind this to accompany my Leopard!

  17. did you get married yesterday?

  18. Phly, I miss seeing you phly planes. I won’t call you tank daily cus i know how it goes, air RB just gets frustrating after a while… but you know which plane never gets frustrating? The spitfire! Take out a spitfire for us phly, we know you love her just as much as we do, please, for good old times sake!

  19. This was piss funny thanks man

  20. i mean its bmp-1 it hardly could withstand akm fire…

  21. Committed is an understatement for that guy

  22. what was that mzsic when he played leo?

  23. Killing bt-5 are so good, little pieces of shit

  24. Watching Phly final have to suffer like the rest of us makes me so happy 🥰🥰

  25. Yeah so I unlocked it not so long ago. Stock was horrendous. The grind unbearable. Until I got Parts, PPE, Adjustment of Fire, and HEAT. At that point, I actually began liking it more than the Leopard 1, which had access to APDS (way better than APCR). I get quite often ricochets, or only one or two crew members killed in my tank, but survivability is so much better with the M48. The grind was horrendous, but there are other planes and tanks where it is the same. The grind is terrible, but the accomplishment, later on, is so refreshing.

  26. Seeing as you now like APCR so much, how about a little challenge? Kill an IS-7 AND an Object 279 with the JPz 4-5’s APCR!

  27. Congratulations on your wedding
    Here’s to our newly wed phlying boi 🎉🎉

  28. 16:19 he angry boi

  29. Hehehe… now we see Premium boi suffer in stock grind.. Next challenge for u… try to grind tier VII tank from the begining of the tech tree without premium.

  30. ‘literaly losing his mind’
    phly: this is phine. :V

  31. I-16 type 10 with historical information please Phly.

  32. Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved please Phly.

  33. UH-1C XM-30 using 30mm gun pods no ATGMs please lead rain challenge

  34. The Soviet Union Is Fabulous

    the 69 people who disliked did 69

    (probably outdated)

  35. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped putting attempt numbers on my request. It’d be well into the hundreds now probably even further.

  36. I’m disappointed its f and not p

  37. instand vietnam flashbacks to the time where i had to grind with that tank OvO


    Attempt #1 – M41A1 Sabot at 6.0, give the old heavies some severe 76mm Punishment

  39. you should starting Stock Challenge Series phly..

  40. i learned that the m 48 is shit as hell lol

  41. this gun barrel sniping meta really needs to be dealt with. half the time is spent repairing gun damage and that just sucks the fun out of the game

  42. As if War Thunder wasn’t already losing my mind

  43. Sneaky finnish boi

    Play T-26 (76mm) with shrapnel rounds only

  44. War thunder destroyed my mental sanity. I think I should stop playing france at 7.7….

  45. And now with stock crew too

  46. Ok Next you Play FLAKPANZER. 1 STOCK only HE …you can do this ,kpz 70 STOCK or maby Leo 2k is cool to,

  47. Phly make a t49 vid pls

  48. Day 1: XM-1 it is just speed

  49. I think you should do a video about the SAV m/43 (1946), it has 240mm of pen at BR 3.0

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