Losing Progress? RNG? – Stuff WRONG with Crew 2.0 | World of Tanks New Crew Rework 2021 – Sandbox

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World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework – What is Good and What is Bad? New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing, Future Plans and News.

00:00 – Intodruction
00:50 – Let’s Give Them Feedback
02:30 – Why 0-Skill Members Get Less EXP?
05:00 – Do you lose skill value?
07:40 – Example Conversions
13:20 – Losing Value with Beast Crews?
18:05 – More Variety? Did we get it?
23:25 – 1 Commander, 3 Tanks
28:35 – Instructors, RNG, Limits…
38:00 – Some other things + Conclusion

Disclaimer: All this is in my opinion, feel to think differently or feel differently about all of this. 🙂

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Only new Crew action!


  1. 🔴Once again, there are more things, some good, some bad. People have different opinions about them, so leave your feedback in the comment section!🔴
    Such as the “BEAST CREW”, 5 or 6 skill crews. Are they losing progress or GAINING it with the Predige Vehicle Handling bonus? It stack up quite a lot, so turn into quite a powerful thing! Your thoughts?
    Stay awesome and keep on grinding! 🔥❤🔥

    • Gonzalo Javier Gimenez

      NA: Monz4
      I tested my leopard1 in the sandbox, and I notice the overall handling of the tank decresed (recibed 65 crew points on SB). Agree on the topic that my actual “Live” crew are more capable, and the only way to compensate this is incresing to 75 crew point on the SB. and thats will be my roof on crew point.
      New crew point: I dont want to lose my actual handling.
      Instructors RNG: I’m against how the RNG effect on the roll.

    • @polgano i know that problem you have, if you have some gold retrain them for other class if you have any class where your crew is worse ;b

    • DezGamez would you feature the AION online mmorpg..i think it’s good game to play also but it’s quite complicated at first..

    • Dez this whole system is a travesty. I have played all of wargamings games. World of tanks originally and when world of warships came out I played that more than anything. Not that long ago they did the same type of skill change because they thought it was necessary. Very few people are enjoying the new skills. They pretty much destroyed a lot of competitive builds. they turned it into a game where they have battleships camping at the back twice as much as they already were.

      I do agree that they need some type of compensation for zero point skills. if you have a zero Brothers in arms then it should give you coherence for free. I completely disagree with the 75 limit. I don’t think there should be a limit and personally I don’t care if somebody has the whole chart filled out. If they want to invest that much time let them.

      When it comes to adding diversity all they really have to do is add new skills to the skills they already have. Get rid of the two times multiplier for each new skill and make it 1.2 to 1.5.

      The major reason I say that is because I think the individual crew member system is better. In the new system you can diversify in what you invest in but I think it hurts it over all. On the current system when you get a new tank with five crew members usually every single one of them is going to be learning a different skill and extremely quickly. Brothers and arms is usually the second skill and then I choose whichever skills I want. The current system gives a better chance at diversity and I never hit a limit where I can’t learn a new skill like this new system. it’s all about how much time I want to invest in it and the new system hits a hard limit on skills and then you just hit prestige levels. Prestige levels are crap in any game. I have never felt like they offer anything even if it’s a bonus I would rather have the ability to invest in other skills.

      I’m not going to quit if they do this but I am going to find other things to do because wargaming has never really listened to us and they seem to be listening less and less. no matter which way we decide on this they’re still going to implement these changes. I have spent a lot of money on this game over the years because I enjoy a lot of premium tanks. I’m getting to the point where I feel like the money I spent has finally lost all its value.

    • They should allow the option to either covert a1.0 crew to a 2.0 commander or to convert a 1.0 crew to an xp pool which you can use. I don’t care if they limit said xp pool to a nation and a branch or if they just add it to one big pool. Bottom line is I love having 1 commander for 3 tanks, but I don’t want to end up with 3 mediocre 2.0 commanders of which 2 out of 3 will not be used. I invested the time to train 3 crews for 3 tanks. I don’t want that to get lost because they’re not pooling xp.

  2. I feel like most arguments in this video come down to: “Oh no, game force me to actually pick and come out of my universality safe space.” That’s whole point of the system, to make it more skilled. Female crew and all the crew with 0 skill points. It’s fair. You didn’t grinded it so why you should get points for that. You got instructors instead (which have rng and that’s the only point in the video I fully agree with) but hey, it’s fair. All those things mentioned in video (apart from rng instructors again) just raise skill cap and if you don’t get it, it’s probably to high for you. And the last thing with exp = points conversion in 5:22 onwards. Hmmm if I only knew system where perks where non equally worthy and each next perk was more valuable in experience. If only. Jokes aside at least in new system that experience cost is raisng way more fair then in old system

  3. Only thing that’s important is: what think Russian players about it?

  4. I like the ability to use my crews with multiple tanks & free sixth sense is awesome.
    However, I am finding that my crews appear to be less skilled after conversion. I need more time playing with the talents to see if they off set what is lost.
    Some of my crews came with free brothers in arms & that was part of the selling point with that premium tank. Also the reward crews came with free skills and the Christmas box crew members. I feel like I’m being ripped off for my purchases.
    The random skill perks for the instructors is very disappointing we should be able to pick those, we earned those reward crews.
    Skill variation across the tanks?
    Maybe a little but not a lot difference in reality, everyone needs the same basic skills. There is a bit of customization for class & play style but that will only stat to be seen at tier X.
    This new skill tree is a bit confusing & will take a while to adjust to.
    My thoughts are:
    1. Keep the current skill tree.
    2. Adopt the one crew for multiple tanks
    3: rework some of the obsolete skills
    4: reset everyone’s skills and give them the exact amount of skill slots to use that they previously had. No losses for anyone.

  5. They want Less “Gods” in WoT.
    It’s just more new player friendly than being Vs a Youtuber with 8 Skill crews in every tank.

  6. Dez. Please make an idiots guide on what we should and shouldn’t do with our crews a few days before this change happens (if it happens) as this is all beyond my aging years.

  7. Reason I stopped playing this game. Loved it and played for 8 years, just got sick of WG’s decisions the majority of the player base didn’t want.

  8. Concealment can only be rolled on super instructor that give 2 skills. I tried to roll Concealment for normal instructors, but didn’t get it after recruiting 16 instructor candidates and Christmas girls

  9. The point on the 5 skill crew, although it maybe looks like you’re losing some, you’re getting that crew in 3 tanks now instead of just one which offsets it?

  10. Zero skills not carrying over.
    This is a case of WG having given you something and then taking it away again.
    Worse, if the zero skill came with a bought tank, WG will be taking something away that you actually bought and paid for! (As with a couple of my tanks).
    This is wrong, and the best solution is to treat it as an earned skill or perk. After all, a number of my crews have been “short-cut” by my buying training manuals at 2m credits a go. Are WG going to differentiate by where these skills came from too? Of course not, what is important is that a crew HAS certain skills, not how they were obtained, whether they were the result of grinding through battles, bought crew books, gifted zero skill or paid for zero skill.

  11. That is complete garbage. I had crew members at 90%+ on a bunch of tanks and close to 7 perks on my progetto. All I can do is laugh at WG and not play.

  12. WoT is in serious shit , that is why they bringing new tanks like a printing press, new equip, new crew system, it is stupid …. all we need is map, mm and a little top tier rebalancing … instead of that they making stupid 3d skins, so I think money is not flowing like used to be now WG is trying to bring “new game” , with this WG is shiting on old players and streamers

  13. I have problem with calculation of experience points and not inclusion of “special” commanders/ crew with zero perk. We took time/money to grind them , and now they are worthless, good crew in new system is much weaker. And amount of maximum points to stop at 75 is to little. Good idea but WG execution.

  14. who the hell wanted a skill system like mmorpgs? who? I wanna play Tanks and dont make a Tank to a Character, other things:
    -Physics (EBR’s),
    -Too many Artys,
    -OP Tanks (Chieftain, 279e)
    -Total screwed MM
    -Maps 2-3 Tank classes are absolute useless on = Artys or Scouts on Himmelsdorf
    -change Meta so Slow Tanks could compete again

    are over Million Times more Important!!!!!!!!!

    To make something with the Crew System if Wargaming (Dont know why) must (nobody needed that) do this:

    The Skill System is good as it is, and the Variety a Crew has could only be different if there are many more USEFUL Skills for that Tank Class

    But what else then Recon and Situational Awarness a Scout really need to have?

    JUST ADD NEW SKILLS, Make all Skills progress in Skill Level like Repairs, not as Adrenaline Rush
    and give ALL PLAYERS The Possibilty to retrain once for free

    New Skill could be somewhat like “Mechanic”, the whole Mechanical devices gets 1-3% better Gun, Engine, Tracks…

    I could write a book full of thoughts, wich are all better than that crew 2.0 on the test server

    The New Crew System feels only like i loose what i Grinded on many Tanks hard as Hell,
    and im going to spent more as Double the time in the Garage than in Match

    “why they implement not something like “Sims” so the Crew is more Lucky because they have nice wifes and kids, a good meal a day and so on”
    just in case nobody realizes thats Ironic

    WHY Wargaming ignores what the Playerbase wants again and again????

  15. the best thing of all of Crew 2.0 is the ability to have the same crew in 3 tanks the rest really needs to be re-looked at the RNG element of the trainers is crap we worked hard or paid good moned to get them they need to be buffed 10 fold to get get the value out of them
    the exchange is not fair you lose out on your hard-earned time or yet again money as you could have played real money and purchased books for your crew I really hope wargaming look at this vid as it is exactly what I and I’m sure many others are feeling

  16. Exactly correct, Dez

    1) We spent money on 0 skill crews.The value of them is that they reduce the cost of all other crews. Instructors kind of add that bonus, but not with sufficient value (they don’t add enough points to make up for it)
    2) The capability of the tank shouldn’t be less.
    3) Instructors should not be RNG based.
    4) Highly skilled crews seem to more penalized, affecting good or long term players more
    5) Why not give crew books for the amount of XP that the crew had so that the XP can be distributed across the various crews?
    6) The amount of time that it will take to rework my crews across all my tanks 200+) is insane
    7) The specialization (passive vs active scouting) requires entire additional crews. This is even more work and more XP.

  17. I hope there’s still a chance this mess will never come into the game, tell me there’s one. PS: starting to sacrifice some hamsters

  18. Finally isn’t it a way to make the tanks less dangerous so that the battles last longer?

    • games will become much faster, because you can pay to get even better crews than we have now, so many will have 600m view range and 4000+ dpm. game starts, you are spotted and killed in the next 30 seconds. it is bit over dramatized but you get the point.

    • if thats so, there are 1000 easier ways to last the matches longer, but not as Monetizing as this^^

  19. Just add some new skills and create something like crew book for every crew to have all the tanks that they learn to drive so they can move to the previous vehicles of the tech tree or what they learned. You pay to learn to drive E100 at 80% for credits or 100% for gold but they forgot how to drive E75. Something like the men in black device to erase memory.

  20. Skills before: Bia, Smooth ride, repairs, adrenaline rush, snapshot, 6th sense
    Converts into: level 33
    What I loose: 2 full skills
    – do it like that and I’ll quit WG

  21. My biggest complaint is that the special commanders earned until now, with gold or from competitions or from holidays specials or from Amazon, are NOT gone be commanders of tank anymore and will be fucking “ instructors” ?!?! So a lot of my tanks will be without commanders , without very good commanders with max or multiple perks and skills , this is total bullshit

  22. Dez,
    We all see how much effort you put into trying to draw attention to the problems the game has. You have to understand that the WG is only interested in money, not players. You did three perfect analyzes these days, but they will have a weak impact, because everything has already been resolved and changes in the Crew 2.0 will be minimal. With this Patch, the company simply spat on all of us who have been playing for years and investing time, love and money in it.
    Best regards!

  23. What you did not mention: what do you do when you have 3 tanks.. like tiger2 e75 and e100… all have good crews.. but you then use your best crew with them all….

  24. done quit the game….had started playing in early 2020…. and already leaving… after having put about 1k into the game thru premium tanks and gold… have close to 10 tier 10’s…..plus many tier 8 premiums. Because every single change they make is a blatant cash grab. it’s a russian game so i expected it… but not to the level they are doing it.

  25. Training my 6 member KV-2 crew with only 75 points will be a joke. And all those crews I retrained to get BIA on all crew members will be 200 gold lost for each member of the crew. So in effect WG will be stealing money from my purse. Actual real money, without compensation in return. Stop this madness. We already had to fork out many credits extra for Equipment 2.0. Instead, remove Crew Books and Manuals that you buy for money to get crew experience. That idea was stupid and rewarded players with big bank accounts while punishing players that played the game for years to build XP on their crews.

  26. 23:30 Is those player in disadvantage who has got the own crew for all the tanks? I mean has 120 tanks in garage and you have 500+ crew members so all of the tanks are ready to go in battle without searching for crew. In this new system it is better to have the very experienced crews in 3 different tanks instead of having not so well trained but own crew.
    I have 4-5 skilled crews in the tier 10 tanks, but have 1-3 skilled crews in tier 8-9 tanks, and 0-1 skilled in the remaining.
    I would like to have all best crews for as many tanks as possible…but in this case I will loose the xp that the previous crews earned.
    In an example: I have Skill4ltu as a commander of a 5 skilled crew in ST-II. So I can turn him (after fix hope so) to a 75 points commander. Then I can add him to Obj 705A and Obj 277 as a commander aswell. What the hell will happen with my Xmas girls crew in Obj277? They also have 5 skills, so might I can use them for IS-7 and IS-4 instead…BUT what will happen with the Obj 705A, IS-7 and IS-4 normal 3-4 skilled crews?

  27. i have ONLY prem tanks left in my hangar, and i CANT convert any crew for free (cause crew is trained on tier 10) , only for gold or lose tonns of XP. So on release date of 2.0 – i cant play any of my 35 premiums at all – if i dont spend gold or millions of credits, for retraining crew to premium tanks – BUT that is fkng FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  28. Crew 2.0
    Useless , not needed, simply bullshit!
    One Crew for 2 tanks ok but not for Gold! And no lost of exp., never! I play wot for 7 years and i nearly habe all tanks , so wtf wot want to reach, these chances not needed, so wot FOCUS the balancing of tanks and maps ! HE chanches not needed , so wot FOCUS the balancing of tanks and maps!
    Put no Time in these bullshit, wot use all your recources to fix the main problems, balancing balancing balancing and maps and hitboxes etc.!!! Ebr’s boostes most with new skills wtf! No Crew 2.0 , no HE changes! Fix problems and dont cheaten more problems before!!!

  29. Part of my problem is some of the special commanders were paid for and are commanders in tanks. This means WG is now stealing money we spent on said commanders and training. This entire system is broken from the start and was done to help the already refusing to actually play the match players. I.E., make it so they don’t have to grind out crews like the rest of us did. I do like that crews getting to utilize multiple tanks which actually makes sense.

  30. That’s what a sandbox is for. So we can point out what we don’t like and like so WG knows if they should go back to the drawing board or not. Way too many here freak out and treat it like it’s final and it’s coming like this. And FYI BIA is still there. It’s now called “coherence” that also gives 5% to the base % of the crew. It just doesn’t indicate as such on the info. The simple fix for zero BIA crews would just to give a locked +10 to that skill.

  31. There are some good aspects to 2.0. My concerns are that some of my tier 10 tanks have less crew members than lower ranked premium tanks that they help crew. What happens to the extra crewmen’s xp that are trained only in those premium tanks. ????? Example AMX 30 B (4) crew , that are used in the premium tier 6 med which has a crew of 5. The only fair way of doing it: By nation every crewman who has a perk researched then they are given 10 points, and partial points for 1 point per 10% for incomplete perks. This is given to the NATION. A player then assigns these points to the selected commander/s…….yes he may want to completely load one commander at the expense of others. For example it would make sense for my IS 7 commander to cross train in the IS 4 and 277 providing him with as many perks as possible along with 4 trainers. His XP earnings would sky rocket in these 3 tanks along with all the premium Russian heavy tanks. But what happens to the displaced 277 and IS 4 accumulated ( Hard earned) skills (now wasted) or am I missing something !!!!!!

  32. 2:55 – 2:58 that crew was pretty.. 😅

  33. 27:45 i agree

  34. And what if I want to keep my beautiful Alexandra snowgirl as a comander? Or The Chuck Norris? I would love to see an option that you can decide from which special crewmembers you want instructors and which ones you want to keep as commanders (especially those with custom voicelines). It would be super nice, for example Mirny commanders are not as important so they can be instructors.

  35. i don’t like crew 2.0.

  36. I think that this system looks good/interesting, but if you loose toons of xp that i have grinded and/or bought via converting xp, thats it for me.
    Talk about being cheated out of massive amounts of xp, if you would get all of youre xp back when you convert, it would be ok.

  37. Just no, really no, stop fucking up our ability to play the game and which we have worked for years to be mediocre at, by changing the one variable we can use to our advantage by grinding or spending money on… Just NO!

  38. Till the next upgrade then they cost every time for crew tank change each time thanks for a cost making game upgrade WG

  39. Richard Kostolansky

    At 1st it looked fine. But I just went up to sandbox and tryed to remake my IS-4 crew into this new system. It wont even reach lvl 75.And its a crew i used in about 4000 battles (mostly before boosterss came in). This is just sad. For me at least.

  40. 10:01 aaaaand welcome to the real reason for change: MORE GRIND/P2W, YIPPIE!
    Fuck this game

  41. Ok, i’m gonna say it bcos i understand the reasons you can’t put it straight to our faces or even WG’s.
    It’s all about MONEY! Ofc they’re thinking to improve the crew system but as a company with a profit on it. The question is how much? Well imo the answer is -a lot-. WG getting very greedy about “milking our cows” and it’s happening with all of these companies when a game reach its peak, it’s a common strategy for them. Just imagine top p2w (or not even top) users using Instructors Class I (which will be added to the game later as they mentioned and i guess they will give 3 bonus skills) trying to get to all of them the best combination they want…that’s a big fat huge unbelievable amout of money! And yes there are ppl gonna do this, you believe it or not, a lot of them! That’s why Instructors gonna be that way and RNG based and top of that in some point they’re gonna selling them, not more just from missions, special events etc. It’s not gonna be just a rain of money, it’s gonna be a freaking cataclysm! You guys see the tree and not the forest, the complexity and improvement of crew system is just the cheese, at least as it is right now if they don’t change it…

  42. “Why it has to be RNG?”
    Easy, sales department said befor this change we made profit on gold for moving/retraining crew but how are we going to make it now?

  43. The part where you can train the crew for aditional tanks is even worse than it is now for people that don’t use gold. To train one crew member for on a new tank with a bit of exp loss for credits only costs 20.000 Credits currently, but to pay 500.000 Credits to train them with 10% exp loss is insane. You are gonna lose skill points from this, even though you pay up this ridiculus price.
    It should be changed more to 100.000 or 200.000 Credits so it’s at least more affordable with 10% loss. Now if they add the possibility to train a crew without loss for credits, it can be 500.000 to 1.000.000 Credits in my opinion.

    It would also be amazing to kind of merge crews together in order to improve a crew. I have several crews, cause i have several tanks i play at the same time with a dezent amount of skills. Like, i have a crew for my E100, for my E75, Tiger II, Maus and so on. But what am i gonna do with the excess crews? i can’t really use them if i train one crew for 3 tanks, that gives me 1 crew to use and 2 dead crews that will never ever see action again cause they are the crews with the least amount of points. So if we could merge crews together, it would be pretty awesome.

    The way the overall skill system is build up doesn’t really appeal to me since it doesn’t give you the big varriety they claimed it to have. You can make very specialized builds for a tank but then this build might not work as well on a different tank so you really don’t have that much choice if you want to use the crew more universaly.

  44. yeah im here since beta i dont care anymore… its too confusing i dont care about relearning the game again, just rebalance the old system add some new skills remove some

  45. i think a lot of the proboems are solved if they make the max level 100 instead of 75 (but at the same ex level). so just more points at the same crew, ans more skills when maxed out. also maybe less increased handeling when going above level 75, 1% per stage instead of 4% for the first for example.
    loosing that much xp for retraining to new tank is redicilous, at the current system you loose much less.
    rng for instructors is just a scam…

  46. You should try out the Best repair speed in this game with repairs, improved hardening and modified configuration and vents (ofc bounty)

  47. I have one sentence for wg: “why make game easier to understand if you can make it more complicated”.
    I just hope this whole thing with one crew member never meets the light on live server in game, cause i’ll just quit it.

  48. Looks like WG have made a deliberate decision to nerf the most experienced crews in the game by limiting the skill points available…possibly trying to balance the game for the sake of other players???? I don’t think it will lead to variety of set ups as certain skills are still much more important than others. Also, because there are penalties for making changes to the skills after the initial selection, it encourages players to stick with the tried and tested skills rather than experiment with different configurations between games. If there were no penalties for resetting skills and selecting new skills players may be inclined to use more unusual skill combinations for at least some games.

  49. The tech tree was too complicated for most WOT dumbass players. The Crew 2.0 change will be found too complicated by most, including me.

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